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  1. Gaznix

    ATG Issues

    Hi all, I have searched the forums and been unable to find the answer so turn to you for advice. When I shave my next are north to south which is with the grain I can’t get a close shave, the only way I can explain it is that my hair seems to grow really close to the skin rather than outwards if...
  2. Gaznix

    Arko drying out skin???

    I used to find that my skin would be really dry after an Arko shave, however since I used to a synthetic brush i no longer have this issue. Has anyone else found this? Quite often my skin would go red and blotchy after a shave with one of my boar’s again switching to a synthetic I’ve not...
  3. Gaznix

    Very strange request for help!

    Hi guys, I’m in the UK and own a 2005 Mustang GT. Fairly obviously it often proves difficult to get parts. Do any of you guys in the States know of any salvage yards who specialise in Mustangs? Or even better any of you guys mod and play with these cars yourself? I would like a few bits for my...
  4. Gaznix

    Just bought this...

    Antique Illinois Strop 127 Horse Leather Strop - Razor Straight blade cutthroat | eBay Quite looking forward to receiving it, I only have a poor mans at the minute, I’ll treat it and hopefully get many years use out of it. Bit of a steal if you ask me
  5. Gaznix

    Strange Question, B&B in Green Bay Area

    Hi all, anyone know any good B&B’s in the Green Bay area? We’ve got tickets to Bears Packers in December and the usuals hotel/Airbnb’s are proving very expensive. I’m sure B&B’s will also be expensive but maybe someone here knows of a hidden gem? Cheers all!
  6. Gaznix

    Blade Trouble

    Hi guys, I’m relatively new to straights and have got on well with shaving and maintaining the blade on my balsa. I’m having trouble with keeping the actual face of the blade looking perfect, I find there’s black spots appearing on the blade. I have a small brush and have scrubbed the blade...
  7. Gaznix

    Arko PIF

    I’m on holiday in Turkey now and having a great time. I got these from the shop today, only used the sensitive and it’s damn good. I’m offering a worldwide PIF, I will buy a new tube here of the winners choice and post it when I’m home. Tell me why you love normal Arko and you’re in. PIF...
  8. Gaznix

    Lapping Film Troubles

    Hi all, I’m new to honing so have gone with the cheap option, film. I’m also new to SR shaving also having only started in January. I bought my razor from whipped dog, it was a new razor, a Dovo and it came shave ready, as in really shave ready. During my first few shaves I could really...
  9. Gaznix

    New Straigh

    Hi all, I have bought my first straight today, a Dovo 6/8 Colonel Conk edition with black blade and scales. I think it looks the part, it’s new and comes properly shave ready, I can’t wait for it to be delivered and use it. Anyone have any experience with this razor? Not much online. Many...
  10. Gaznix

    Palmolive Soap Stick PIF

    Hi all, I bought some Palmolive sticks today and am willing to PIF them. I’m thinking one to North America and the 2nd to Australasia as I believe Palmolive is a bit more difficult to come across in those areas. To enter all you have to do is say you’re in and give me a piece of advice...
  11. Gaznix

    Straight Wanted

    Hi guys, I’m looking for a straight razor, I know nothing about them, I love DE shaving but the straight razor pull is getting to much for me to ignore now. Does anyone have a shave ready straight razor for sale? I have a budget of around £50. I plan on keeping it for many years so I don’t...
  12. Gaznix

    Which Semogue??

    Hi all, I currently use a Semigue 1250 Boar. I love it but do understand it’s a cheap brush. I’ve been DE shaving a year and think I might be getting a little irritation from the natural hair so am looking for an alternative. I think I’m looking for an equivalent to an artificial 1250 if that...
  13. Gaznix

    Wilkinson DE Razor

    saw this in Tesco this morning, £15 if anyone’s interested. I haven’t seen one before and haven’t bought one so no idea if it’s any good. Tesco seem to have sold all their Palmolive shave sticks and cream also which seems strange now they’re stocking a DE.
  14. Gaznix

    Where to buy USA

    Hi all, I’m visiting Chicago early next year, which shops are good stockists for soaps/splashes/which hazel etc please? I’m looking to pick up a few items that I struggle to get online. I can’t get skin bracer here in the uk, I’ve managed to get hold of the EU Aqua Velva and musk. From what I...
  15. Gaznix

    Blade life

    Had some irritation again after this evenings shave. Still relatively new to DE, I’ve had 7 shaves from this blade, a 7 o’clock super stainless. I’m trying to work out my optimum shave count before tossing the blade, not because of finances as blades are almost free I just don’t want to be...
  16. Gaznix

    Complexion Inprovement

    Hi all, I’ve been DE shaving since February, since retiring my cans of goo and Mach 3 refils to the mrs my facial complexion has never been so good. I’m not just talking about a reduction in spots or skin blemishes but my skin feels and looks a lot healthier and much more hydrated with my new...
  17. Gaznix

    New Member

    Hi all! I’m Gaz from Staffordshire, England and have been visiting your pages for advice since February when I took the plunge into safety razor shaving. I’ve been meaning to get into safety razor shaving for 2 years but kept putting it off after buying a huge multi-pack of Fusion blades and...