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    FS H&S CO NO75, Stainless Supply SE

    Clearing a few items out of my den that do not get used. The first item is an H&S CO NO75 in the polished finish. This razor is beautiful and very well made, but unfortunately does not work well for me. I bought it second hand about a month ago and have been using it exclusively. Always used...
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    FS Den clearing (Supply, DG, T&S)

    Hello all! Looking to sell some items that do not get used like they should. Shipping included CONUS. First set is from "Supply". It is the V2 SS matte black razor, matte black SS razor stand, shave settings, leather travel case, and approximately 7 injector blades. The razor is in great...
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    Blade Sharpener

    Found this in a junk drawer up at my cabin. Must have been my grandfather's. Pretty cool! Unfortunately not in the best shape. Might still work though, maybe I'll get the courage to try it on an old blade one of these days.
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    FSOT Declaration Grooming Y/R/P

    Just purchased this soap and splash from the shave bazaar on reddit and am not a fan of the scent. The soap was used approximately 10x and the splash 3x. I would guess the soap is around 90%. Would prefer to trade it for another declaration grooming set, because I want to try the brand, but...
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    Polished SS razor care

    Curious on how everyone cares for their polished SS razors! I always lightly dry them with a soft cotton towel and leave them apart to dry. If water marks start to develop (due to hard water) I'll use some polish and polish them with a soft cotton towel. Lately I've noticed some very small...
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    WTB RR Wunderbar

    Looking to buy a good condition RR Wunderbar.
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    WTB Blackbird SB baseplate

    Looking to buy a polished SB blackbird baseplate. Already have the open comb, but would like to try the SB.
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    Thanksgiving PIF

    Happy thanksgiving everyone! I have decided to PIF some items that do not get much use from me! The only requirement is I want everyone to post one thing they're thankful for! Included will be one slightly used tub of P&B Spitfire soap, one GSC R41+, and a tuck of derby premium blades. CONUS...
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    FSOT MWF w/ Wood Bowl

    Have a puck of MWF in a wood bowl. Used twice, but unfortunately it irritates my face. The puck has small cracks from drying, but from what I've read that's normal. Paid $25 plus shipping, asking $20 with shipping included CONUS. Open to trades for other soaps with a similar value.
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    Get supply raising prices

    Received an email from Supply yesterday stating they will soon be raising the prices of their razors. They are also changing blade manufacturers and including all three baseplates with the razor when the changes take place. So, if anyone has been kicking around purchasing one, now may be the time.
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    FSOT PAA Copper Ascension -SOLD-

    Selling my PAA copper ascension. Beautiful razor, just does not suit me. It is a dual open comb "twist adjustable". Has maybe 10 shaves on it. Always wiped down after each shave. Was $100 new, am asking $80 or trade for a blackbird. Conus only.
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    New guy PIF

    Since many members here have been so generous helping me get started, I have decided to PIF some of my unused items. They are all in good working condition! The razors are a Viking blade Chieftain "Oden", and a gillette slim. The slim is in good user grade condition, and functions as it should...
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    Mahogany Woods clone

    Hello all. I have an older bottle of bath and body works "mahogany woods" cologne that has since been discontinued. For being a cheap cologne, I love the scent! Does anyone know of a similar smelling cologne/shave soap/after shave? I have searched and found nothing... Top Notes: Fresh...
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    Fatboy or Slim?

    Recently purchased two razors off the bay. The left razor is supposed to be a Fatboy, and the right razor is supposed to be a Slim. They look identical to me! Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will be able to help me out. Thanks!
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    Skin Stretching

    Greetings! I wanted to touch base on skin stretching for some other new wetshavers. I started wetshaving about 6 months ago. I tried skin stretching for a little bit, but gave up as I found it difficult to stretch slippery skin, and was not receiving very good results. The past few weeks I have...
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    Newbie from MI

    Hello all! New user from up in Michigan. Dipped my feet into wetshaving almost a year ago now. Was sick of irritating cartridge shaving. It was a rush and something I never looked forward to doing in the morning. My neck was always raw and ingrown hairs were a common thing for me. I started with...