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  1. weekly

    What are you listening to?

    That sounds great to me because I am Also a really big fan of all things Chopin.
  2. weekly

    What are you listening to?

    This is what I'm listening to right now And I have 95% of his catalog and I have To say this one is arguably my favorite. When considering the whole Solo Piano Literature in existence, IMHO this guy is Second only to Beethoven or Debussy. What do you all think of that opinion.
  3. weekly

    They said I was mad - well who's mad now...?!?!?!

    You better go early, I'm predicting a Run on StraightJackets.
  4. weekly

    Gillette Super Thin (Thailand)

    I really like them a lot , they are often Confused with the ones from Vietnam Which are the Platinum coated ones and Are completely different from the ones You ordered,so if your technique is solid You can do as I do and use them in any Razor and do so with great Succes.
  5. weekly

    Wolfman WR2 OC vs SB?

    I have a dual comb 1.15 and in my experience the OC side has blade feel And the SB side has none or at least very Little and the OC side shaves a little closer And a little less smoother. But @loot has Much more experience with this issue Than I do.
  6. weekly

    We killed the golden goose (aka DE shaving is a hipster fad)

    And you're not a horrible person according To who ??? I would guess the answer too be, according too your biggest admirer, Who is most likely you.
  7. weekly

    $15 Buck Surprise

    I'm a big fan of replateing... One of my favorites
  8. weekly

    The LEAF Razor, Reviewed...

    In my experience it most certainly does.
  9. weekly

    WTB OB Genesis V1

    Thanks for the info.
  10. weekly

    WTB OB Genesis V1

    Yeah I'll probably end up buying a V2 Genesis when the price comes down During specials or holiday sales.
  11. weekly

    WTB OB Genesis V1

    Looking to buy a Genesis V1 at a Reasonable price. It must take a Despined Gem blade with No further modification.
  12. weekly

    Journey from Baili Chinese Tech clone (176) to R41 and back again

    It's just that it's been discussed on this Forum dozens of times
  13. weekly

    Custom Razors

    If they were in Hawaii it's Northshore Razors If they were in the State of Kansas Then it's Sherlock Razors.
  14. weekly

    New Custom Razor Company (Sherlock Razor Co)

    What a Bummer
  15. weekly

    New Custom Razor Company (Sherlock Razor Co)

    Did you get it yet?
  16. weekly

    Carts vs DE Razors - Pros and cons of both

    Everybody knows. Because an electric leaves me with a Shadow , not quite a 5 o'clock but definitely more than a 1 o'clock shadow. You say nobody knows, well nobody is a Really large number and you can't speak for All of them.
  17. weekly

    Carts vs DE Razors - Pros and cons of both

    Are carts a hobby? When I see a thread like this one, I'm Thinking it sure must be pretty boring Over there in the cart & electric forum. I'm just kidding..
  18. weekly

    Help needed

    Where are you located?
  19. weekly

    Fatip question.

    A long skinny son of a gun , hhhmm
  20. weekly

    What was your last “new” shave purchase?

    On the Clubs and Brotherhood forum Fatip has been there for quite some time