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  1. JeffJ

    Sold all my elite artisan soaps. This is what I kept...

    Fresh laundry hanging in the breeze near the sea shore.
  2. JeffJ

    Security Systems, Security Cameras, Companies, Etc.

    Might want to take another look at the landlord. And whoever is in the other unit.
  3. JeffJ

    What exactly is an alternative for Valobra?

    NOS Tallow Art of Shaving pucks, which were made by Valobra. Getting scarce but still around. Mostly sandalwood. The C&S Valobra stock will run out as well and the new is likely to be a different manufacturer and formulation. There really isn’t anything I’ve found that is comparable...
  4. JeffJ

    Muhle Sea Buckthorn

    Agree! It’s one of the unique great scents in shaving. Worth trying for sure.
  5. JeffJ

    My Guess... 3017

    MW has always been a great soap for me. I 3017’d a tub of Coconut in 2013. Amazing scent and very good performance. Enjoy!
  6. JeffJ

    My Guess... 3017

    Bob, I reread a bit of the early posts of this thread. @johnniegold knocked out PdP in just under 3 months. A heroic feat!
  7. JeffJ

    FS Slim, R89, Baby Smooth

    Slim is sold
  8. JeffJ

    Muhle Sea Buckthorn

  9. JeffJ

    Large wood turning lathe.....

    That’s the best random BST item in years! I’m 2500 miles over the delivery coverage so will have to pass.
  10. JeffJ

    Wiki Update

    Glad to see the wiki back. Thanks for the hard work to make it happen.
  11. JeffJ

    2020 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Those Daring Men with their Jaunty Razors & Jalopies

    That's definitely going out in style. How often does one get to catch a unicorn?
  12. JeffJ

    FS Slim, R89, Baby Smooth

    RR Baby Smooth is sold
  13. JeffJ

    FS Slim, R89, Baby Smooth

    For sale conus only. Shipping included. PayPal preferred. Please make offers in messages and post questions that would be relevant to other buyers. Gillette Slim date code I3. I have never used this razor and have had it for several years. Plating appears complete. Doors work. Adjustment...
  14. JeffJ

    La Toja Scent

    Clean laundry hanging in the salty breeze near the ocean.
  15. JeffJ

    How do you rate these old-school hard soaps?

    This is a great summary. My adds 1) Would swap Arko to Palmolive. Less obtrusive scent. Great performance and value. Arko is relatively soft. Palmolive is hard enough to that it crumbles rather than cuts or forms. 2) standout DR Harris scents Arlington, Almond, Lavender 3) all the...
  16. JeffJ

    My Guess... 3017

    Arlington! Will always be one of the great and definitive scents of shaving for me. May have to put an Arlington stick in queue for summer.
  17. JeffJ

    Do you have a spare for your favorite razor?

    I have a duplicate of my daily driver, RR Baby Smooth. It’s ridiculous and I will eventually put it on BST or PIF.
  18. JeffJ

    My Guess... 3017

    A month and a half into NOS tallow Art of Shaving sandalwood soap. The puck is upside down in a Mondial soap tub. Have worked thorough the curve probably 60% left. Consistent easy shaves. Such a great soap.
  19. JeffJ

    My Guess... 3017

    Welcome! A lot of good soaps and creams to work through.