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  1. ShaverAZ

    Junk DE Double Blade Russkie "Military" Razors, Revisited

    Got 2 last year & after multiple shaves, wrote them off as worthless - both with the 2 blade spacer & with single blade. The blade clamps into the plastic Russian heads & profile is bowed & wavy on both. To call it a "Poor shave" is being highly generous. The knurled black plastic handle from...
  2. ShaverAZ

    Seasoning Your Suds

    On occasion I've had an excessive amount lather remaining after a shave, and held it over in a covered bowl, until the next day. I've also been sidetracked while whipping up a lather for the days' shave, only to return to it 1/2 to an hour afterward, to re whip it up to complete my shave. In...
  3. ShaverAZ

    Stropping a DE Blade

    In the past, I've regarded stropping a used DE blade just so much superflous BS, since they're cheap & I have enough of an inventory to last me the rest of my life. Then along came a couple of NOS L2 Datecode Gillette Thin Blades. All my shaves are usually with current production Stainless...
  4. ShaverAZ

    Excess Lather

    Ever wonder if there's any use for that almost full bowl of perfectly good lather remaining after a great shave, as you rinse it down the drain? I had just whipped up a blend of creams to see if I could improve on my Cremogena, and hit upon a fantastic blend. I had already shaved earlier in...
  5. ShaverAZ

    Coming Soon: "Repli-Speed"

    Just got the e-mail from Global Shave Club about an upcoming release of a new 1947 Superspeed clone. Pics didn't show the non-notched T-bar. Supposed to be brass & it's likely chrome plated instead of nickeled. They also tinkered with the blade gap. It costs more than an original, too. Wonder...
  6. ShaverAZ


    A Milord, maybe? Anyone know for certain? Hadn't seen one before, but put in an offer for it anyway. Are they worth anything?
  7. ShaverAZ

    Gillette Sheraton

    New to me - just arrived in todays' mail. Cleaned up some of the residue & corrosion, then took it for a shave using a 1X used Shark Chrome. It shaves differently than all of my other vintage Gillettes, either open comb or TTO. Seems like I had to ride the cap more than usual. It'll take a...
  8. ShaverAZ

    2 Piece - Single Ring Clone?

    No markings anywhere - bottom plate is blank. Is this even a Gillette? I don't have it yet - pics are the seller's.
  9. ShaverAZ

    King Gillette Ranch

    We are all familiar with his inventionsw and innovations, but not much is ever said of the man himself. https://www.latimes.com/health/la-he-walks-king-gillette-ranch-html-htmlstory.html I grew up nearby, but was unaware of the Gillette Ranch, since in the 50-60's it was still private...
  10. ShaverAZ

    Verifying Bristle, Badger or Synthetic

    Most of todays' synthetics mimic real bristle very well. I just got a brush (¢heap) and wanted to verify it wasn't synthetic. Method 1: hold a loose bristle above a flame. If it crinkles up and burns, it's bristle; if it melts, it's synthetic. Method 2: soak a brush in warm, fresh water...
  11. ShaverAZ

    The REAL Gillette DE

    The biggest complaints on the new Heritage razor are: It isn't a vintage Gillette design The razor isn't even stamped 'Gillette' I've found the REAL Gillette DE razor. It's a Tech clone and it's even stamped Gillette...
  12. ShaverAZ

    Tech Handle ID?

    This Pre-War is enroute to me & the pic is from the seller. Can anyone ID the handle? I looked on the Mr. Razor Tech page & didn't see anything like it:
  13. ShaverAZ

    Cremogena Blend

    Long ago I got a tube of Neutrogena creme & it was kinda runny & messy, so I just set it aside, using it occasionally as a pre-shave application, just to use it up & be rid of it. I've had a tube of Cremo forever & prefer to bowl lather & have enough other soaps to use, so it lay forgotten next...
  14. ShaverAZ

    Taking a Break From My Artisan Soaps

    A friend 'gifted' me a can of Gillette 3X Menthol Shave Gel, knowing that I've on occasion taken a can or 2 of shaving cream out to the range to punch various caliber holes thru them. The biggest complaint is that the shave gels readily clog up the multi-blade cartridges - something the spendy...
  15. ShaverAZ

    Common Bar Handle

    Which razors came with this handle?
  16. ShaverAZ

    ¢heap + ¢heap = Best $have of the Week

    A couple of weeks ago I got delivery of a $7 open comb/open top razor head. I was looking for a more aggressive shave & this looked like evil incarnate, & gots to be aggressive - in use it was mild to the point that a smooth & close shave was impossible. When I ordered what became to be known...
  17. ShaverAZ

    Twice the Legal Limit ...

    ... of Menthol. There are fans of menthol, and those who are not. From other conversations, evaluations and videos, the real menthol-head seems disappointed with all menthol soaps, save for one or 2, but even they barely make it. One guy, in a video, wanted mo' menthol in a soap, so he...
  18. ShaverAZ

    Need an Endcap for 40's Superspeed

    Anyone know of a source for affordable replacement parts? My 40's Super Speed needs an end cap.
  19. ShaverAZ

    Williams Shaving Soap: Aircraft Pilot Recipe

    When I was a kid, we lived next door to Joe Clark. Later in my adolescent life, an actor, Alan Hale Jr (Gilligan's Skipper) bore a striking resemblance to the more fit and no-nonsense Joe Clark. Joe flew Constellations from LA to NYC for Flying Tigers. His previous jobs included a gig as...
  20. ShaverAZ

    Fix for Parker Superslant and Other Razors

    It was annoying to see how the handle was digging into the bottom plate when screwed down tight. The handle dug a groove thru the chrome plating & into the soft, underlying zamak material. With moisture, this can promote further damage from corroding the cheap potmetal alloy. I noticed on...