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  1. Pepin

    2020 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Those Daring Men with their Jaunty Razors & Jalopies

    Introducing the 2020 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Year's End RElief Inspired by the 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Shave Purchase Sabbaticals and all those who were successful, those who are still toughing it out, those who signed up, and those who fell to...
  2. Pepin

    New Deluxe Tuckaway Head Dessign

    The New Deluxe Tuckaway with a flat bottom comb head, were there other Gillette razors that used this design, but with a longer handle? Here is a link to the New Deluxe. https://www.mr-razor.com/Rasierer/The%20NEW/1935%20Deluxe%20Norfolk%20gold%20Tuckaway%20handle%20Canada.JPG
  3. Pepin

    test 1941

    Inspired by the 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 Shave Purchase Sabbaticals and all those who were successful, those who are still toughing it out, those who signed up, and those who fell to temptation, @Pepin, presents to you, the Badger and Blade 2019 Shave Purchase...
  4. Pepin

    Coming Soon the 2019 GRU Sabbatical

    Greetings and salutations. Keep your eyes peeled for the soon to be posted 2019 GRU Sabbatical. This years theme will be the Maltese Falcon (and a razor). Save money, use up that large stockpile, and partake in a year of fun.
  5. Pepin

    Pomade as Mustache Wax

    The last few days I have been using Murray's Superior pomade for waxing my mustache. It has been a very good product. The hold is good through the day, and it leaves the mustache looking more natural. Has anyone else tried a pomade for waxing their mustache?
  6. Pepin

    Pomade and/or Hair Conditioner Advice

    I have been perusing this thread for some time, and would like some advice on a product. I have light coloured hair that is pretty sparse on top. I had shaved my head for about 20 years, but am growing it in (at least sides and back :001_rolle). Previously I had found that my thin hair was...
  7. Pepin

    Polish Shave Cream: Brutal Grand

    I was checking out the Starsky's in Mississauga (near Erin Mills), and found that they now have small tubes of Brutal Grand shave cream. The Grand and Classic aftershaves have very nice fragrances, as does the cream.
  8. Pepin

    Shoppers Drugmart Christmas Aftershave sets

    I was in a Shoppers yesterday and they had several Christmas aftershave sets available. English Leather (2 medium sized bottles) Canoe (2 medium sized bottles) British Sterling (2 medium sized bottles) Gift set of 5 types (small bottles) English Leather, British Sterling, Canoe (forgot the...
  9. Pepin

    Antique Store Find

    Found this nice Wilkinson set, with strop and three blades in an antique store, picked it up for $45.
  10. Pepin

    Could be an old Parker

    I found this at a local antique store for $10. The body looks in good shape, the metal is a little worn. I think the inside (sac) has dried and broken (I can hear small bits rattle). Thinking of sending it out for repair and then using it. I have been using Easterbrooks up to now. From the...
  11. Pepin

    European Vacation Fragrances

    I have been lurking on the Fragrance sub-forum for some time, wanting to expand into this new A.D. In the past year I have picked up some of the sample selections from Penhaligon’s, and then cologne versions of some of the German and British traditional companies (TOBS, Truefitt & Hill...
  12. Pepin

    Found This Lather Catcher in Good Shape

    I found this Lather Catcher at an Antique Market the other day. I cleaned it up, and did a little polishing. From looking at some of the sources, the handle looks like it could be from another razor. I am thinking this is from around 1905. Does anyone know any other references to help date...
  13. Pepin

    A Cologne to use after Myrsol

    I have four of the Myrsol aftershave line-up: F/Extra (barbershop scent) Blue (similar to Floid and AV) Agua Balsamica (Thyme & rosemary) Formula K (peppermint) Their scents are not long lasting, and I was looking for some colognes to apply shortly after using one of these aftershaves. Is...
  14. Pepin

    Beard conditioner

    Any thoughts on beard conditioners? I see them on the shaving supply sites, and am curious. Are they effective? How do they match up with aftershaves? Are they best applied in the morning, or in the evening?
  15. Pepin

    A year and a 1000 posts later.

    It has been a little over one year (and just over 1000 posts) since I started shaving with DE (and it turns out, SE) razors. So I thought that it is time to post my “first year” long rambling post:a21:. While looking for information of hats I came across the Art of Manliness...
  16. Pepin

    Conditioning leather shoes

    Looking at the shoe shine sticky in this forum, they talk about conditioning and feeding the leather. Could neatfoots oil be used on leather shoes for this purpose?
  17. Pepin

    First use of Arko

    A coworker had spent some time in Turkey, and picked up several items for me, including Arko. I liked the scent, it was similar to ivory but a stronger refreshing scent. I put it into a push up tube. Have used it a couple of times now and happy with the performance. It is very easy to...
  18. Pepin

    Alt Innsbruck and Special Reserve

    Is there any similarity between Alt Innsbruck and Pinaud Clubman Special Reserve? Has anyone used both of these 2 products, that could describe if the scents have any points in common?
  19. Pepin

    Seaforth AS

    I picked up this ceramic AS bottle at an antique store yesterday. Any idea what time period it was made? I have a glass one from the 1960's, but have never seen the ceramic Seaforth.
  20. Pepin

    Schick Injector Question

    I picked up a Canadian Schick) maybe early 1950's) from an antique market. I have chick blades from Amazon in the mail (supposed to arrive by the 25th). So I have a couple of questions: Can you use "scrubbing Bubble s" to clean injectors (worried about the handle)? Looking at the injector...