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  1. JeffJ

    FS Slim, R89, Baby Smooth

    For sale conus only. Shipping included. PayPal preferred. Please make offers in messages and post questions that would be relevant to other buyers. Gillette Slim date code I3. I have never used this razor and have had it for several years. Plating appears complete. Doors work. Adjustment...
  2. JeffJ

    FS FS/FT Speick Tub

    Sealed new tub of Speick. This is 3 sticks work of soap. $12 plus actual shipping. This is a very good soap. Great performance. Moving it because I have a mild reaction to it. Also have a ~2/3 Speick stick that I will throw in. Open to trades. Unused soaps, DE blades. CONUS only...
  3. JeffJ

    WTTF La Toja or other Shaving Cream

    Looking to trade for Spanish or Portuguese shaving cream. Ideally La Toja. Open to others via PM. Available for trade at rough market par value: new in box stick of Speick, new in sealed tube stick of DR Harris Arlington, new Cade puck, new and NOS euro Palmolive sticks. Conus only. New and...
  4. JeffJ

    FSOT Merkur Twin Handle

    For sale or trade. Merkur Twin Handle. Fits Trac II and had adaptors for other leading twin cartridge systems. This is a beautiful handle, in my opinion the nicest design from Merkur. Includes handle, adapters and case along with a couple of carts. $10 +$3 CONUS shipping or trade for DE...
  5. JeffJ

    FS RR Ti Baby Smooth, Merkur Twin

    For Sale, CONUS only. Prices are shipped. Razorock Baby Smooth Titanium. Includes original box. Ti Halo handle. I got this on BST recently and have never used it. As far as I can see it is pristine. Prior owner, Neffarious, said that it has been used less than a dozen times. My...
  6. JeffJ

    FS Creed Greed Irish Tweed

    For sale is a near full 4 oz bottle of Creed Greed Irish Tweed. $99 conus. This was purchased from Shavegk 11/28/2018 on BST (link: FS-Creed- Green Irish Tweed). Shavegk reported that it was purchased on fragrancenet and the lot is CM3216F01. Shavegk used about a dozen sprays. I used about...
  7. JeffJ

    WTB Israeli Personna DE Blades

    Wanted to Buy or Wanted To Trade For Israeli Personna DE blades. Trade items (razors or soaps) here:User:JeffJ Please message with offers. Thanks -Jeff
  8. JeffJ

    PIF Supermax Lemon Lime Cream

    PIF Supermax Lemon Lime Cream. This came to me in a BST lot. Please PM me if interested. CONUS please.
  9. JeffJ

    PIF Osma Savon a Barbe

    PIFing a puck of Osma Savon a Barbe that will be split up into two "samples". It's one of the few soaps that I could not get to work. PM me if you want to take a crack at it. CONUS only please.
  10. JeffJ

    FS Or FT Kershaw Knife

    For Sale or For Trade, a Kershaw Blackwash Skyline knife. I recently purchased on BST, where it was listed as new. It’s a near duplicate to one I have so it’s moving on. $30 shipped Conus only. For trades I’m interested in Israeli personna or Israeli Red DE blades and quality, new soap...
  11. JeffJ

    FS/FT Cerda, 620, R89, and Misc

    For Sale or For Trade. Conus only. Willing to trade for quality unused soaps and DE razors. Please PM me with questions or offers. Semogue Cerda $30. The best boar brush I have ever used. Semogue 620 $5. Well used. Muhle R89 $20. In very good condition. Lady Gillette K3. Handle in...
  12. JeffJ

    FS/FT Gillette Tech and Flair Tip

    For sale or trade. Conus only. Gillette ball end tech. D4, which I think is 1958. Plating is good overall, some brassing on one side of the head. $10. A case can be included for an additional $2 to cover shipping. Gillette super speed flair tip. C4, which I think is 1957. Everything...
  13. JeffJ

    WTS/WTT Merkur 37C Slant

    Sell or Trade a good condition Merkur 37C slant razor. I picked this up on BST a couple of months ago. I have noticed no flaws. Pictures coming. $30 shipping included or willing to trade for new, unused soaps (PdP, B&M, MW, DRH, PSGT, AOS old or new, or similar quality). No soft soaps, no...
  14. JeffJ

    WTS/WTT EJ DE razors, DE Blades, Semogue Brushes

    Wanting to sell, open to trade. Conus only. Shipping is a flat $5. Edwin Jagger DE 89 Handle $5 Very Good condition. Edwin Jagger DE 89 Cap (no base plate) $3 or free with other item Edwin Jagger DE 89 Barley handle razor $15 Good condition. 100 Pack Rapira Super Stainless DE blades $5 -...
  15. JeffJ

    Crystal Body Deodorant Sticks (NIB) 3 Qty

    I have three Crystal Body Deodorant Sticks that are new and unused. They are available for the price of shipping, individually or together. CONUS only please. Retail price $7 each...
  16. JeffJ

    FS/FT Provence Sante Verlaine (New)

    For sale or trade, one new in wrapper puck of Provence Sante Verlaine received in trade that may never get back to the top of the 3017 pile. This is a very nice, underrated shaving soap. Wiki link. The soap generally retails for $10/puck. To buy: $8 ($5 plus $3 shipping). In trade looking...
  17. JeffJ

    WTT: B&M Seville NIB refill puck

    For trade: one new unopened Barrister and Mann Seville shaving soap refill puck. Looking for new (unused) shaving soap pucks. Cade, DRH, PSGT, PdP would be great. PM with other options. Conus only please.
  18. JeffJ

    WTT: NIB Haslinger Schafmilch, Gold Dachs Rivivage, 100 Rapira Super Stainless blades

    For Trade: A new sealed puck of Haslinger Schafmilch Rasierseife, a new sealed puck of Gold Dachs Rivivage shaving soap, and a 100 blade brick of Rapira Super Stainless DE razor blades. Looking for quality shaving soap in new/unused condition. Please PM with inquiries as I'm open to ideas...
  19. JeffJ

    WTT: New RazoRock XX and XXX

    Up for trade are a tub of RazoRock XX and a tub of RazoRock XXX. Both are in new condition and are unused. Looking for quality shaving soap in new/unused condition. Please PM with inquiries as I'm open to ideas. Interested in DRH Windsor, Cade, Provence Sante Green Tea, PdP, Any DRH...
  20. JeffJ

    WTT 100 Personna TracII blades

    Wanted to Trade: a brick of 100 Personna TracII blades. Will include what I think is a bump fighter handle. Looking for a new (unopened) puck of shaving soap. Value Link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Personna-Twin-Pivot-Plus-Razor-Blades-100-Pack-/151768928392?hash=item2356221088 $17.49...