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  1. bluewing

    Decanted Pinaud Clubman -- Need An Orifice Reducer

    Hi, do you know anybody with a 3D printer?
  2. bluewing

    Am I crazy?

    Hi, That is sad. Mine arrived in decent enough time, about 4 weeks. Sad to say, I have now fallen prey to an Amphibia I now have on order. I hope to get it in the proper time. Ha, I could use one of those up in the far norf of Minnesota! But my Filson packer hat wouldn't stand for it.
  3. bluewing

    What are your favorite gizmos/tools?

    Hi, My plain carbon steel Wok. I use it not only for stir frying but deep frying and steaming also. And once cured, it's stupid slick and easy to clean. I have no idea why I never got one years ago.
  4. bluewing

    We killed the golden goose (aka DE shaving is a hipster fad)

    Hi, Meh, flannel shirts are supposed to be a hipster fad. Doesn't make my plaid flannel shirts any less effective a -20F. And if my razors and brushes are now a fad, I can't tell when I use them to get a shave that makes me happy.
  5. bluewing

    3 pass question

    Hi, It's a balancing act between your face, the blade and the razor. Don't forget what you may consider an acceptable shave. I do 2 passes as a rule, one with and one against. If I want that BBS shave, I need to do a 3 pass with buffing of the hard spots. So there isn't a clear answer but to...
  6. bluewing

    What type of reloading press do you use?

    Hi, Been reloading with a Lee Aniversary set I ordered new for a whopping $70 delivered. It ain't fast, it ain't pretty, and it sure ain't cool. But it turns out good enough ammo for me and as much as I need when I need it.
  7. bluewing

    Am I crazy?

    Hi, It was cheaper than a new Timex analog watch. I figured I got a couple Russian/Soviet rifles, a Russian shotgun, and a Russian dog. So owning a Russian watch seems like the next step.
  8. bluewing

    Anybody use one of these?

    Hi, I found an interesting countertop oven thing in my late Father-in-laws closet. A brief online search revealed it's a Turbo Convection oven. It's nothing more than a heating coil, halogen light bulb, and a fan all located in the lid. Controls are a thermostat and simple timer. I decided to...
  9. bluewing

    Am I crazy?

    Hi, As promised a picture of my Vostok I was drawn to the light blue fading to white watch face. Though the blue is a bit darker than the photo shows. And the smaller gold Paratrooper emblem is very tasteful I think. Overall, I think it's not too busy to look at while still being interesting...
  10. bluewing

    Am I crazy?

    Hi, Well, my Kommandirskie Paratrooper arrived in the post office today. I swapped out the factory strap for a blue NATO and I'm happy. It's neither too big nor too small and I think it looks as good in person as it did in the photos. I will try to get some photos tomorrow. Beauty is in the...
  11. bluewing

    What Animal have you seen in the wild, that was a rarity for you ?

    Hi, Haven't been able to get a photo yet, but I've got a cinnamon that passes through the yard every once in a while. He sneaks through around dawn. Be a few more weeks before he comes out of hibernation though. I hope he's back again this year.
  12. bluewing

    Am I crazy?

    Hi, I hoping it will tell me!
  13. bluewing

    Am I crazy?

    Hi, Well, since I have bifocals, I don't think seeing too good will be an issue!
  14. bluewing

    I have found my Spirit Razor

    Hi, Yeah, if an M showed up at a great price, I'd need to buy it for sure. But I'm not actively scouring the bay to find one anymore.
  15. bluewing

    I have found my Spirit Razor

    Hi, Everyone notices my outlets and everyone thinks they are upside down. But every outlet in the house is wired "upside down". :c1: Truth is, that is the most technically proper way to install them. Ever wonder why you need to give your vacuum cleaner cord a slight twist to plug it in? The...
  16. bluewing

    Confession: I no longer enjoy using natural hair brushes..

    Hi, I got a mix of natural hair and synthetics. I have 3 horse hair I like. I did give away all but one badger, I kept an Eveready I reknotted myself. I like it for creams like C.O. Bigelow and croaps. I haven't touched either of my boars in a couple years now. I have 3 synthetics, an Omega...
  17. bluewing

    I have found my Spirit Razor

    Just for you :):P I was kind of looking for an Adjustable version, but after using this razor for a good while now, I just have lost interest in other razors. This one just works so well!
  18. bluewing

    2020 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Those Daring Men with their Jaunty Razors & Jalopies

    Hi, For the last 6 months or so I've been trying to not buy any shaving soaps and to use up all I have on hand. I was doing pretty good, having used up a few pucks with no replacements. I figured it would take a year or so to go through my stockpile. I have a couple of those big Ogallala Bay...
  19. bluewing

    hot vs cold

    Hi, I do both warm and cold water shaving as the mood or seasons change. I don't think I notice much if any difference in my shaves due to water temps. Though my wife tells me that cold water will make my skin "tighter" with less sag. So maybe cold water might help prevent nicks? I like...
  20. bluewing

    Am I crazy?

    Hi, Yeah, I don't expect quartz accuracy either. If I need that, I can check the time with my phone I suppose. I'm old enough to remember when it was either a manual wind or automatic choice. So I've owned some of each, but that was decades ago. I wonder how long it will take me to remember to...