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  1. Haggises

    Request for a new sub forum - G.O.M.L.

    In the history of this site, there has always been an understanding when requesting a new sub forum that "if they come, we will build it" On that basis, I propose a new sub to the Clown House - the Grumpy Old Men Luau This would provide a secure environment for those curmudgeons to air their...
  2. Haggises

    WTB WTB NEW RFB, Modern SE

    Looking for a New RFB in reasonable condition Also a modern SE - whether it take GEM blades or Feather AC. I wouldn't want to go over 100 bucks so that may exclude most...
  3. Haggises

    Calling all head shavers

    Just one question - how long did it take you to get used to the shiny noggin looking back at you in the mirror? On day 4 I keep thinking "Who is that guy?"
  4. Haggises

    GEMini, the Resurrection

    What, you thought it was dead after no thread last year and it's already 5/27? Never. It's alive! Been neglecting my Gems and ERs for a bit. Had in my ming that GEMini was comi gthen forgot about the date. Tonight I will kick off the month with an ER 1924, since a recent pic here brought it...
  5. Haggises

    Former President George H. W. Bush, 94

    RIP Former President George H.W. Bush Dies At 94
  6. Haggises

    Stan Lee, RIP

    Stan Lee Dead At 95
  7. Haggises

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    So long, Bandit. Burt Reynolds: Hollywood star dies, 82
  8. Haggises

    Kzoorichie doesn't post jokes cuz he got a job cleaning mirrors

    It was always work he could see himself doing.
  9. Haggises

    Can someone help me on these Chinese tea gifts please?

    Was given these three from a Chinese friend. Big green jar contains vacuum packed green tea packets. The other two, no idea, though I seem to recall seeing round cakes of tea before in this site. All help welcomed!
  10. Haggises

    GEMini returns - 2017 Edition

    A tradition like no other... Gemini, the Zodiac Month of May 21st-June 20th, gives us a perfect excuse to concentrate our minds on the wonderful world of GEM razors and their close relations such as Star-Kampfe and Ever Ready. Bring out your 1914s, 1924s and 1912s. Show the world your...
  11. Haggises

    Mystic Water old formula sale

    Saw a tweet that Michelle is clearing out her old formula (pre sodium citrate add) 1/2 price pucks for one of the finest soaps out there... Bargain! Mystic Water Shave Soap Sale Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  12. Haggises

    Non-glass coffee making

    I need an unbreakable, or more specifically, unshatterable coffee device for a boat. Any suggestions? Right now leaning towards a stainless steel french press like this one...https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01673RYTS/
  13. Haggises

    RIP Robert Vaughn

    Dies at 83 Best Man From UNCLE ever.
  14. Haggises

    Possibly buying a sailboat

    From a colleague of my wife. Scared and excited and daunted. it's a very good condition 1983 30' sailboat, currently on and will probably stay on, the Chesapeake. We'd hope to get down twice to three times a month in season to sail and work on maintenance. Anyone here have any advice for this...
  15. Haggises

    X450 leaking a bit

    But I'm just not sure how the ink is even getting there....
  16. Haggises

    2017 - Year of the Cream

    After one year with one brand of soap (Mystic water with minor exceptions), I thought I'd have a go at exploring creams more than I have in the past. I've probably got more than enough cream to last the year, but would invite other recommendations. Top of my list is Castle Forbes Lime - I one...
  17. Haggises

    Fence posts debate - concrete or gravel?

    To be perfectly honest, I didn't even know this was a debate until I started researching today about how deep I need to set my first wooden fence post. I had assumed concrete, started reading and thought "I know a place where cans of worms can be opened without resorting to fisticuffs. What say...
  18. Haggises

    GEM Blades going cheap

    (as opposed to Feather blades going Cheep) As I bounced out of the yearly sabbatical I realized I could restock my GEM PTFE SS blades. It's been about 4 years and I am finally down to my last 10 or so. Connaught has always been touted as being cheaper than buying from Pella. Then I figured...
  19. Haggises

    Treadmill opinions?

    Other than "go run outside" please :laugh: The Light Of My Life likes walking on a treadmill with various incline options. I don't like walking but could be tempted to use it to supplement running on days when I can't get out due to weather or laziness. Does anyone have brands/models that you...
  20. Haggises

    Thinking of buying a kamisori

    Shhh, don't tell the Looney Tunes Sabbaticalers. Any ideas on where to seek razors under $150, or is ebay the only place to go?