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  1. salman

    Reviews of Shaving Creams from Pakistan

    Finally got around to using 2 of these 3 creams. Touch Me - The cream was more runny than i’m used to when I started to lather, but that might have been because i used more water. The lather itself was slick, no complaints. The exotic scent advertised on the cream is actually true - it’s very...
  2. salman

    New shaving creams from Pakistan

    My father in law just came back from Pakistan, and as requested, brought along a few local creams for me. I haven’t used them yet, although i’ll be doing so in the next few days. My luigi ‘stache and i are both very excited! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. salman

    Your favourite 5 rock albums?

    No particular order, however only one caveat : Don’t repeat the same artist :) Here is mine : -Led Zeppelin IV -Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon -Guns n Roses Appetite for Destruction -Deep Purple Perfect Strangers -The Beatles Sgr.Pepper Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. salman

    Clubman Facial Hair Products

    I bought these both approximately 3 years ago when i last went with a full handlebar moustache. I’ve been doing the ‘stache again now, and it’s around 6 weeks old now. Not the perfect handlebar yet, but it does have a nice small twirl around the edges so i want to use a bit of wax now. So my...
  5. salman

    Life achievement unlocked

    Back when i was wee little boy, I didn’t think this day would come. I was hoping for smaller, petty things. Like becoming an astronaut. Or the president. Or eliminating world hunger. Or finding a vaccine for HIV. But yesterday I unlocked the mother of all achievements. That too, on...
  6. salman

    Has my williams mug soap gone bad?

    Pic attached. I’ve had it for almost 9-10 months now and i use it every week or so. So a good 30-35 shaves so far. Yesterday i noticed a blue mark in the middle, which wasn’t there before. It doesn’t smell foul or anything, but i’m not sure what the spot would mean. Soaps can’t go bad, or can...
  7. salman

    The greatest 5 member superband ever

    5 musicians ( or less ) Divide them however you want. Who do you think describe to be there? Here’s mine : Freddie Mercury - Vocals Guitars - Jimmy Page Guitars - Jimi Hendrix Bass - Paul McCartney Keith Moon - Drums Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. salman

    Your one go to soap for all seasons

    I know a lot of you people have extremely impressive soap collections, but there has to be one soap you like more than the others. The one soap you will continue to fall back on come hell or high water. Difficult choice for those with elaborate rotations, but let’s stick to ONE. Put in your...
  9. salman

    Finally received my Old Spice shaving cream..

    Arrived all the way from India in the mail. Is it just me or the scent isn’t old spice at all? Its not a bad scent by any means. Its somewhat floral and powdery. However nothing like the Old Spice aftershave or cologne, which is what i was expecting. No other complaints otherwise. Beautiful...
  10. salman

    Palmolive Classic is a beaut!

    Finally got my Amazon shipment after waiting for what was probably a solid 3-4 weeks. I never shave in the evening but i did today to take off a 5 day stubble. The cream is an absolute beauty! Super easy to lather. Super slick. The scent is a mild green/herbal. Not overpowering at all so those...
  11. salman

    Classic aftershave scents

    So i was watching the latest video by one of my favourite youtube shavers, Mr.PaulH, and he used the Aqua Velva musk aftershave. He obviously enjoyed it and commented how it is among the classic aftershave scents that take you back, along with Brut and Old Spice to name a few. I like to think i...
  12. salman

    Cade Shaving Cream and Aftershave Review

    Today was my second time using Cade but the first time using the aftershave balm. The cream is very hard and stiff in texture. Very unlike the other creams i use ( Nivea, Bodyshop etc ). It comes out of the tube rather slowly, and the first time i put it on my soaked brush it fell right off. It...
  13. salman

    Kiehl’s Shave Cream : Major Dissapointment

    I’ll start with the positives ( there aren’t many ). It gives good slickness, and leaves a cooling sensation on the face as you put it on. The scent I don’t care for much but it seems to be somewhat minty. The negatives. Where do i start? This is a brushless shaving cream but i still wanted to...
  14. salman

    Just received my shaving products from England

    My brother just brought these over, as requested. I haven’t used them yet because i was already done with my morning shave. Excited to use then both! Two creams, one of which has some aftershave in a sachet too. I’ll put up a review when i do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. salman

    Do you wear cologne and bodyspray at home?

    This is something ive been debating off late. I will wear aftershave daily, home or at work. For bodyspray, i will sprinkle on some mild one along with the aftershave on my work days. For cologne, i do the whole routine of cologne+aftershave+bodyspray but only for special occasions. Part of...
  16. salman

    Old Spice Cologne is a gem!

    I have an aftershave bottle in rotation ofcourse, but today was the first time i bought the cologne. Full disclosure: I had no idea Old Spice even sold colognes. I always though it was only aftershave splashes. Similar, albeit slightly bigger bottle than its aftershave cousin, with the spray...
  17. salman

    Adidas Dybamic Pulse Review

    I wanted to try this for a while, and picked up a bottle at Walmart yesterday as part of my ‘one new shaving item a month’ routine. Cost $7. I have a bottle of the other Adidas aftershave ( Ice Dive ) too and enjoy using it as part of my rotation. That one has a fresh sporty scent with a hint...
  18. salman

    Gillette cool wave is underrated

    Ive always had a bottle in my aftershave collection and i use it every now and then. I was quite indifferently to it initially since i thought it dried out my skin more than I liked. This is was during my days of using canned shaving gels and foams though. Ever since I started using soaps and...
  19. salman

    Recommendation for Shaving Supplies from England

    My brother is visiting me from England over Christmas and im going to ask him to bring me some shaving supplies. I’m specifically looking for one each the following : -DE Razor -Shaving Cream -Shaving Soap -Aftershave Splash -Shaving Brush He gave in to the beard craze years ago and probably...
  20. salman

    Skin issues and shaving

    Sadly, i have sensitive skin and thus i am more prone to ingrown hair, razor bumps, pimples etc than the average wet shaver. Everytime I develop one of these unwanted conditions, I ceased shaving until it goes away as to not make it worse. What do you people do? Do you continue shaving or wait...