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  1. olegunnar

    Dog Found

    Hey, I dont know if this is the appropriate forum. Just got this from a friend of mine. She took this photo earlier. Basically it says. "Sunday October the 23th I found a dog without a leash or markings near Maridalsvannet (Oslo. Norway). I managed to capture the dog even though it was a...
  2. olegunnar

    I would love to get help with my boar.

    Hey, I got a boar brush as a gift some months ago that do not ever want to make lather. I have tried to force the break in period like it was duck force-fed for foie gras. I am a newb in DE shaving but have lathered with a Body Shop synthetic for 6 months. The boar came within a i`coloniali...
  3. olegunnar

    I might need a more aggressive razor

    Hey and hello from Oslo, Norway! I have been lurking here for a couple of months reading the forums for information on what DE razor I should buy. Like many before me I have made the switch from the Mach3. As the post title suggest I am in the market for a more direct or aggressive razor. I...