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  1. rbscebu

    What Does "No Pressure/Light Touch" Mean?

    To me, it means that when you SR shave, all you aim to do is remove the lather. If you blade's edge is right, the whiskers will just come with it.
  2. rbscebu

    Blind SR Shaving

    I can give myself a decent shave using a cart or DE razor without a mirror. As my SR shaving technique is improving, I am starting to wonder if others can give themselves a recent mirrorless shave with an SR. I don't think that I yet have the skill, but have you successfully shaved with an SR...
  3. rbscebu

    Do You Enjoy Your Shaving?

    Most on B&B shave. How do you really feel about your shaving?
  4. rbscebu

    What's Wrong With Excessive Spine Wear?

    Many times people are warned about obtaining SRs with "excessive" spine wear. Aside from aesthetics, what is the downside of"excessive" spine wear? Provided the blades bevel is properly set and it's included angle is within limits, I cannot see the reason for this warning.
  5. rbscebu

    The Ultimate Edge Test

    I have two SRs in my current rotation, a Titan ACRM-2 and a Titan ACRO. Both are tree-topping before they even touch a hair (well almost). Before each use, the edge gets 50 laps on a clean leather strop and after, 50 laps on a 0.1u pasted hanging balsa strop. I normally only do a two-pass...
  6. rbscebu

    SR Shaving Someone Else

    Is it easier for an experienced SR shaver to shave another man's face with a SR rather than his own face? Have you tried to shave another's face with a SR?
  7. rbscebu

    Proraso Closed!

    I have been chatting with the Philippines importer of Proraso products. He has told me the Proraso in Italy have closed for the duration of the. I only have about 9 months supply left so I am looking to use as little as possible with each shave.
  8. rbscebu

    If An Experienced SR Shaver, Have You Then Switched Exclusively To DE/SE Razors?

    I am approaching my 100th SR shave and still loving every bit of it. I was wondering if any experienced SR shavers have gone from SRs to exclusively DE/SE razors. If so, why?
  9. rbscebu

    Bath Soap Differences

    My normal shave routine is the wash my face well with bath soap and rinsing before face lathering. I use bath soaps sourced from hotels in which I stay. This morning I started a new soap from another hotel and there was a noticable difference in the feel of my shave. Have others experienced...
  10. rbscebu

    I Think I've Lost It

    I received my new Titan VG10-HZ a few weeks ago and reviewed it here. I set the bevel and progressed through lapping film before putting it away. I was pre-occupied shaving with my other Titan SRs and developing their edges. Yesterday I decided to take the VG10-HZ out and progress further...
  11. rbscebu

    What Do You Use To Wipe The Blade Of Your SR?

    After each SR shave I use to wipe the blade with one of my face towels to clean it before pasted balsa stropping. Then I decided to switch to facial tissue to wipe it clean. Yesterday I was talking with an optometrist friend and she said that facial tissue was rather abrasive and that is why it...
  12. rbscebu

    SR Shaving With Non-Dominant Hand?

    In a couple of weeks I will be reaching my 100th SR shave. It has been a great journey of discovery so far and I am still improving with every shave. (Does that ever stop?) All my shaving so far has been with my dominant (right) hand and I am very satisfied with the results. On my 101st SR...
  13. rbscebu

    Correcting Some SR "Myths"

    I recently started a thread asking why some do not shave with a straight razor (that includes shavette type razors). Of course, straight razor shaving is not for everyone. Some have sound medical reasons why not, and others have well founded psychological reasons against SR shaving. The replies...
  14. rbscebu

    Why Don't You Use A Straight Razor?

    My first 8 years of shaving was with a DE, the disposable/cartridge razors. Last year I took up shaving with a straight razor. After a bit of a learning curve, I'm now getting the comfiest, smoothest shaves I have ever had. If you don't already use a straight razor (that includes shavette...
  15. rbscebu

    How Can I Determin Grit Size?

    I have a few whetstones that I have accumulated over the past few years that I do not know the grit size of. I there a reasonably cheap method of determining the grit size of each?
  16. rbscebu

    My (almost) Perfect Real Barber's SR Shave

    My post on this experience can be found here.
  17. rbscebu

    What Is Pre-Shave Balm Meant To Do?

    I have never used a pre-shave balm, until: Late last year I bought a 100ml jar of Proraso Crema Pre Barba thinking that it might help me while learning to shave with a straight razor. I tried it then and noticed nothing different. Now that I am getting well down the SR shaving path, yesterday...
  18. rbscebu

    Maintaining Timber Scales

    I have always been a timber sort of bloke, so my preferred SRs all have timber scales. To maintain my timber scales I use a wax consisting of beeswax and Shea Butter using the following routine: When I first receive the SR with timber scales, I apply a light coating of wax to the dry scales...
  19. rbscebu

    Can a SR Shave Be Too Good?

    I perfected my edge and SR shaving technique to the point where I gave myself my best 3-pass 100% BBS shave yesterday morning. I normally shave daily. It is one of the joys of my day. This morning I was shocked to discover that my face was still DFS smooth, so no shave this morning 😞. Tomorrow...
  20. rbscebu

    My Method Edge Isn't Tree Topping!

    I had some free time today so I thought that I would work on the edge of my "bluntest" SR. Out came one of my Titan ACRM-2 blades. I started by lightly bread-knifing the edge on an empty San Miguel beer bottle. From the beer bottle, I set the bevel using the burr method on a 1k synthetic stone...