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  1. alpster

    8th Day of PIFsmas

    An Alpster hand carved pipe. See the stock exchange for details
  2. alpster

    Found some time for cleanup....

    Had an unusually un-busy day so I went through the pipes and cleaned up and organized.
  3. alpster

    Interesting developement overseas (Old Dunhill blends?)

    Not available in the states yet, but looks like you can get them in the EU.
  4. alpster

    Jackpot at the Estate sale.....

    Did pretty well at an estate sale today......note one of the Old Spice mugs has a full puck of original soap. The Yardley bowl is unused. The brush is a an Eveready 1000 silvertip. $15 for the whole lot.
  5. alpster

    Finally found a little time in the workshop...

    Been a while since I have turned out a new pipe.
  6. alpster

    Will there be a BL Santa this year?

    Just curious, it will be November in a couple of days. I always enjoy the merriment. Ronnie
  7. alpster

    "The Fridgedor" more than a year in service.

    Just thought I would post an update on the 'fridgedor' and my reflections after a little more than a year of service. It has done a wonderful job of keeping my stogies in top shape. Here's what I learned. I had to abandon the refrigeration aspect for temperature control as the fluctuation was...
  8. alpster

    Cuban cigar help....

    My sister-in-law is on a tourist cruise to Cuba. I would like to have her pick up a box of stogies for me. What's the safest way for her to go. Can she buy them on the ship, is there a particular place she should go. I don't want her to get ripped off as she knows nothing about cigars. What...
  9. alpster

    W & B - FBU

    Next post
  10. alpster

    Razorock 400 knock offs.

    Being a big fan of the original Rubberset 400 Aluminum handled brushes, I had to see the the Razorock 400. I bought 2 of them from Itailian Barber and they arrived yesterday. I must say the handles are quite impressive. Heavier in the hand than the original Ribberset. Not sure what to think...
  11. alpster

    Decent cellar sale at P&C

    P&C is adding 3 tins of Dunhill to each pound of bulk Dunhill. Only a few flavors, but they're good ones. PipesAndCigars.com - Pipe Tobacco, New Pipes, Estate Pipes, Cigars - PipesandCigars.com
  12. alpster

    Anyone notice that Davids badge color has changed??

    There is a new sheriff in town. Congrats to David on the promotion. GOOD JOB @Dcaddo111 ! :thumbup:
  13. alpster

    Another Cork brush

    I made this one last week for a friend.
  14. alpster

    What is it with these tobacco sellers?

    Heading down to see my older brother in New Orleans next week and thought I would surprise him with a great cigar. After the IPSD fiasco I went to a different seller. Thompson Cigars had a sweet deal. Buy a full box of Atruro Fuente premium cigars and they throw in an Opus X. So I buy a box of...
  15. alpster

    Finally joined the Rubberset 400 club.

    Finally found a 400 that was in decent shape to restore. I didn't think to get a before picture. I have another one on the way, so I will post a before & after with that one. Ace shaving Best Badger knot.
  16. alpster

    Your favorite affordable (Cheap) cigar?

    I love a good premium cigar and I have some pretty awesome, and expensive sticks in the "fridgedor". I have, however discovered a couple of very inexpensive stogies that I think are pretty awesome in their own rite. Post up your favorite smokes that you didn't have to pawn anything to buy...
  17. alpster

    Alpster's 4000 post straight razor pif.

    I've hit a milestone at 4000 posts and will celebrate with nice razor pif... Not sure which razor yet, but you can rest assured it will be high quality and shaveable when you get it. I will post a picture here when i find a nice one. No rules, no requirements, just reply here with an "I'm in"...
  18. alpster

    Alpster's 4000 posts cigar pif in the Stock exchange.

    Check it out here.
  19. alpster

    This town's got a new Deputy.

    Join me in welcoming David to the sterwardship of our little hunk of paradise.... Great choice for a stew, IMHO!
  20. alpster

    1st "Sue Moore" charity auction is live! 4 Tickets to see the NY Yankees.

    You don't have to be a New Yorker to be a Yankees fan. Check out this AWESOME auction! http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/500641-NY-Yankees-Tickets-(Sue-Moore-Auction)?p=8507482#post8507482