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  1. mr_houston

    WOLFMAN Razor Fanatics / Fans - What Other Razors do you like as much?

    I have a WR2 dual comb 1.15SB/1.25SB. It’s my best shaver. I also am enjoying: Game Changer 84 in SB and OC Timeless TI .95 SB Muhle R41
  2. mr_houston

    Best "non-shaving" items / finds for shaving?

    Here’s 2 of mine. Toothbrush holder for straights and olive oil or vinegar or something bottle for homemade aftershave.
  3. mr_houston

    The Irony of Where Nostalgia Has Led Me

    Thanks for sharing that. Which models were the 2 Gillettes?
  4. mr_houston

    Pinning Hardware Specifics and Where to Buy?

    This is the tiny one FWSS0 - #0 Narrow Washer S/S I.D. .062xO.D..125x Thk .017 - Micro Fasteners - https://www.microfasteners.com/fwss0-0-narrow-washer-s-s-i.d.-.062xo.d..125x-thk-.017.html
  5. mr_houston

    Pinning Hardware Specifics and Where to Buy?

    You were correct. 1/16 = 0.0625 inches for inner diameter. We just aren’t used to seeing fractions of inches expressed in decimals like that.
  6. mr_houston

    Honing Blues

    For example, looking straight down the blade edge with a light, see the shiny (white) along the bevel in the top right on this picture? That is where the bevel edges have not yet come together.
  7. mr_houston

    Honing Blues

    I will share with you how I learned from 1 thread on another forum. I hope this ok per forum rules. It’s a long thread where some senior guys walked a new guy through the process. You should read it all. This plus a lot of practice allows me to shave off my own honing. LINK For me, the key...
  8. mr_houston

    Pinning Hardware Specifics and Where to Buy?

    I pulled this from another forum. Do a search for these by product number (FWB0 that’s zero on the end). In each metal, there is a wide one to use inside the scales, if you want that, and the little ones for outside. I use wide brass inside the scales on all mine. They also look nice stacked...
  9. mr_houston

    Pinning Hardware Specifics and Where to Buy?

    I buy in bulk from: Washers etc from microfasteners.com Nickle rod from Texas Knifemakers Brass rod from my local hardware store
  10. mr_houston

    What ingredient do you dread seeing in a shave product's ingredients list?

    Agreed. I’ll add almond, tobacco, cinnamon, and leather.
  11. mr_houston

    Do You Enjoy Your Shaving?

    I did choose #5, but don’t really mean it. the comparison to sex kind of screws up the pole. However: Every day As long as I like Many partners (razors) Single, double, straight Hmmmm
  12. mr_houston

    What kind of brisket is this?

    Below is a picture from an ad I saw on this forum. Ad was for meat. I can’t figure out what kind of brisket recipe it represents. Looks like it has a white film over a sweet glaze. It doesn’t make me want to eat it. Anybody recognize it?
  13. mr_houston

    Underrated Aftershaves

    Agreed. I used it since 1980, when Gillette provided me a box of free shaving stuff to my dorm room. Brilliant marketing move. I used it until I got here and started wet shaving. I prefer the original green label. But the Fresh scent in blue label is fine and easier to find.
  14. mr_houston

    Best Modern SE Razor?

    I have to add the Asylum RX to the mix. Such a cool looking shaver.
  15. mr_houston

    Need a brush with better handle

    Resin handles are plentiful on shaving brushes. If you are ready to spend a little bit, I love the shape of the Simpson Colonel.
  16. mr_houston

    What Have I Done

    Somehow! 😀 .... that tends to happen to us alot.
  17. mr_houston

    Witch Hazel before Aftershave...Astringent or Toner?

    Same here. I replaced alum in my routine with Thayers unscented toner. It’s also great as a base for homemade aftershave.
  18. mr_houston

    Why not an actual inkwell?

    Absolutely, why not?
  19. mr_houston

    Some basic questions that I probably should already know the answers too

    I agree that every body thinks they have a coarse beard. To find out, you need to go feel some other mens faces. Rub up and down, side to side. Get up close and observe their faces for swirls and other problem spots. Don’t forget right under their noses and below the chins. When you get out...
  20. mr_houston

    If you could only have 3????

    I keep a large stock of soaps and a small stock of aftershave. In order of how often I use them: 1) home made unscented splash with menthol 2) Lucky Tiger, with menthol added 3) Nivea Sensitive balm Honorable mention goes to Floid Vigoroso