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  1. KeenDogg

    New to Coffee, recommend me a pour over setup.

    Yes, at 39, I've found coffee. I'm really interested in the whole pour over method. What gear would be good for a beginner? Kindly, Adam
  2. KeenDogg

    FS No Serial New Improved

    For your consideration: No Serail New Improved. In fantastic condition. Has original 2 blades ( tear to one wrapper and rust to blade) numbered 2260. Number coincides with no serial era. Case is near perfect and is soft and supple. Shipper is great too. A small tear at King's face...
  3. KeenDogg

    FS President, Milord, Contract Tech, and Gem Bullet Tip

    For your consideration: Gillette President Y2. Mostly all of rhodium plating present sake one nick on edge of an endcap. Minor scratches and some clouding to the head of the razor, particularly the doors. Straight and true $55 shipped CONUS. Gillette Milord 1947. All plating present, some...
  4. KeenDogg

    What was this sign for?

    My Brother in Law was giving this sign by a fellow in the Syracuse area of New York. Any ideals what it was advertising?
  5. KeenDogg

    FS NOS Gold Super adjustable, Gillette Contour

    For your consideration: 1 NOS gold Super Adjustable. It was missing the blades when I got it. Razor has never been out of the package, it's still sealed behind the perforations. Had one slight spot on the silo door as shown. Not sure what it is. It may come off. I didnt want to open it to find...
  6. KeenDogg

    FS Vintage DE, SE, Kent Brush

    Ranger Tech, under grade. Has some scratches, clouding, and a hint of brass showing. Excellent replate candidate. Case is average. $35 CONUS 2 Gem Featherweights. Minor blemishes on the heads. Still in awesome shape. $10 each CONUS or 15 for both. Gillette Millord. Good condition. Some...
  7. KeenDogg

    FS Gillettes, Cases, and more

    1941 Ranger Tech. Good user grade. Case is fair but no longer snaps. Razor has most of its plating intact except for a few scratches on the neck that are down to the brass and a couple dots near PAT OFF. All mechanics work and bars are straight. $48 shipped CONUS with tracking
  8. KeenDogg

    Sonicare: Need something to improve its grip

    I got a new Sonicare for my birthday. It is more basic than my last, which I like. However, it lacks a silicone rubber grip which my elite had. I was thing of trying to find a rubber sleeve to fit over it. It just doesnt feel comfortable in my hand. I was thinking of something like what they...
  9. KeenDogg

    FS WTT/S Slim Aristocrat, Cooper Monobilt, Black Beauties, FHT, Milord, Slim, Featherweight

    Hello Gents and ladies I have a few humble offerings. I'd be interested in trading the lot for a nice condition cased double ring, no cracks in handle. I would also be willing to trade a certain number of items for a Gillette Big Fellow of the old type variety. PM me and we can discuss it...
  10. KeenDogg

    My wife is teasing me.

    Sent me this picture from NYC Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  11. KeenDogg

    FS E1 Fatboy For Sale.

    E1 Fatboy. Good condition. Not perfect, but quite good. Minor blemish on the end cap where Murph replaced the endcap and a minor blemish of brass on the safety bar, hence the price. Has been that way for the four years I've had it. It's hard to photograph, as it is minimal. Razor has been...
  12. KeenDogg

    Curbing Prey Drive help

    Has anyone had success in curbing your dogs prey drive? I have a 5 month old Boston terrier/heeler mix and she's highly interested in birds, chipmunks, and rabbits. I have had some success with the "Leave It" command, but it seems as she gets older, the desire to chase gets stronger. I'd like...
  13. KeenDogg

    FS Vintage Kent, Dubduck, Gillette and more

    Greetings people! I've been hoarding some things and I want to get them into the hands of people that can use them. 1. Gillette Black Tip-good cond. Steel handle and baseplate, X2 code $15 shipped CONUS 2. E1 Fatboy-Good condition. Case has broken hinge Razor has small plate loss on 1 bar and...
  14. KeenDogg

    Old Spice Stein

    Found a Ship Grand Turk for 5 bucks at the flea market. Fun little find. Does anyone else have 'em and do you use 'em? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  15. KeenDogg

    Ever ready 500E, How do I restore the crack?

    I picked up this 500E dirt cheap. It has a hairline crack in it. Is there a way to remove the staining from the crack? I started by using Novus no.2 on it handle. Thanks in advance. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  16. KeenDogg

    Rudy Vey for Fathers Day!

    The LOTH allowed me to select this for myself awhile back as a gift for father's day. It adorns a 24mm beige Maggard's synthetic. This was an orphan brush Rudy had and I was happy to adopt! Works very well and the handle is classic and comfortable. I am in love with the color scheme! It's my...
  17. KeenDogg

    Tried a RFB for the 1st time

    I was graciously loaned a RFB by @Graydog. Having never tried one in over 4 years of wet shaving, I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. I loaded it with a Gillette Nacet and went to town. I have a few thoughts on it. It's almost as though it is a single ring crossed with a New, by...
  18. KeenDogg

    Help me date this Kent

    Saw her out this morning and had to pick her up. Dont know how old of a girl she is but she had a couple good looking girlfriends. SO, I invited them home too. Anyone have any tips on how to clean her up without ruining her label? The Rubberset is a 3 and the Butterscoth is a Made Rite...
  19. KeenDogg

    Til next time

    Had to put our 13 yr old Toy Fox Terrier down this morning. After 2 months of seizure medication, it lost it's effectiveness. It was a great two months and he was almost the same dog, right until the end. Farewell, Truman, till we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. You were a good dog. Sent...
  20. KeenDogg

    USPS Claim

    Does anyone have experience with filing a claim through USPS Priority Mail? I ordered an ABC razor from a private seller through PayPal and they sent it Priority. When it arrived, it was missing the comb.... The box had clearly been mishandled and the tabs on the box were open. Tge post office...