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  1. Rangers62

    Starter kit

    Hi guys Received my starter set today from Mammoo at www.traditionalshaving.co.uk. Set was Barberpole HD, Taylors rose cream, EJ brush & 10 Astra blades. Added Taylors almond cream. Cost just over £50, which made the postage free. Mathew included sample of EJ cream. Delivered...
  2. Rangers62

    Real Shaving Co.

    Howdy Body care,a shop within The Fort shopping centre, Glasgow, Scotland is selling The Shaving Co. Professional Shaving Cream and a balm at one pound and 48 of her majesties pennies each. Tried them and think they are good. Manufactured by Creightons, which, I am led to believe makes creams...
  3. Rangers62

    UK Wilkinson Sword Blades

    Hi Guys First post. New to DE shaving. Purchased Futur, happy, though appears head is mis-aligned as on side is definately more aggressive. Contacted Merkur, no reply. On a happy note, my Italian barber, Luigi, Salondini, Glasgow, got me 100 Wilk'son blades,(Made in England) for...