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  1. Batchief909

    Game Changer .84P

    I just ordered a GC .84. I've been using my Rockwell 6S and 6C for almost a year now. The Rockwell razors are fantastic, but the weight and cumbersome heads are urging me to look for something different. (I use plates 5&6 on the Rockwell) After reading numerous posts in regards to the GC, I...
  2. Batchief909

    Pre War vs Post War Tech

    Which do you prefer and why? C'mon Tech lovers....let's hear from you!
  3. Batchief909

    Enjoying the Gem

    I acquired an MMOC a few months back, and totally enjoying the shave experience that I get with it. I also have a Flying Wing (bullet tip) that I have been working with. So far, not so great but is getting better as I adjust my technique. I just purchased a 1912 off that auction site, and should...
  4. Batchief909

    A little Tech love...

    I have 1 pre-war and 3 post-war Techs, and find the pre-war gets the nod more times than not. Early on, I've consistently read numerous posts that the Tech equipped with a Feather blade is the match made in heaven. So I tried this suggestion and I wholeheartedly agree. This is indeed the...