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  1. mr_houston

    What kind of brisket is this?

    Below is a picture from an ad I saw on this forum. Ad was for meat. I can’t figure out what kind of brisket recipe it represents. Looks like it has a white film over a sweet glaze. It doesn’t make me want to eat it. Anybody recognize it?
  2. mr_houston

    Help with a crack

    I have a Simpsons Colonel that I wanted to re-knot. I love the handle shape. I tried to steam the knot. It wouldn’t budge after 30 min or 45 min. At the 1 hour mark, I used too much pressure pulling sideways and it cracked. I glued it together with some glue I use on acrylic scales. But...
  3. mr_houston

    WTB Sudsy Soapery Lemon Rose Chypre Shaving Soap - before Jan 1st

    I am only interested in the soap, and I will be starting a purchase sabbatical on the 1st. Thanks.
  4. mr_houston

    Philosophical razors

    I just read an article that referenced Hanlon's Razor. Hadn't heard of that. I know of Occam's Razor: "The simplest solution is most likely the right one. " So, I looked it up. Hanlon's Razor says: "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity." These are...
  5. mr_houston

    Red Brushes

    I like red acrylic brush, esp. transparent ones. I am surprised that there aren't more of them. Or maybe I just haven't liked the ones I've seen. Is it hard to do red well? I just ordered this Yaqi for my birthday. I previously repurposed my Semogue 830 with a badger knot The...
  6. mr_houston

    Timeless Al, 3one6, Rocca - Side by Side

    I made a comment on the Timeless Aluminum razor thread that I find these 3 razors to be similar in efficiency. @Calm_Shaver couldn't imagine that anything could better his Rocca. I get it - it's great. But he asked if I might compare the 3 razors mentioned. Now, I have. For background, I...
  7. mr_houston

    Poll test

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  8. mr_houston

    FT My RazoRock Barber Pole Handle for Your Radio Knob

    I love the weight and styling of the RR barber pole handle, but I now have 3 of them. Would like to try a radio knob handle, or maybe a super knurled. CONUS preferred.
  9. mr_houston

    Looking for a Stand for my RX

    I am looking for a stand for my Asylum RX. I’ve looked at a lot of pictures, but rarely see them pictured in any stand. What are you guys using? I did find this one pictured below, but couldn't find where the stand comes from.
  10. mr_houston

    FSOT Weber PH for Vector or DX or Asylum RX

    I have a Weber Polished Head razor for trade, with the bulldog or wave handle. I am looking for a Blackland Vector or a folding Feather DX in wood handles or an Asylum RX. I have only recently discovered the artist club type SE razors and really enjoy the shaves. I already have the stainless...
  11. mr_houston

    Ear to Ear Stroke

    Tomorrow, I will receive an MR-SE head from @86-foxtrot. While searching for more information on the MR-SE, I found this video. I've never seen an ear-to-ear stroke before. This guy does 2 of them at the 12:15 mark. I don't plan to adopt his technique, but give him credit for speeding up his...
  12. mr_houston

    WTB or WTTF Ikon MR-SE Razor (El Jefe 2)

    Specifically a razor head from the MR-SE version of this razor. I have DE razors and straight razors to trade if you have an interest, including English and French Gillettes. If you want a straight razor, I will be sure they are shave ready when shipped. Or a straight up purchase. Thank you.
  13. mr_houston

    Semogue 830 Repurposed

    I’ve got a Maddard 2-band in 26 mm due in today. I’ve also got an old Semogue 830 handle that I’ve always admired. I tore out the metal cup and drilled it out to 26mm. Its beautiful, like a crystal glass. But I sure miss the red color. Could I paint the inside with Testers enamel, then...
  14. mr_houston

    David Kamper Talent Razor

    I bought this 13/16ths razor recently. I don’t know if it was ever used. The edge had some rough spots, that honed out well. It has one of the thinnest bevels I've seen, in my limited experience. What surprised me most was the black horn scales. I had to use a loupe to convince myself it...
  15. mr_houston

    photo test

  16. mr_houston

    pic test

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  17. mr_houston

    Straight Razor PIF

    I need to pay forward for some members who helped me get started with straights after some time with DEs. In light of the Gold Dollar Mod Competition currently underway, I’d like to offer up this razor. The competition thread is here: 2018 Gold Dollar Mod Competition It it a standard Gold...
  18. mr_houston

    Thuri Lapping Advice Please

    I am quite excited to receive my first thuri today and expect it will be that magic rock that solves all my honing shortcomings. :001_tongu The heavily used side is quite wavy and gouged from chisles. It’s also darker, but that might be oil. I honed the flatter side as below. It’s a pretty...
  19. mr_houston

    Small PIF -- Marlborough

    I just emptied a tin to use for some new samples. This came from a D R Harris shave stick, sliced and pressed. Nice cedar and sandalwood scent. If you'd like to try it, let me know. Preference given to someone that has not gotted to try a D R Harris soap.
  20. mr_houston

    R89 Head is too thick for under nose. What's an alternative?

    I've recruited a work buddy into the hobby, so I would have someone to visit with on wet shaving. Seriously, I've got no one to talk to about it. Well, he's hooked. I started him on my Muhel R89 Twist. He likes the shave, but the thickness of the head bothers him under the nose. It never...