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    What Have I Done

    It only gets worse..... Trust me, I started with the same intentions....... It only gets worse.
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    Where's the SLOC?

    Today I put a Nacet in my SLOC (clone?). I had a 3 day beard. I used my EJ89LBL handle, which is heavier than the one I had on the SLOC head previously. Man, it tore me up, irritation, bloody nicks, not good. Halfway through, just to be sure it wasn't the blade, I used my EJ89. Smooth as...
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    Where's the SLOC?

    Thank you!
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    Where's the SLOC?

    Is it as agressive as the Muhle R41 is purported to be?
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    Where's the SLOC?

    I think so. My last shave felt smoother, just like the first. However, it is a very mild razor, using Gillette 7Oclock Yellow, (great razor blade), I can usually obtain a DFS or BBS with either EJ89 or Rockwell 6C. But this one leaves a slight amount of hairs. Again, I am still learning about...
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    Are there objectively bad products?

    I know what you mean, started with ej89 and derby. Did not go well, and although I love my EJ89, stopped using Derby for over a year...until I bought a Rockwell 6C, tried Derby on plate 4, and it wasn't as bad as in the EJ89.
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    Where's the SLOC?

    Now after seeing the remark about it assembled wrong. I am not sure if I assembled it the same way. Maybe that was why my first shave was so much better. I will try again. Duh.
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    Where's the SLOC?

    Oops you may be right, I assembled quickly for photo.
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    Where's the SLOC?

    Update: I just shaved 3 day old beard. I used 7 o’clock yellow, and this “sloc”. Not good. Left lots of whiskers, finished using a Rockwell 6C. Maybe blade was dull had used it 4 times, maybe I need more time with this razor to figure out it’s particular nuances. But wanted to provide update...
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    Where's the SLOC?

    Another member suggested this head as being the sloc. I wanted to check out open combs and sloc seemed like a good way to start. It really is medium mild. You don't have to be too careful and it shaves well. I just fitted it on a handle. The price was too good to ignore. Took about 2 weeks for...
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    Looking to find a brush on amazon

    Good idea to try different brushes. For low cost and a good brush you could try a Boar Omega 10066. It starts out stiff but after several uses softens up nicely. Another way to go, is with synthetics, Razorock has many nice ones. Large knots like "Big Bruce" and smaller ones depending on your...
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    Natural Deodorant

    24 hour crystal spray works well. Another I like is Body Eclipse spray. It is from a company that sells to spas.
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    #1 Blade?

    Probably, Personna Lab Blues
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    What's your best budget shave cream?

    Proraso Red
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    Slick shaving cream recommendations?

    I find TOB avocado to be slick and provide an irritation free shave, plus nice post shave feel. You might also want to add a pre-shave oil to help.
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    Blade Rotation

    I rotate blades, but my routine is based on beard age. I have my 2-3 day old beard blades, Polsilver, Personna "Lab Blues", Kai. Then my 1 day old beard, Voskhod, Derby, Rapira. Sometimes I will bring in newbies and rotate them in. Using my EJ89, I can feel the difference between blades...
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    It's just soap?

    I appreciate all the responses. This has been a terrific discussion. I started the thread because after reading so many reviews on B&B, it perked an interest in me to consider higher end priced soaps. I will check out some samples as a good (and relatively inexpensive) way to compare the soaps.
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    It's just soap?

    @Atlantic59: I like the way you broke down the cost on a cost/shave basis. It is certainly a consideration if a more expensive soap lasts longer due it's properties require less to achieve a consistent lather.
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    New TOBS Fan

    I enjoy the Avocado. I am curious, for those who consider TOBS sub par, what do you prefer and why?
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    It's just soap?

    I have been using shaving soap for the past 2 years. My favorites are Haslinger, Stirling, PDP 63, and others. All my choices cost less than $15. I find they all provide a good lather, nice scent, cushion, slickness and post shave feel that is enjoyable. In fact, I think Stirling soaps are...