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  1. alpster

    Hirsute's Zoom Meetup 2 - Sunday April 12, 2020 11:00 AM Pacific Time

    I have a new webcam coming tomorrow, so I won't look so much like a ghost this time. LOL
  2. alpster

    Gokumyo 20k on Amazon and sourcing JNATS

    Buy it on Amazon and use paypal or a credit card and you don't risk anything. If you're not happy you can get your money back. I have a G20 and wouldn't trade it for any stone anywhere. Having several dozen stones of all types, its still my choice as a razor finisher.
  3. alpster

    Zoom Virtual Meetup Friday, April 3, 5:00pm-8:00pm PST

    I'm already set up for zoom conferencing and will be there. Thanks for setting it up Micah!
  4. alpster

    How many things can you get wrong?

    Trying not to be a conspiracy theorist, but I find it hard to believe that the blade in the first picture was without very deep pits and turned out pristine. I have tried to bring back blades that weren't nearly that rusted and couldn't possibly remove the pits. Just thinking out loud.
  5. alpster

    In stock tobacco thread

    The better cigars, Arturo Fuente, Padron, etc. won't allow retailers to discount them. Cigar Bid starts their bidding at the retail price. This always frustrates me when there is a good sale. :angry:
  6. alpster

    Smooth, creamy pipe tobacco blend recommendations?

    I find Rattray's #7 Reserve to fit your description.
  7. alpster

    Tobacquisitions February 2020

    Found a sweet ashtray at the flea market today......
  8. alpster

    Cigar Of The Day (COTD)

    A. F. Don Carlos to celebrate my anniversary.....................
  9. alpster

    Post your local/flea market stone scores (AKA Tim's Thread)

    Ran across this Norton/Pike soft Ark at a antique market today....
  10. alpster

    Nording Freehands

    This is a Bari that I inherited from my father in law. This is a Soren I bought at an antique store in PA.
  11. alpster

    Tobacquisitions February 2020

    Very pretty!
  12. alpster

    Cellar Labels

    I used the Avery template in a Word Doc and did my own word art on 22830 labels. I wanted to be able to stamp the dates on the labels.
  13. alpster

    Shapton Glass 320 (for knives)

    WOW, some guys will do anything to get out of sharpening the knives.....JK - Congratulations on the new arrival David!
  14. alpster

    What do you guys have / favorites

    Here are a few of my favorites....
  15. alpster

    Dovo Bismarck and new to straights

    Dovo gets a lot of rough reviews, both here and on other forums. I'm convinced this is because some expect their cheapest, entry level "Best Quality" blades to exhibit the same quality and workmanship as their Bergisher Lowe and Bismark blades which sell for 2 or 3 X as much. I am a fan of Dovo...
  16. alpster

    My 7-day Set

    I bought these razors one at a time over about a years time. They are all nearly perfect Friodur 472s. Someone else added the third pin and I'm not sure why. I don't have these razors in a regular rotation as I have about 200 others and simply choose one based on how I feel at shave time LOL...
  17. alpster

    My 7-day Set

    Does a matched ten day set count.......
  18. alpster

    Empty cigar boxes - crafts? Re-gifting? Ideas?

    Here ya go.....
  19. alpster

    Toothpick’s Cigar Compendium

    I think the warning on the sleeve is referring to the individual humi packs (don't open them) and not the sleeve.
  20. alpster

    The best German razors

    Although I love Boker, Friodur and Dovo and have several of each, my favorite is Dorko.