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    FS Simpsons Chubby 2 Synthetic, Fatboy, Wolf Whiskers SHD, Karve Brass, etc.

    Hi all, looking to fund some other purchases at the moment. I've sanitized all the hardware. Everything includes CONUS shipping. I can ship internationally for a few extra dollars in shipping, but no guarantees that it will get there anytime soon in this COVID climate. Let me know if you have...
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    FS Mozingo Brushworks "Blizzard" 26mm Timberwolf

    For your consideration today is a Mozingo Brushworks "Blizzard" in a chubby style acrylic handle fitted with a 26mm Timberwolf knot. I bought this from a drop last year. The brush and knot retail for $65, and I'm asking $50 shipped CONUS via PayPal F&F or add the fees please. Let me know if you...
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    FS Timeless SS .68 and .95, British Aristocrat, Rhodium Red Tip, Unscented Milksteak, WK, CB

    All prices include CONUS shipping. PayPal F&F or add the fees for G&S please. If you buy multiple items I can include a small discount. Timeless SS razor, matte finish, .68 SB and .95 SB plates, smooth cap, 85x14mm barberpole handle. Box included. I am the second owner, but only used 5-10...
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    Gillette Minora

    These blades are made in Russia and sold exclusively in the South African market, from what I understand. I'm interested in acquiring a few here in the US, and I'm wondering if anyone knows a bulk seller located somewhere other than SA? The postal system there is notoriously bad, and I would...