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  1. Doug57

    First Attempt at Honing

    I've been shaving with straights for a while now and decided to take the plunge into honing my own. I picked up a few cheap razors for practice, bought a Norton starter set, and a pasted balsa strop. This afternoon, after watching some videos multiple times, I decided to jump in with both...
  2. Doug57

    My Red Tip is back from the Spa

    My birth year/quarter (C1) Red Tip Super Speed just came in the mail today. She has been off seeing Dr. Chris at razorplate.com for a makeover in bright nickel. I am really thrilled with how she looks. She was a little long in the tooth before her visit.
  3. Doug57

    A Belated 1000th Post Vintage Razor PIF

    Hi folks! I had planned to do a PIF when I hit my 1000th post but life sort of got in the way. At any rate, I finally am ready to do this. Since I returned to wet shaving eight months ago after more than 30 years in the wilderness, B&B has become a huge source of information, amusement, lost...
  4. Doug57

    First Shave with an ER 1924

    I recently picked up a mixed lot of razors that included a Tech, an Injector Type G, and an Ever Ready model that I hadn't seen before. After searching around here, I discovered that I had gotten what I think is a 1924 in fairly nice shape for little more than a song. I decided to give it a...
  5. Doug57

    First shave with an OCMM

    After shaving with mostly vintage DE razors for about six months, I have recently begun trying out SE razors. It started when I found a Schick E (Navy set) in the wild. I have been getting great shaves with it. I then participated in the Pal Adjustable Injector pass around which was great...
  6. Doug57

    New Mexico-style Posole for New Years Day

    I've been on B&B since September of last year but have focused on the shaving stuff. I have only been a lurker/occasional poster in the Mess Hall, but have enjoyed cooking for a long time. Today, I am excited about what I am cooking for New Year's supper and wanted to share. My...
  7. Doug57

    There's a new wet shaver in the house.

    So the LOTH has been very supportive of my new wet shaving habit and the various ADs that have developed as a result. (I've only gone slightly overboard! :001_rolle) She thinks the vintage Gillettes I have found are very cool. She also (mostly) likes the scents of the soaps and aftershaves...
  8. Doug57

    Advice on a 2nd boar brush

    I'm still a relative newby and have been rotating between an Omega 65 that I got as part of a starter kit, and a Merkur Silvertip that I got on clearance. (BTW, at <$40, it was a very good deal.) I also have a Razorock barber handle synthetic on the way. I really would like to get another...
  9. Doug57

    Merkur 44?

    I'm still fairly new to DE shaving but I absolutely am loving the results I have been getting so far. I started out with a 40's (no date code) ball end tech and have also acquired two 50s Superspeeds. Since I have only been using vintage, I am thinking about trying a modern DE for comparison...
  10. Doug57

    dstiles57's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Doug What are your nicknames/aliases? none Where do you live? Denver, Co What is your age (or) generation? 57 What are you in the real world? Middle School Math Teacher What is your favorite shave setup? I've only been at this for about a...
  11. Doug57

    Just finished my 4th double edge shave.

    I'm new here and want to say hello. After many years of shaving electric, I decided a few months ago to go back to wet shaving. The beard is getting a little too gray and the stubble is not so nice anymore. I started with Harry's and it is fine as far as it goes, but after reading a lot here...