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  1. bobmsp

    PIF for the Kai-Curious

    I bought 2 of each of the Kai AC blades from Try-A-Blade and I've tried one of each now. I think I know how I feel about each of them, so I thought I'd pass on the second of each to someone else. In an effort to tidy up my den at the end of the year, I'm giving away a pack containing one of...
  2. bobmsp

    PIF: The Eight Soaps of Hanukkah - 2019

    I had so much fun with this PIF last year that I'm doing it again. (Plus I've got way too much soap and cream!) Tonight marks the first night of Hanukkah. As you may know, Hanukkah celebrates the miracle of a single day's worth of oil lasting eight days. (The Maccabees - a band of faithful...
  3. bobmsp

    New Brush for 2020: Elite Razors Manchurian, Zenith Manchurian, or APShaveCo Gelousy?

    I'm about to start the 2020 sabbatical and am toying with the idea of picking up one more badger brush. These three brushes have been on my radar, but I'm undecided which one would be best for me. I generally use either a Paladin Cleo with a 26 mm fan or a Simpson's Chubby 2 in Super. (I...
  4. bobmsp

    Barrister & Mann Nourishing Aftershave Balm

    Barrister & Mann introduced its Nourishing Aftershave Balm as a limited Beta release over the Black Friday weekend. I bought some of the Seville balm and have been using it most days this week. I have to say that it is a great product. It leaves my skin feeling quite smooth and comfortable...
  5. bobmsp

    GD “club”

    Could someone please explain the rationale of shunting all of the discussion about Grooming Dept into the consolidated thread in the “Clubs and Brotherhoods” forum? Anyone who isn’t “in the know” is never going to find that thread and will just start another in the Soaps forum. I respectfully...
  6. bobmsp

    Veteran's Day PIF: Barrister & Mann Beaudelaire Shaving Soap & Samples

    This PIF is open to any active duty member or veteran of the military - CONUS, APO and FPO. I've got a tub of Barrister & Mann Beaudelaire soap with the latest Excelsior base that I've lathered a few times. Unfortunately, the scent doesn't agree with my wife, so I'd like to pass it on to...
  7. bobmsp

    Much Difference between Mew Brown and Tuxedo knots?

    I generally prefer badger over synthetic knots. I do have a couple of synthetic brushes that I have held on to and like. My favorite synthetic is my Stirling Tuxedo brush. However, I seem to recall a lot of discussion around the Yaqi Mew Brown knot when it came out with many folks claiming...
  8. bobmsp

    WTB WTB or Trade for Samples of Lotion Opaline and Eau d'Emeraud

    [ARGH - I meant Emeraude!] I know that these two European products are difficult to obtain in the US, so before I try to jump through the hurdles and/or expense I thought I should try them first to see if I like them. :001_huh: I am not looking for large samples - mostly want to try each one...
  9. bobmsp

    PIF - Samples of Sudsy Soapery Lemon Rose Chypre soap and AS

    A friend sent me small (really! See pic) sample of Sudsy Soapery Lemon Rose Chypre AS and soap. The scent was developed by Chatillon Lux and, surprisingly, I’m not too fond of the scent. Thought I’d pass these on for someone else to enjoy. The soap is tallow based (I think) which is different...
  10. bobmsp

    DIY Fougere

    I'm currently working my way through a sample of Wickham's Parma Violet soap. Having never eaten one of the British candies, I have no opinion about whether the soap is true to the original scent. However, I like the floral/woody scent. Wickham describes the scent as: Top notes: Rose...
  11. bobmsp

    Micromatic Passaround - Try one out and Join Micromatic Mondays!

    @Tanuki generously lent me a Micromatic Open Comb razor to try out and has extended his offer to others who might be interested to try this classic razor. I've shamelessly stolen some rules from another razor pass around and am editing them for this one. General Requirements for Participation...
  12. bobmsp

    Biotique Bio Palmyra Gel vs. La Toja - a Shave-Off

    Saturdays are my day for spending a little more time with my shave. I usually have a 3-pass shave (rather than my weekday 2-pass) and I will usually use a razor that requires a little more care and attention. I've been using Biotique Bio Palmyra this week and thought it would be interesting to...
  13. bobmsp

    Should P&G Exit the Shaving Business?

    Some food (red meat?) for thought: https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/04/23/should-p-g-exit-the-shaving-business.html
  14. bobmsp

    Spring Cleaning PIF: OSP Soap's Shogun Shaving Cream

    In honor of the start of spring, I am PIFing a mostly-full jar of OSP (aka Obsessive Soap Perfectionist) shaving cream. While the performance is outstanding, the scent just doesn't do too much for me. It's primarily a "vegetal" scent to me, without much of the mai chang or ginger notes that...
  15. bobmsp

    La Savonnerie Bourbonnaise with Donkey Milk - Not Much Lather But Slick!

    I'm surprised to see that this may be the first review of this French shaving soap. About 18 months ago, I was buying some samples of other soaps from The Superior Shave when I saw a sample of a French soap that I'd not heard of before - La Savonnerie Bourbonnaise. It was advertised as having...
  16. bobmsp

    Midwinter's Balm PIF

    It's (hopefully) halfway through the winter season and I have a couple of balms that are not being used. I thought I'd pass them on to someone who might still have time to enjoy them this year. The PIF will include a mostly full bottle of Paladin Unscented AS Balm (rumored to be made by Soap...
  17. bobmsp

    Ridiculous Marketing Efforts

    Exhibit 1: Make The Call - The Macallan Single Malt
  18. bobmsp

    Shaving with an Injector - What Am I Missing?

    Or more to the point - is that all there is? Freed from the annual restraint, I decided to make an inexpensive foray into a new area of shaving for me: injectors. I bought a fairly inexpensive J1 injector of of the 'bay and some Chicks from Amazon. I cleaned up the injector, inserted a fresh...
  19. bobmsp

    PIF - The Eight Soaps of Hanukkah

    Tonight marks the first night of Hanukkah. As you may know, Hanukkah celebrates the miracle of a single day's worth of oil lasting eight days. (The Maccabees - a band of faithful Jews - drove the invading Greeks from their lands and went to rededicate the Temple in Jerusalem which had been...
  20. bobmsp

    Antica Barbieria Colla (ABC) - Almond Oil AS Milk vs. Apricot Hull AS

    I'm looking for some advice about ABC Almond Oil AS Milk. I've tried a sample of the Apricot Hull AS recently and liked it, but I'm wondering whether I should consider purchasing the Almond Oil milk instead. Although the Apricot Hull AS was absorbed quickly, it was a little heavy in the...