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  1. sandstone

    FS RazoRock Wunderbar slant DE Razor

    I purchased this razor new from Italian Barber in January, 2017. It has the stainless steel handle that was the first handle design to be offered with the Wunderbar. The razor has been lightly used and is in very good condition (see photos). I am asking $90.00 USD and...
  2. sandstone

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  3. sandstone

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  4. sandstone


    If you want it, go for it.
  5. sandstone

    Three Custom Gillette Red Tips

    The Gillette Red Tip Superspeed is my favorite vintage razor. I have spent the past year or so acquiring three of them and having them refurbished and replated courtesy of CAP Smith's vintage razor repair and Chris Evatt at Razorplate. I can’t say enough about these two gentlemen for their...
  6. sandstone

    Brush PIF - for members who signed up in 2018.

    If you just joined Badger & Blade on or after January 1st 2018, do yourself a favour and check out this PIF in the Shaving Brushes forum.
  7. sandstone

    !!!Brush PIF for Newbies!!!

    Greetings all! For this PIF I am offering two smaller size badger brushes. The brushes are an HL Thater 4425-2 Two Band Silvertip and a Simpson Chubby 1 in Best Badger. Both brushes have seen minimal use and are in good condition. My third anniversary as a member of Badger & Blade was on...
  8. sandstone

    WTS - 2014 Above The Tie M2 "head only".

    WTS - 2014 Above The Tie M2 "head only". You get the M2 open comb baseplate and top cap. I can’t say exactly how many shaves it has on it; I used it on and off for about three months. It is in ‘as new’ condition and comes in the original Above The Tie box. Asking USD $75.00 and I will throw in a...
  9. sandstone

    Be sure to tune in to the latest episode of B&B Radio:

    The latest episode of B&B Radio is now live so tune in and enjoy! Remember that all shows are available via podcast feed as well. Please like us on facebook, and subscribe to our youtube page. :thumbup1:
  10. sandstone

    Coming up on the next B&B Radio Episode 11.13.2017 Episode #44

    Hey, folks! Here is a preview of the next exciting episode of B&B Radio. Tune in and enjoy...:jump:
  11. sandstone

    Happy Halloween on B&B Radio!!

    Hey, folks….the Badger & Blade Radio "Halloween Special" is now live, so be sure to tune in for your listening enjoyment!
  12. sandstone

    Want to sell: ATT Stainless Steel Single Edge Razor set

    Want to sell: ATT Stainless Steel Single Edge Razor set w/ SE1 straight bar and SE2 open comb base plates and top cap, plus ATT Stainless Steel Bamboo razor handle. Also included is the following assortment of compatible single edge blades: Kai Captain Titan Mild Pink - approx. 10 - 15...
  13. sandstone

    B&B Radio Episode #42 for 10.16.2017 is live so check it out.

    Here is the link to the latest episode of B&B Radio. You won't want to miss it! :001_smile
  14. sandstone

    On the Next Episode of B&B Radio 10.01.2017

    Join us on B&B Radio as we begin the countdown to the Sue Moore Memorial Auction. On the next episode of B&B Radio
  15. sandstone

    B&B Radio Episode #40 for 09.18.2017 is ON THE AIR

    Hey, folks! The new episode of B&B Radio is on the air! Tune in and enjoy! :thumbup1:
  16. sandstone

    Who shaves more than once a day?

    I found myself in the situation where I wanted to get in a quick shave after only about twelve hours since the last one. I started out kind of wondering if I should even bother shaving at all. I wanted to avoid irritation shaving so soon after the previous shave so I figured a quick, one pass...
  17. sandstone

    New Episode of B&B Radio is on the air (EP. #39)

    Hey, folks! The new episode of B&B Radio is on the air! Tune in and enjoy! :thumbup1:
  18. sandstone

    2017 Annual 'Saint' Sue Moore Memorial Fundraiser

    Each year for the past six years B&B has run a charitable auction to raise funds for breast cancer research. If you are interested in becoming involved either as a donor or a bidder you can find the info here.
  19. sandstone

    "CLOSED" Vintage Razor PIF - "NEWBIES"- this is for you!!

    ... a 1957 (C2) Gillette Flare Tip Superspeed!! "Calling all Newbies" - here is your chance to win a 1957 (C2) Gillette Flare Tip Superspeed razor and an assortment of DE blades. This razor recently had a cleaning and tune-up by the renowned CAP Smith and it hasn't been used since, so you...
  20. sandstone


    pic from Facebook album (testing) link.