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  1. Sabin

    How Serious Is Your Community About Covid-19? - Mega Thread

    Do you shave with a face mask?
  2. Sabin

    What is your favorite, most masculine (manly) soap?

    H & V "Cognac and Cuban cigars" Very manly to me..
  3. Sabin

    How do you pronounce Speick?

    yep.. is similar to Schnitzel..
  4. Sabin

    3 minute rule

    3 minutes? Hmmm.. you could check your hardware..
  5. Sabin

    Tabac scent

    The inside of a crowded elevator cab smells different to short people..
  6. Sabin

    Really ugly vehicle grills

    So much talk about the grille.. makes me want to go outside and turn on the grille...(and than we can talk about knobs...)
  7. Sabin

    Question from a Bialetti newbie..

    what ever coffee you use, it has to be espresso ground ...
  8. Sabin

    Corona Virus - Anyone Else Monitoring It?

    look what I found: Did China Steal Coronavirus From Canada And Weaponize It? - https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/did-china-steal-coronavirus-canada-and-weaponize-it
  9. Sabin

    Corona Virus - Anyone Else Monitoring It?

    OMG!!!! this is not going to wipe out China, is it?
  10. Sabin

    Comments on your mustache

    An old friend of mine, that has not see me for a while said only one word: d'Artagnan
  11. Sabin

    Facial hair and aging

    I had a full beard in my 20's only to get my tongue used to hair. Now I have a goatee for maintenance...
  12. Sabin

    Witch Hazel, particularly Thayer's, is the most misleading fraud on wet shavers

    I use Witch Hazel Alcohol Free from Penny Lane organics.100% pure and natural.No other ingredients. https://pennylaneorganics.com/products/witch-hazel-alcohol-free?_pos=1&_sid=71d007035&_ss=r
  13. Sabin

    Help with Ogallala Bay Rum Soap

    I'm on my second Bay Rum and Sandalwood puck. Very good lather,with boar brush and an heavenly scent.
  14. Sabin

    5th Day of PIFmas

    I would love that.. I'm in. Very generous
  15. Sabin

    Air guns

    I have a weihrauch hw97k in.177cal and a Diana Air king 54 in .22 cal. Great guns...
  16. Sabin

    Stirling soap aftershave balm is just terrible

    I have Stirling’s Executive Man balm And works very well for me. No residues.