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  1. Eric W. Ford

    What is The Best Canned Goo?

    Simple question. What is the best canned goo? Unfortunately in my line of work bringing a brush and cream/soap to training events is not possible or rather inconvenient. So in these instances I will have to revert to using canned goo. But which one is better. There has to be a respectable...
  2. Eric W. Ford

    Acqua di Parma in the tube

    I bought this recently and unfortunately I have as of yet to try the tub. Is there a major difference in the two? I heard that the tube version is the brushless version. But I had no problem with the lather. And honestly it was the densest lather i have ever had and I have used TOBS, Prorasso...
  3. Eric W. Ford

    Anybody Use This: I Coloniali Shaving Soap

    I can buy this locally, just wondering if its worth it? Click Here
  4. Eric W. Ford

    I Coloniali Shaving Cream

    Has anybody used this? I can get it locally but I wanna know what the consensus is first before dropping 20 euro.
  5. Eric W. Ford

    I Coloniali Shaving Cream or Soap

    has anybody used this? Nothing in the reviews about it. I can get it locally and it is not that expensive for a "higher" end cream or soap.
  6. Eric W. Ford

    Need Help-Please Read

    I have been wet shaving for approximately 2 months. I have had the chance to experiment a little with different creams, soaps, blades, and razors. My problem comes on my 3rd pass which is an ATG pass. When I shave my jaw line (ATG pass is an nose to ear pass) It is very rough and tough to get...
  7. Eric W. Ford

    Microscopic View of Razor Blades-PICS

    Hey my son has this toy So I pulled this little toy out along with my razor blades and here is what the results were. Sorry for the poor pics I'm not sure how to take a pic of the TV. Feather Razor Blade Used (1 Shave) Gillette Sensor 3 Bladed Cartridge NEW Derby's NEW Red IPs NEW
  8. Eric W. Ford

    Need Advice-Pre Shave Routines

    I have tried Kyle's Prep, hair conditioner, and just a hot towel treatment. Nothing seems to work. What pre-shave routines do you guys use? I know YMMV so I figure I'll try out your guys routines and maybe I'll get lucky and find the perfect prep for me. What about different products you...
  9. Eric W. Ford

    Restored Brushes

    I like viewing all the different restored brushes. Show off your fine work. I'll start by posting my first resto and definitely not my last. I used the handle from a VDH boar brush and a 22mm Silvertip Knot from The Goldennib. Pre-Bloom Post Bloom next to my DeLong Chinese Silvertip...
  10. Eric W. Ford

    Identify This Brush Please----Pics

    My wife bought this brush on EBay and I am wondering if the fine folks of B&B have any idea the type of brush it is. The seller claims it to be a "silvertip". I honestly don't know has I have very limited experience with shaving brushes.
  11. Eric W. Ford

    MiLady's Barbering School Pre Shave Prep

    Check this out I thought it might be helpful if not at least interesting. http://www.milady.cengage.com/medialounge.asp#TheBasicShave
  12. Eric W. Ford

    Cleaning a very abused and tarnished razor?

    My wife bought these of the bay and they are in pretty bad condition. any ideas on how I can restore them?
  13. Eric W. Ford

    New Baby On the Way

    I just have to let everybody know. On Sep 15th my wife will have a C Section and a new addition to the family will be here, Lauren Grace Ford. 4 Kids and I am done.
  14. Eric W. Ford

    SOTD - August 17 Through August 23, 2009

    Weishi|"Silvertip"|Mr. Taylor's|L'Occitane
  15. Eric W. Ford

    Kids, Gotta Love Them

    I was squeezing the cream out of my C.O. Bigelow tube into a container and my wife called me to help her out. While I was helping my wife my 3 year old daughter brought me the container with the C.O. Bigelow and Tabac shaving cream mixed together!!!!! I have to try it tomorrow to see how it...
  16. Eric W. Ford

    Tube Based Shaving Cream Question

    I have a few different shaving creams that come in tubes i.e. C.O. Bigelow. My question is, has anybody tried squeezing out all the cream in to a tub? Or is this even a possibility? I prefer the tub variety but I like some of the brands that only come in tubes. Any tips or advice...
  17. Eric W. Ford

    Cold Water Rinse

    For all the newbie's out there. I found this technique to work wonders. Like many of you new to wet shaving I still sometimes get nicks, cuts, and raw spots that bleed. I found that after shaving get an ice cube and rub that on your face. The technique I use is I apply it once all over then...
  18. Eric W. Ford

    Best Multi-Blade Razor?

    What is the best Multi-Blade Razor? Lets here your thoughts. Sensor Atra Trac II Sensor 3 Mach 3 Fusion Quattro
  19. Eric W. Ford

    What's the Best Multi-Blade Razor?

    I've been only wet shaving for roughly over a month. And I have not totally given up multi-blade razor's. I have to get up each morning at 4:30am so the convenience and quickness of a multi-blade can't be beat. I still use a DE on weekends and days when I have more time. My question is, What...