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    PIF Here 2.0

    That looks awesome! :-)
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    PIF Here 2.0

    So my phone has a small screen... Having said that, is your dog smoking, lol?
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    Brushes, Creams, Balms, Razors, and Other Stuff

    Good luck with the sale. If you decide to break up lot 3 let me know! :-)
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    FS Timeless SS .68 + Graydog Brush

    Would you consider selling the brush alone?
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    FSOT Razors, Soaps, Brushes, Scuttle

    Do you have any more info on the synthetic? Size? Make?
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    PIF Here 2.0

    I'm in. I grew up with two amazing dogs. A funny story about them takes place on a thanksgiving night many many years ago. Our two little dogs used to run around and had so much energy. Well, my Grandmother felt that as members of the family they deserved a plate just as we all did...
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    The Maltese PIF

    Wow! I'm in, thank you! :-)
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    PIF Here ?

    Congrats everyone! :-)
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    Best online printer?

    Thanks Everyone! I will give them a shot. I may also try an online place like Aspen Creek, Nations, or ProDPI. If I do, I will write back with my thoughts! ...if you don't hear from me, Costco it was! :)
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    Milk Bath Photoshoot??

    Sarimento, Thank you so much for that, and congratulations on your new addition! That smile is priceless! Well worth a yello w towel, lol!
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    I am in the US - Florida. I was looking for Southern Japanese Shochu. They used to have it in the supermarkets in half gallon milk style cartons. You could buy them, then take them home and use whatever recipe you wanted to flavor it. Every family had their own flavor and some recipes go...
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    PIF Here ?

    That is a really epic display! Thanks for sharing. I remember starting out reading EZ Reader spiderman comics. I have tried to find them for my son with little luck. I think a wall papering like that may be in our future soon though...
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    PIF Here ?

    @Graydog I already answered the questions a while ago to get in on this, but I also have to complement you on the backdrop. Is the whole wall covered in Spidey? How big is your collection? Anyway, thank you for this. They look beautiful. I am actually very new to this and have yet to get a...
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    Synthetic Shaving Brush Pass Around

    LOL - I guess I went a bit crazy there! Thanks guys!
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    PIF Here ?

    I would imagine he would be thinking of you, his family, with love. As a dog person, it seems that most dogs think of that and just want to be together. Instinctively, I would be tempted to offer some career advice or investment advice to my younger self, or even a few "watch out on this...
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    Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    That's funny. I have been in situations like that many times....especially in japan. Cheese pizza please. Im sorry, we only have hot dog pizza Do you make it fresh? Yes... Then make one and don't put the meat on it But... but... then it would not be hot dog pizza. I'm sorry. We cannot...
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    Synthetic Shaving Brush Pass Around

    @mightyeskimo @Rudd4Prez @dctravis @Clay S Boom!!! 100 posts ...
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    Hello from the UK...

    Hi William! Welcome to the forum! Have you tried all of the settings on the Futur? What other razors have you tried that you prefer?
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    New to B&B

    Welcome to the forum! How are you liking that Futur? Have you tried all of the settings?
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    Hi Turdie! Welcome! I am sure you will love it here.