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  1. Dandy Highwayman

    Favorite women's perfume

    When we first met I bought Mrs Highwayman a bottle of L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain which we both love on her and for years she wore nothing else. Over the years I have introduce her to Shalima, also by Guerlain, Le Dix by Balenciaga and Mais by Puig all of which she likes and suit her well. I...
  2. Dandy Highwayman

    Review by '' on item 'Arko Sensitive shaving cream'

    Well I suppose, yet again this proves that one man's meat is another man's poison and that we all have different tastes as I loved the scent and thought it was a 'proper' shaving cream smell, whereas others seem to hate it. I bought a bundle of 3 different tubes of Arko and tried the Citrus 1st...
  3. Dandy Highwayman

    Advice needed for longer hair grooming.

    Thanks again MMCCX. The difference between water based and water soluble is a very good point and one that I honestly didn't pick up on. However, the good news is that the Sweet Georgia Brown arrived today and I've tried a very small amount worked into damp hair and it seems to be working...
  4. Dandy Highwayman

    Review by '' on item 'Real Shaving Company Shaving Cream'

    I agree with previous comments. This is a very good quality cream, it lathers up well (and I live in a very hard water area) and smells OK. For those B&B members living in the UK this cream is currently available in the discount chain Poundland for - would you believe - £1 per tube. My...
  5. Dandy Highwayman

    Advice needed for longer hair grooming.

    Thanks for the advice MMCCX. Although Layrite & Hold Fast seem to be difficult to buy in the UK, I have discovered that Sweet Georgia Brown (Purple Can) is also water based so I've ordered some of that to try. I have learnt a lot about pomades today. One of the many things that I love...
  6. Dandy Highwayman

    Advice needed for longer hair grooming.

    Can anyone help please? I am in the process of growing my hair into a longer, brushed back behind the ears style - collar length. I am trying to find a hair product that will hold it in place without the wet look crash helmet appearence of gel or too waxy or oily. I have found and...
  7. Dandy Highwayman

    Review by '' on item 'LUSH Prince Shaving Cream'

    I'm not a brushless man - I enjoy the whole ritual of lathering up with a brush far too much . However, I wandered into Lush to see what they had on offer, whilst Mrs Highwayman and Highwayman Junior were checking out trainers next door. After taking a whiff of this and thinking , yuk, I was...
  8. Dandy Highwayman

    Concord DE on ebay

    If this is the same one it appears to be chinese. http://www.biaodai.com/English/En_Product.asp?EnBigClassName=Hardware items&EnSmallclassname=Safety Razor I'd be very interested to know if it's any good as it's quite a nice design.
  9. Dandy Highwayman

    Your female companion's favorite scent?

    This thread poses an interesting question. Do fragrances smell different to the ladies than they do to us chaps? If so, it would explain why there are plenty of decent looking sorts out there that appear to be in loving relationships with men that smell like a turkish brothel if you get within...
  10. Dandy Highwayman

    What are the English perfume houses?

    DR Harris - very traditional.
  11. Dandy Highwayman

    What are the English perfume houses?

    Like it! Woody base notes?
  12. Dandy Highwayman

    What are the English perfume houses?

    Can we include David Beckham?
  13. Dandy Highwayman

    What are the English perfume houses?

    Crabtree & Evelyn.
  14. Dandy Highwayman

    What is the worst blade you have used in your razor?

    My Parker razor came with a pack of Gillette 7 o'clock Super Platinum which I found to be absolutely fantastic - sharp, smooth and easily last a week. I then tried Treet Platinum, which I know some people love and they were terrible. This made me wonder if there is a possible compatability...
  15. Dandy Highwayman

    What songs should you NEVER shave to?

    Anything by Celine Dion. Has anyone mentioned Leonard Cohen - definitely need to keep the wrists covered.
  16. Dandy Highwayman

    What is your favorite aftershave or cologne bottle?

    I like the Guerlain Eau Imperial bottle in the shape of a bee-hive with little bees embossed in the glass.
  17. Dandy Highwayman

    Dandy Highwayman's Entry into the B&B Hall of Fame

    Please allow me to introduce myself: Avoid the temptation to burst into 'Sympathy for the Devil'. I'm a 'born again' DE shaver after reading a piece in the Sunday Times. I am old enough to have used a DE for the 1st years of my shaving life, but switched to a twin blade when they were...