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  1. 5Cantonas

    H2O stains

    I have an aluminium handled Zenith, and my hard water has left discolouration throughout the handle. Thought I'd check with the B&B crowd as how to remove/polish these water stains and make my brush look nice and sparkly again. I've read about vinegar, ketchup, creme of tartar. Any suggestions...
  2. 5Cantonas

    LEA tube of liquid now.

    So, three days ago I used my tube of LEA Professional for the first time. The product was the consistency of, well, a shaving cream. Like Proraso tubes. Yesterday squeezed some LEA onto my brush and it was very thin out of the tube. Thin like a balm or hand lotion. I'm not sure what caused the...
  3. 5Cantonas

    Soap Roast

    I've been watching some clips of old celebrity roasts. Man, some of those people are hilarious! I got to thinking. What if roasted our favourite, and not so favourite shave soaps (and other products)? I'm no comedian, but I'm sure a few of you have a bit of a funny bone. I'll start... My...
  4. 5Cantonas

    New(ish) Copperlock knife.

    It's not exaxtly brand new, I've had it for a month or so. The Case Copperlock suits my needs just fine. I am pondering getting another with the CV blade.
  5. 5Cantonas

    Shave stuff in Vegas?

    I'm heading to Las Vegas next month for a few days. Any shops pertaining to shaving worth checking out?
  6. 5Cantonas

    Jig tying?

    Anyone here tying their own jigs? I'm going to tie some of my own bucktail jigs, and I'm wondering what to use for glue.
  7. 5Cantonas

    Question on Soap Commander

    To people who have used and/or currently using Soap Commander shave soaps. Have you experienced any permanent staining/dying of the shave brush, due to the colourants used in the soaps themselves? Thanks.
  8. 5Cantonas

    Soap Commander - Passion

    On Soap Commander Passion. Firstly, turns out I accidently mixed up the scent descriptions when I ordered, I meant to order the Courage scent. Oops!So, I was a bit surprised when I opened the can and immediately smelled clove/allspice. I'm not the biggest fan of clove scented products, bay...
  9. 5Cantonas

    Canadian Big Fellow

    I was at an antique sale and spotted a Canadian single ring. It was in what appeared to be, a wood big fellow box. My question is, could the razor originally have been sold with this box? Or is it just a matter of a mismatched razor and box? Anyways, I plan to pick it up later this weekend. I'll...
  10. 5Cantonas

    Wood soap dish restore question

    I have a bowl of Yardleys I would like to restore. I have the soap out and have the bowl sanded, ready to stain. The lid is next. I would like to save the sticker if I can, however safely removing it has me stumped. I tried soaking in warm water, but it won't budge. I'm hesitant about steaming...
  11. 5Cantonas


    At a flea market, a few weeks ago, I got talking with a gentleman about wet-shaving. I explained that I had been skunked at the flea market when he mentioned he might have some old things lying around which may interest me. I gave him my number. A few days passed and he called me to let me know...
  12. 5Cantonas

    Gillette Super Adj. Opinion & Inquiry

    I picked up a short-handle super adjustable (o1) at a flea market this past weekend. I have shaved with it 3 times and I am really enjoying it. It is a beautiful razor. I find it to be a touch more aggressive than my slim. The balance is spot on for me and is it ever smooth (perma-sharp). I...
  13. 5Cantonas

    444 Balm

    I've been using this for over 2 years now, almost every shave. Its nothing fancy that's for sure. The packaging isn't anything special and the scent is menthol (that's it). The ingredients list is short - glycerine, menthol, H2O, and 2 other compounds I know nothing about (carboxivinil resin and...
  14. 5Cantonas

    I proclaim

    ...that, I frickin' love Palmolive shave sticks! There are many soaps I enjoy, as well as many I have not tried, but Palmolive sticks are one of my very favorites.
  15. 5Cantonas


    It may be old news to some. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/31/sriracha-factory-shutdown_n_4181528.html In lieu of that, I went out and got these (just in case). I should be ok for a couple of years. Hopefully things get sorted and production of this pungent chili nectar will resume in...
  16. 5Cantonas

    I.D. Help please?

    Picked up this cut throat today. I researched as best I could, but I have no clue who made this and when. The only markings are "Extra hollow ground" and some kind of etching on the blade. The other side of the razor is blank. Can anyone please lend some expert insight on this straight? Thanks...
  17. 5Cantonas

    RazoRock Bee's Knees soap

    I've been using this soap often as a RazoRocktober participant. It has a very mild and calming scent of honeysuckle, which is sweet and creamy. While the scent may not stand out as anything special, the lather is truly magnificent and has become one of my favorite soaps. I will buy the Bee's...
  18. 5Cantonas

    5Cantonas's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame Entry What is your real name? Dean What are your nicknames/aliases? Primo, Devil, LT Where do you live? Saskatoon What is your age (or) generation? 35 What are you in the real world? Greenskeeper What is your favorite shave setup? Aristocrat jr. w/feather, SOC boar...
  19. 5Cantonas

    I want to eat my software.

    Shaving properly for 7 months now, and I enjoy products that smell like they would taste good. I am fervidly in love with Proraso AS splash. I think it would mix with a nice extra virgin olive oil into a terrific spinach salad dressing. And the green tea and oat pre/post... egg salad. :001_tt2:
  20. 5Cantonas

    Uh. So there's this.

    I may be late in discovering this viral video but,... yeah. Just watch and enjoy. (there's another 3 parts) http://youtu.be/iJ4T9CQA0UM