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  1. cyberdog

    Identifying Halston Cologne and AS

    I have a fairly old bottle of Halston, and only know its Halston due to the shape of the bottle. The label is long gone, and I'm trying to figure out which Halston it is. They came from my father, whose been gone now 14 years. It's dark, really dark glass, with a black cap, and was probably...
  2. cyberdog

    Strop for Auto-Strop Razor

    So I have an AutoStrop razor, and a box of 50 KAI Best (Carbon Steel), which I used in my Genesis. I'd like the strop the blades, to make them smoother, especially after a shave or two, as they start feeling like they're scraping, vs cutting. What options are there for a stop to run through an...
  3. cyberdog

    Oneblade Genesis/Hybrid Closeness with a GEM Blade

    How close a shave does the Genesis (Non-Core), and presumably the Hybrid (same head) shave with a GEM? Is is equal to say a Schick Injector (M1 on 7/8, G1, E, or L)? They're $50 off at the moment, and I liked the ease of the shave with the Core I tried in 2017, but didn't feel it shaved all...
  4. cyberdog

    Weishi Adjustable Nostalgic (Black) - Lightning Deal

    If anyone is interested, that Weishi Adjustable Nostalgic Razor (Black) is a lightning deal for the next 3 hours or so for $24.99. (Not sure I can mention the site, but is the mega online retailer with the big smile on the box). I need another razor like I need a hole in my head, or I'd...
  5. cyberdog

    Italian Barber or other Supplies in/around Niagara Falls ON?

    Does Italian Barber happen to have a brick & mortar location? - We'll be up in Canada in a few weeks, and thought occurred if they do, or perhaps there's another similar shop (I'd love to find a Pasteur's type place) to stop and check out various soaps & creams without buying them to see what...
  6. cyberdog

    TImeless Bronze OC - What to Exchange it for? - Help

    Well, I'm sad to say that I don't think the Timeless Bronze 0.78 OC is for me. Even when I think that I've gotten a comfortable shave, that's reasonably close, my face is a little tender for several hours, particularly after multiple days. (I had to give my face a break from this bugger...
  7. cyberdog

    +++ PIF +++ Ugly Razor PIF*closed*

    I have a My Life Designs Minotaur razor head, the handle was re-tasked some time back, but any standard handle should work. Once the blade is aligned, there's a good amount of slop, it shaves surprisingly well. Surprisingly, as it's looks might indicate otherwise. They have a less than stellar...
  8. cyberdog

    Slim Adjustable tweaking?

    Thanks to winning a generous PIF in February, I have two Slim Adjustables. The PIFed one is an awesome shaver, becoming one of my favorites. The problem lies in my original Slim, which doesn't shave as nice and feels a bit rougher or more aggressive, yet doesn't shave quite as close. - My...
  9. cyberdog

    +++ PIF +++ GEM Push-Button

    Feeling inspired by Dave in KY, I want to give back. Looking for a DE shaver, who'd like to give the SE World a try. Hence posting in the DE Forum. Up for grabs is a GEM Push-Button SE in nice shape, she's been cleaned, soaked in Barbacide, and is shave ready. Winner will also receive a...
  10. cyberdog

    Super Adjustable, aka Black-Beauty - Finally a good shave

    A few years back after returning to wet shaving, the second or third razor I bought was a SA/BB, don't recall the date code, but want to say it was a '78 something. I found it rough compared to my Parker 86R, it cleared the whiskers, but my face wasn't happy during or after the shave. I only...
  11. cyberdog

    Timeless Bronze 0.78 OC

    Anybody else notice the new addition? Has anybody tried one of these bad boys?
  12. cyberdog

    Bearded Jack's - Where he go?

    I'm on my last puck of Bearded Jack's, who makes an fantastic Old-Spice scented soap. One of the underrated soaps, great lather, awesome scent, very good post-shave feel. I put it up there with Stirling & Tabac, just a really enjoyable soap. His soaps seem to have disappeared from eBay and...
  13. cyberdog

    Homemade Old-Spice Aftershave

    After mentioning that I've been using my own Old-Spice type aftershave under Parker Variant pass-around thread, I've been asked to share the recipe. It's actually pretty simple, and unfortunately, I cannot take credit for the blend of oils in it, as I'm buying the essential oil blend already...
  14. cyberdog

    Less than Snug Blades on Bullet/Post type DE Razors

    Not sure how others feel, however, razors that allow a lot of movement in the blade, making them a real PITA to get the blade evenly aligned bug me. It's usually the Post or Bullet mount razors such as the Schone, Fatip, Pearl, Minotaur, and even to a much lesser extend with only some blades my...
  15. cyberdog

    Worst Blade PIF review

    I received my PIF from Toothpick on Thursday, and pulled a random blade from the pack this morning. - A Wilkinson Sword by Gillette. This morning, I decided to install it into my QShave (Futur Clone), set on 3, which I'm very familiar with. Used Proraso Green Cream, face lather using my RR...
  16. cyberdog

    Gillette New Cap, re-plate or not?

    Should have grabbed a pic before leaving the house, but, I have a pretty nice Gillette New from eBay, which had a couple of spots where the Gold Plating was worn off. (The base & handle still have darn good gold plate on them). In cleaning, I took a non-abrasive, very mild polish and with...
  17. cyberdog

    Disassemble 1912 for clean/policy?

    In a pleasant surprise, the GEM Junior (1912 head) I bought showed up as I was leaving the house this morning, when the postal worker actually came by 9:00am! - Not the norm. In any event, I'd like to clean & lightly polish the brass(?) head, and I'm assuming it's brass and not gold plated, as...
  18. cyberdog

    GEM Blades

    What razors that use GEM blades do you use, like, and find very comfortable and easy to use? I've tried a couple of GEMs, but couldn't get comfy with them. Not sure if it's the weight, or lack thereof on most of them, but for the life of me I either can't get close or feel raw afterwards...
  19. cyberdog

    WTS/WTT Gem, Injector, Schone DE, more

    I'm looking to sell or trade the following gear, that I really don't use, for one reason or another. Absolutely nothing wrong with them, just not for me. First up, is a practically new Schone Open Comb. While it is the smoothest OC I've tried, much smoother than the Pearl or Parker 24C I...
  20. cyberdog

    OneBlade Core updated Version Shipping Tomorrow!

    I just posted to the first impression thread, however, for those of us who find the Core simply too mild, they've made a change in the last production run to improve the razor a bit or make it more aggressive. They've tweaked the blade exposure and angle, which will keep the blade toward the...