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  1. Russrat

    The Wolf has Landed

    For those curious about queue spots, I placed my initial order on 9/19/19. I received my invoice to pay today, 4/9/20. I expect I’ll have the razor by the end of April. Looking forward to comparing my 1.25 WR-2 to my .86 WR-1.
  2. Russrat

    What did you use today? +Rate the shave 1-10 (10 best)

    GD Pre-shave; GD Angel; Karve Brass-E; Nacet-New; DG Brush; Thayers’s Cucumber WH; Aqua Velva Ice Blue 2nd level BBS with zero irritation. Easy 10/10.
  3. Russrat

    Past Gun Buys You Are So HAPPY About Now

    All 125 of them and the 14,000 rounds of ammo.
  4. Russrat

    What’re you 3 favorite SMELLING soaps?

    1) SV Felce; 2) Nuavia Blu; and 3) Tie b/w CFG Ghost Town Barber and T&S Boreal
  5. Russrat

    Recommendations for DE blade with the best sharp/smooth balance?

    It’s can be fluid for me, but for today, under your criteria, I would rate the top five: 1) Nacet; 2) Wilky Light; 3) GSB; 4) Personna 74; and 5) Polsilver
  6. Russrat

    What's for Dinner at Your House?

    Red beans and rice with ham bone and sausage, a NOLA staple.
  7. Russrat

    Contest - Tell us why???

    Name: A combo of my name, Russell, and a childhood nickname, Rat. They claimed I was slippery as a greased rat’s tails when we played sandlot tackle football. Avatar: Easy. I graduated from LSU twice, so did my wife and most of my kids. 2019 team is certainly in conversation for GOAT. Great...
  8. Russrat

    Best 1964 Safety Razor

    1964 is my b-year also. I have a J1 uncirculated Slim in nickel and one in the gold plated Aristocrat edition. I’ll be using an almost new Slim in nickel next week on the b-day. I find the Slim to be a great shaver on the higher efficiency settings.
  9. Russrat

    What Frag were you wearing when you last got a compliment?

    Roja Amber Aoud at a Mardi Gras ball last Saturday night. I had several ladies compliment it. Two weeks earlier at another Mardi Gras ball, I wore MFK Oud Satin Mood Extrait and received 4-5 compliments, including one lady who said, “OMG you smell good, what is that.”
  10. Russrat

    WOLFMAN Order Wait List - What Razor / Configuration Did Order?

    Question on gap for anyone who has used the Wolf WR-2 and the Timeless .95. Which WR-2 is closest in efficiency to the T .95. I want one slightly more efficient, i.e., if the parallel is the WR-2 1.25, then I want to order the WR-2 1.35. Thanks in advance for any responses.
  11. Russrat

    What is your favorite set-up?

    This week, I’m loving: Razor: Timeless Ti .95 Blade: Nacet Pre: GD Soap: GD Angel (the bomb) AS: C Lux Weinstrasse Extra: Thayer Cucumber WH Great, comfortable, BBS shaves.
  12. Russrat

    Your favorite athlete of all time

    MJ, who else
  13. Russrat

    WOLFMAN Order Wait List - What Razor / Configuration Did Order?

    Identical order for me on 9-19-19, except 1.25 mm gap. Wondering if anyone has had their order filled lately and when they submitted order. I’d love to get some frame of reference for how close I’m getting to order being fulfilled.
  14. Russrat

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    An Unfinished Life. I’d give it a 6.5/10. Definitely worth a watch.
  15. Russrat

    What did you use today? +Rate the shave 1-10 (10 best)

    9.5. 2nd level BBS with minor irritation. Impeccable shave. The T&S 2nd version soaps are as good as it gets. Razor: Paradigm 17-4 Blade: Polsilver Iridium Brush: LoveYourShave Zebra Pre-Shave: Grooming Department Lather: T&S West Indies Aftershave: T&S West Indies AS Additional Care...
  16. Russrat

    Who can name movies or TV shows that have shaving scenes.

    Straight razor scene in episode of new series on Netflix, Thieves of The Wood.
  17. Russrat


    B&M Reserve. Excellent slickness and ghost lather in hard water.
  18. Russrat

    One Soap for Life

    Grooming Department Angel
  19. Russrat

    College Football

    The REAL Tigers are the GOAT. Beat 7 top ten teams and the preseason #1, #2, #3 and #4. Geaux Tigahs!