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  1. Sluggo

    For Sale: Casio ProTrek Triple Sensor Watch

    Here are a few pictures
  2. Sluggo

    For Sale: Casio ProTrek Triple Sensor Watch

    Looking to find a new home for my Casio Protrek Watch (triple sensor: Altimeter, Barometer, Compass) that was purchased in 2014 at Kohls. I think I paid about $100 for the watch and am selling it for $55 shipped CONUS by USPS priority. This is a great watch for travel and adventures! Will try to...
  3. Sluggo

    For Sale: A Piece of Gillette Marketing Americana

    Several years ago I came across several of these mailers that I suppose were never delivered. The letter inside is introducing the Gillette Super Blue Blades and is dated February 8, 1960. The sample of Blue Blades are still wrapped in cellophane and the mailer is in really good shape. This is...
  4. Sluggo

    The Thin Blue Smoke Thread VII- BBQ at the B&B 2015

    I have the WSM fired up taking the Auber PID for a ride, with 2 pork tenderloins on. For Memorial Day we did a 7.5# butt that took 17 hours...but it was so dang good.
  5. Sluggo

    My First Pair of Chukka Boots.they required some elbow grease!

    Sort of, I think. They are similar in the sense they are creams, but I think they serve different purposes. I like the fact the AE has pigment, but Reno is good for general conditioning...different strokes for different folks!
  6. Sluggo

    My First Pair of Chukka Boots.they required some elbow grease!

    Here they are all pretty...
  7. Sluggo

    My First Pair of Chukka Boots.they required some elbow grease!

    I have never owned a pair of chukka boots before; I don't know why...I just never fancied them. Well I stumbled across a pair on eBAY and put in a low-ish bid on a pair of brown shell cordovan Allen Edmonds Dundees. The boots themselves looked a little rough (scratches, but no scuffs/cuts/nicks)...
  8. Sluggo

    Bespoke Suit - arrived but made with wrong fabric!

    Methinks I smell a troll...first post and then no follow-up...
  9. Sluggo

    Chippewa Chocolate Apache boots (USA Made) - treated and polished ($150)

    This is interesting, and they look great. My LP looks much more loose than the OP's...it is less a solid and more a vasaline consistency.
  10. Sluggo

    Cowboy Boot Repair

    That idea crossed my mind, but Lucchese only re-crafts some of their boots. These are 1883s and would not qualify for that service :(
  11. Sluggo

    Cowboy Boot Repair

    Hi guys, Got a pair Lucchese Ropers off of d'bay and aid $50. They are the 1883s, so US made but nothing special. They need soles and heels, and I wasn't sure who you would recommend. I have had good luck with B Nelson, but their boot repair is $165 which seems high given the purchase price of...
  12. Sluggo

    Best Time to Buy Suits at Brooks Brothers?

    Hi guys I have my eyes on a few new suits (workhorse kinds of suits), and I am kind of funny shaped (50R). I like wool suits, and was looking at the 1818 line at Brooks Brothers. What's the best time/way to maximize my value for my suit purchase? Friends and Family sales?
  13. Sluggo

    The current, best option: Razor Replating

    Since it is Movember, I am thinking about sending in my Fatboy for a replating/tune-up. It has been a while since I looked into this type of service, so who all would you recommend?
  14. Sluggo

    Recommend Shoe Cream for A&E Walnut Color

    I use melatonin (sp) British Tan on my 5th Aves in Walnut. http://www.amazon.com/Meltonian-Shoe-Cream-London-Tan/dp/B001AJBN8S#
  15. Sluggo

    Red Oxx Luggage & Bags

    Agree with all the above comments. I just got back from a two week trip to Japan, AUS, and China taking nothing by my Air Boss and my Metro brief case. The Air Boss is a little deceptive. You can stuff the heck out of it, almost to the point where it is too uncomfortable to carry over the shoulder.
  16. Sluggo

    What's happening to my new Cordovan shoes? Finish flaking off

    Never seen anything like that either, and it is not normal. The beauty of shell is that the color (normally) goes very deep into the leather (as opposed to just sitting on the surface). That's why a bit of heat and rubbing will remove most scuffs, etc. I saw this article on AAAC, but it did not...
  17. Sluggo

    Another Year, Another Robbery at the AE Tent Sale

    Yes, they are technically seconds, but it is usually really hard to find significant defects. With these, my collection has grown over the past 2.5 years to: Park Aves (Black) 5th Aves (Walnut) Jeffersons (Black) Hancocks (Black, but originally Merlot) Long Branch Boots Rush Streets Harrisons...
  18. Sluggo

    Another Year, Another Robbery at the AE Tent Sale

    Well, another year of the annual AE Tent Sale has come and gone. This year I was offered the flyer for an extra 50% off my purchase so I made my way up to Port Washington on Sunday. I arrived and it was a madhouse; litterly like Black Friday at Best Buy. There had to be 150 under this smallish...
  19. Sluggo

    Wolverine 1000 mile 721 LTD

    I have roughly the same boot (744LTD, in #48 (Mahogany) Cordovan), and yes, they are the most comfortable boots I have.