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  1. Russrat

    FS Top Shelf Holiday Sale

    All prices Conus Shipped. Price paid first, sale price last. Minimum of $30 per order. Below $30, add $5 shipping. I will ship Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Razors all used 2-3 times each. Mint condition with no visible sign of wear or use. Paradigm Ti SE. Unobtanium. Awesome razor with...
  2. Russrat

    Aristocrat ID

    Not sure about this one and need help. Is this known as a 2nd gen #15? Or a 1938 #15? Or something else? Is it as good shaver as a 1st gen #15? Thanks, Rusty
  3. Russrat

    WTB B&M Seville in Reserve Base

    I would love to buy a tub of this if anyone has one they could part with. Please PM if you got some your willing to sell. Thanks, Rusty
  4. Russrat

    FS A Few Nice Items

    3 razors in flawless condition: 1) One Blade, v. 2. Used fewer than 5 times. Comes with about 90 blades in and in original box with synthetic brush. Only flaw is slight dent on outer box. The razor and stand are pristine. Retail of about $450 with blades; yours for $275. 2) Polished Asylum SE...
  5. Russrat

    FS Top Shelf Lanolin Clearance

    Started DE shaving a year ago. About six months in, I realized I am totally reactive to Lanolin. Everything here (save one or two) has Lanolin. Everything on the list has been used once or twice except where indicated. I have looked at all retail prices, and everything is priced at least 20%...
  6. Russrat

    Death Valley

    Heading there in a few. Beautiful day for a game. Welcome to our house Tide. May the best team win. Geaux Tigahs!
  7. Russrat

    Delta Echo

    I have a razor I would like DE to re-plate. I have sent them about 4 inquiries from the web site messaging and haven’t received any response. Does anyone know a better way to get in touch with Delta Echo? Thanks, Rusty
  8. Russrat

    Eleven Soap

    Hearing some chatter about this soap. Anyone care to provide some reviews on these soaps. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Russrat

    Top irritation-free soaps

    Forgive me if someone already has posted a thread on this (I didn’t see one), but what are the top soaps for those that have some skin irritation/sensitivity issues? I have eczema that I have pinpointed to be exacerbated by Lanolin and not fragrance oils. My top performing soaps which also...
  10. Russrat

    FS Top shelf den clearance

    Hardware: Asylum Polished Brass Evo Model T. Used 3 times. Bottom of baseplate showing a slight hint of patina. Retail $215, yours for $145. Asylum Machined Steel Model T. Used once. Retail $185, yours for $125. Charcoal Goods Machined Steel Level 1. Unused. Retail about $220, yours for...
  11. Russrat

    WTB Wilky Lights

    Looking for these. Happy to pay a reasonable premium to someone who can part with a few. Thanks, Rusty
  12. Russrat

    WTS Software & 3 vintage razors

    A wide assortment of software and 3 razors to sell. Unless, otherwise indicated, each item was used once. ARP = Average Retail Price. SFT = Selling For Today. All items priced to include CONUS shipping in price. Please order in packages of 3 items (or $30+) or more, so I don’t have to charge...
  13. Russrat

    Super Silver Blades

    Bought a hundred of these from a forum member in BST. These blades are amazing. I think they might be smoother, sharper and shave longer than GSBs. Anyone know more of the story on these?
  14. Russrat

    WTS Mint Condition Razors

    Recently, I acquired a Timeless Master Kit, a Wolfman, a brass CG, and a 17-4. They are now my only drivers. So, I have some very nice, rarely used and unused razors to sell. All cleaned and in impeccable condition. All prices shipped CONUS only. PayPal only please. (1) ATT 7 piece Stainless...