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    Fake personna blue/lab blades? or not?

    I received a box of personna blue/lab blades from ebay. I know they have recently changed the packaging, so I wasn't surprised by that, but the inside was a little skeptical. Looking at photos other people posted, the "personna , super" lettering are at least somewhat legible, or on some blade...
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    Where can i get 39c/37c cheapest?

    I have decided to upgrade to 37c or 39c from ej89 and i have looked on bst section, but had no luck so far. Where can i get it cheapest? On amazon and ebay, they seem to go for around 45-47. Are there any place that sells them for cheaper? Or any b&b vendor that has a special price...
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    WTT/WTB your bluebird DE blades

    I have recently tried bluebird and fell in love with it. For me, it feels very very close to feather blades, maybe a little better with different feel. I would like to get more bluebird while they are still in circulation (although they stopped producing them). If you have bluebird in any...
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    nivea after shavebalms on sale : amazon

    two kinds 1) 3 pack of original AS balm / subscribe and save program : subscribe to it, receive your item, then cancel subscription at no charge. It's easy to cancel. $9.27 for 3 pack. ( or cheaper if you have 5 subscription items in your carts)...
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    Shelf life of non-artisan, mass-produced shaving creams?

    So, here's the deal. I have been introduced to nivea sensitive shaving cream in a tube a while ago. I had been using cella before, and I fell in love again with this thing when I tried it for the first time. Couldn't find this thing anywhere locally, and even online, except on amazon, but the...
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    Wtt/wtb 37c or 39c slant merkur

    1) Edwin Jagger EJ89 Ebony, black handle trade for your 37c or 39c slant. (ej89 is is pristine condition, used for 6 weeks) 2) 250 Gillette Nacet blades for your 37c or 39c slant 3) 100 feather blade for your 37c or 39c slant 4) trade gillette nacet for your bluebird blades. (any quantity -...
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    any place that still sells bluebird blades?

    I tried bluebird blades that came a part of a sampler pack and I liked it a lot. I am reading that they've been discontinued recently. Is there anyway to get them in 100~200 quantities still? Seems like only people selling them are selling them as sampler packs only. If anyone on this forum...
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    Voskhod - smooth as butter? or not?

    After rotating between highly rated, mostly very sharp blades (7 oclock black, feather, nacet, rubie) recently, I decided to pop in a brand new voskhod for the first time. I just got curious. going wtg down my cheek/sideburn, I felt as if it wasn't cutting much, so I did a couple of more...
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    Shaving related vanity license plate. GO!

    I dont have one yet, i hope to find one clever so only shave geeks and b&b members would recognize. 1pasBBS BBS DFS BBS2day Lather Latha Razorok Medprep ASbalm Ej89B WTGXTG Jhookin destubl stubbly Any clever ones you can think of?
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    Cleanly shaven or hairless?

    Seems like all the DE-converts enjoy shaving experience (even calling it a zen-like ritual), including myself. So if you had a choice, would you prefer to be cleanly shaven everyday at the cost of waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual everyday, or would you prefer to be almost or...
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    GSB is a keeper.

    Ever since I tried feather, I was hooked on it and I didn't think any other blade would come close to it, but seems like GSB is pretty close to it. I couldn't really tell much difference from the feather's sharpness. When I tried polsilver, I felt that it wasn't as sharp as feather, but when I...
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    Does facial hair grow faster while asleep/ at night?

    I usually shave at night because i just have no time for lathering and 3 pass shaves. Ive been noticing when i shave at nigbt, by the time i wake up (6 hours later), i would feel quite a lot of stubble, considering it has only been 6-7 hrs. When i shave in the morning on odd days i...
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    can anyone beat $24 for 100 feather blades?

    I just ordered 100 blades from Thailand on ebay, the seller seems reputable with good feedback. Is there any place that sells feather blades for cheaper? even at larger quantity is fine for me if the price is better. $24 seems pretty good for feather blades, as when I searched for past going...
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    How many blades do you have? How do you store them? PICS would be nice.

    I am fairly new to DE shaving, but have already acquired lots of blades. I have 4 x 100 blades of different kinds and couple other random tucks of sample blades. I have more blades coming, so it will be aronud 700~800 blades by the time they all get here. There's somethign wrong with me...
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    What accounts for the difference in straight vs DE shaves.

    It seems like when I watch barbershop shaving videos, a lot of barbers are using straights and they seem to get much better results even with 1 passes, or 1 passes with touchups. Why is there so much difference between DE safety razor and straights/shavettes? For straights/shavettes, do they...
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    Wet shave, then dry shave with electric razor.

    So i usually shave the night before work mostly because i have to wake up way too early to be doing 2-3 pass shaves. By the time i wake up, even after achieving dfs or rarely bbs, i would still feel some roughness especially on my chin and jaw line, which is where i have the hardest time...
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    Adidas Dynamic Pulse aftershave - Splash - What scent is this?

    Okay, people have been saying aqua velva smells so good they get complimented all the time, but when I went to walmart to try it out, jesus, it was very strong and very perfumey that I couldn't imagine wearing it for even 1 second. When I tried adidas dynamic pulse, which was about $6 or so, I...
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    Cella 1kg brick vs small cella red tub

    So i tried the cella red tub from amazon. So far, i like the scent and the lather. So compared to the red tub for $11, how much money do i save with 1kg?? How long does a small tub usually last? How about the brick?
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    When should you try the sharpest blade, the FEATHER?

    I am reading good things and bad things about feather. But I only started DE shaving about a month ago and I barely have my technique down yet. Is it wise to keep using the mild ones and work my way up slowly to sharper ones? Anyone tried using feather or equivalent when they just started DE...
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    found personna red 100 for $12.99. Is this THE personna red that people talk about?

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sale-Box-100-Pcs-PERSONNA-DOUBLE-EDGE-SAFETY-RAZOR-BLADES-Platinum-Chrome-/251886431902?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3aa599ee9e I am wondering if this is the same personna red that people are talking about. I see other auctions are $19~20 for 100 blades, but this...