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  1. Shave Cat

    Trouble Loading 1914 Ever Ready

    I just picked up a patent 1914 Ever Ready which cleaned up rather nicely. However, I'm having difficulty getting a modern SE blade to stay in place properly. My go to razor is a patent 1912 which has a small space beneath the the blade stops. The edge of the blade goes under the stops. On this...
  2. Shave Cat

    Bulb vs Fan

    Are there any advantages/disadvantages to either fan or bulb shaped brushes? -Clarke
  3. Shave Cat

    Discontinued Body Shop Scent

    Does anyone make a SC with a scent similar to the old Body Shop shave cream? I scraped the last bit from my last tub this morning. -Clarke
  4. Shave Cat

    Lard rather than tallow?

    Last Saturday, I attended a craft show with my wife. While wandering about, I came upon some soaps made on a farm in southern Alabama. A display of inexpensive shave brushes caught my eye, drawing my attention to a basket of small shaving soaps. I felt in an adventurous mood, so I bought one...
  5. Shave Cat

    Single Ring Question

    I just received a very tarnished razor that I believe to be a Gillette single ring. After polishing it up, I found it has no Gillette logo, although its handle is marked "PAT. NOV. 15 ' 04" and the inner barrel is stamped "B566962". My question is, "Did the early single...
  6. Shave Cat

    Unplated Brass Razors

    I have a couple of old Gillettes that have had all plating stripped from them. Is it just me, or do unplated brass razors not glide as smoothly as their plated brothers? -Clarke
  7. Shave Cat

    It Looks Like A Gillette, But...

    ...I'm not sure what it is. It has no identifying marks whatsoever and has teeth a little longer than those on Single Rings I've seen. Compared to those Single Ring's handles, this one has some subtle differences. The three segments of the knob are not of equal size and the smooth areas of the...
  8. Shave Cat

    Plain Brass Old Type?

    Did Gillette make an unplated version of the ball handled Old type? I have an Old type that appears to be plain brass, not gold plated. I've not seen plain brass ones in the catalogs, so I'm wondering if this one is original or if someone has carefully stripped it of its plating and polished the...
  9. Shave Cat

    My Latest Gem Acquisitions

    This is the first time I've purchased Gem 1912s with their boxes, so I thought I'd share: The banner beneath the globe on the red box reads, "WORLD'S BEST RAZOR". -Clarke
  10. Shave Cat

    Wanted: Less Aggressive Open Comb

    I recently acquired a long tooth Gillette New. It gives a close shave, but it's a little more aggressive than I like. I've read that the short tooth New is less aggressive, while the Old Style is more aggressive. Any truth to that? What open comb razor would our membership recommend? I...
  11. Shave Cat

    Multiblade Razor: Older Than I Thought

    While researching patent information, I came across a patent for a multiblade razor granted in 1933. I always thought Gillette came up with the idea for use in their Trac II in the late 60s. Boy was I wrong! -Clarke
  12. Shave Cat

    Speedway: Gentle Shaver

    I recently picked up a Speedway razor, manufactured by International Safety Razor, along with its original tattered cardboard box. The box had an NRA (National Recovery Adminisrtation) merchant sticker affixed. The courts ruled the NRA to be unconstitutuional in 1935, so the razor should be no...
  13. Shave Cat

    Plating On British Ever-Readys

    I recently purchased this British Ever-Ready set: I've noticed that the plating of this razor and its case appears to be a different colour than that of my 1912 Amercian Ever-Ready. The plating of my American Ever-Ready looks brighter. Although it's not obvious in these photos, he...
  14. Shave Cat

    Gem SE vs Schick Injector

    For those of you who have used both, I have a question. How do the shaves compare? Do you have a preference, and why? -Clarke
  15. Shave Cat

    A Question For Professional Barbers

    My question is for professional barbers who offer shaves to their customers. As a professional, what soap or cream do you think offers exceptional results? I know that's a YMMV thing, and you may get your lather from a machine, but I'm wondering what a barber considers exceptional. I'm not...
  16. Shave Cat

    Modern Injector Blades Lacking?

    Is it just me, or are the currently produced injector blades not as sharp as most of the better DE blades? I've been shaving for the past two weeks with a late 40s Schick injector and either German Schick or CVS blades. The razor itself seems a little on the aggressive side (I'm used to a 40s...
  17. Shave Cat

    Question For Experienced Injector Shavers

    I realise that experimentation will give me the answer, but I need to know the approximate blade angle for using an injector. I recently acquired a NIB late 40s Eversharp Schick and shaved with it this morning using a modern Schick injector blade. I've read a couple of posts that said to keep...
  18. Shave Cat

    Use This Razor Or Not?

    The last time I shaved with an injector was about forty years ago, while I was in the Navy. I recently acquired the unused Schick G1 injector set shown below. It's not mint. The outer cardboard box is worn, the printing on the inner case is faded (As a matter of fact there are a couple of sticky...
  19. Shave Cat

    "Shave Secret" for oil pass?

    I know the use of Shave Secret for an oil pass has been discussed before, but I'd like to offer my observation after two uses. Using three to five drops as recommended, massaged into my remaining wet stubble for a final oil pass, I find that my SS with a Derby sort of drags. I'm certainly no...
  20. Shave Cat

    Soaps and Beard Softening

    Kyle's prep uses lather massaged into the beard to aid in softening it. Since lather aids or speeds up beard softening, can the specific formulation of different soaps either hinder or aid the process even more? Logic tells me yes, but when I asked a couple of months ago in the shave clinic...