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  1. valthun

    GD PIF

    I have three GD 66s that I purchased a few years ago to mod. Just never found the time or space to do it safely away from my kids. So I am going to do my first PIF by passing along three razors. This will be US only and random pick. Date of draw will be Sunday the 6th. Active members in good...
  2. valthun

    Got bit hard this morning

    Well, I took out a finger today. I was doing my daily ritual of soaking my brush during my shower. I forgot to turn off the sink. Flooded the drawers, and cabinet. Water all over the floor. While clearing the flooded drawers I got a razor in my left ring finger nail. Kept cleaning. Looked later...
  3. valthun

    My wife is awesome

    For my birthday my wife got me the PAA OC Slant. It was yesterday, and I don't have pics yet. But I got the black one and I really can't wait to give it a go. She really is the best.
  4. valthun

    My latest razor

    Just picked this up on the bay. O3 marked. Looking forward to the first shave. I will probably send it out to get refinished later. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. valthun

    Heading to Detroit

    So I will be in Detroit for 3 weeks. Is there anywhere that I should visit for Wet Shaving needs?
  6. valthun

    I have been inspired

    So I caught this sub-forum this week and I have been inspired. I currently do not shave with a straight but have been wanting to. So I have gone all in with modding my first one. I just ordered 3 GD 66's off the bay and now eagerly await their arrival, eventually, from Hong Kong. I will keep...
  7. valthun

    The wait Begins

    Just ordered the black Standard Razor it also is coming with an alum block and Elizabeth Street Shaving Cream. It wont ship for a couple of days but I look forward to my first DE shave.
  8. valthun

    In the market for a new Brush

    Well it has been almost three years and I have decided it is time for a new brush. After a lot of use with the Semogue 1520 and the Omega 49 I have found that I prefer the knot of the 49 and the handle of the Omega. I thought that I preferred the Omega initially however after some use the 1520...
  9. valthun

    The search for a new brush begins

    I am new to brushes and got off the gel in a can and went with Proraso White soap and a super cheap 100% natural bristle brush for maybe 5 bucks at Sally's Beauty with a plastic handle. Initially I liked it but now I am shaving bristle off my face. I would like a firm brush that can really...
  10. valthun

    The Slow Progress Journal

    So after some time reading a few posts and a bit of reaearch. I decided that it was best to let my Fusion supplies run out before buying a straight. That time has not come but I have finally purchased a brush and soap. So what did I get, you may ask. A 5 dollar brush that is "pure bristle"...
  11. valthun

    Concerns from the wife

    Ok so I am researching straights and at this point am pretty sure I will go with whipped dog when I make the purchase. But my wife has one concern that I feel is valid enough to ask. I didn't see a thread on it so here it is. Other than a case and sticking it high up in the medicine cabinet...
  12. valthun

    Newbie Here

    So I have been wet shaving for years, tried the electric when I was 19 or 20 and found I had to shave every 20 minutes to not look like I hadn't shaved since the day before. I haven't taken the bite yet on either a DE or straight razor, though I have had some straight razor shaves at barber...