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  1. Black-Tie

    DR Harris Sandalwood

    I had some shocking experiences in the past ordering aftershaves blindly. Ended up with bottles smelling like a drunk granny’s denture box. The more I read about DR Harris Sandalwood the more it intrigues me. Would love to hear your thoughts if you are or have been using this aftershave...
  2. Black-Tie

    Massive Clearance Sale!!!

    All items are in EXCELLENT CONDITION! (yeah, I'm one of the OCB guys in here :001_smile) For more photos/info please PM. I live in France, the prices do not include the shipment. Please PM your location to calculate the shipping costs. 1. Timeless Razor Bronze - both Solid Bar & Open Comb base...
  3. Black-Tie

    How many days of growth for the most comfortable shave?

    Hello gentlemen! *sensitive skin No matter what I do, I can’t manage to get a comfortable shave after one or two days of growth. Everything goes wrong... razor burns, microscopic nicks, redness, bla bla, the full menu... On the contrary, the 3rd day is the total opposite; I always get an...
  4. Black-Tie

    2 years of waiting - my Wolfman is now home

    I‘m absolutely speechless, so... type away if you wish.. Over the moon!!! [emoji7] Awoooooo! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  5. Black-Tie

    Your 2019 last shave

    What’s the setup that ends your shaving year? Feather AS-D2 Haslinger schafmilch Barberry Coast Bay Rum Splash Lather & Wood balm Semogue OC mixed Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. Black-Tie

    Acronyms B&B

    Hello gents, Is there any thread about the abbreviations used in our shaving community? Some might find it useful... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  7. Black-Tie

    FEATHER ARTIST CLUB SS Shavette Scotch Wood

    Hello gentlemen, Superb shavette for sale! *Shipping to Europe only! Pristine condition, used twice, disassembled and throughly cleaned after each use (yes, part of my OCD :001_smile) Sold with a Thiers-Isaard leather pouch for which I paid 23€ and a brand new (sealed) pack of Pro Guard...
  8. Black-Tie

    Is Wolfman still a one-man-job razor?

    I noticed that it became quite an easy process to subscribe for a Wolfman razor, the orders seem to be confirmed a couple of months later. Knowing myself how difficult it used to be to buy a Wolfman and taking into account the huge demand out there, I’m wondering if it’s still only James who is...
  9. Black-Tie

    Adjustable razor - is it worth it?

    Hello gents! I’m in a bit of a dilemma here, hopefully your advice will bring some light. [emoji4] It’s been a while I’m following different topics about adjustable razors. Especially the Rex Ambassador... which I find intriguing, beautiful and dangerously tempting.. I’ve always loved the...
  10. Black-Tie

    Bay Rum recommendation

    Hello gents, I’m looking for a bay rum aftershave splash with notes of cinnamon, cloves, citrus. Similar to Barberry Coast Bay Rum. Any suggestions? Thank you! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  11. Black-Tie

    Your supreme setup: 1 brush / 1 razor / 1 soap / 1 aftershave

    If you have to run for your life tomorrow (hopefully not!) and you’re lucky enough to have an admission ticket on Noah’s Ark what setup would you pack? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  12. Black-Tie

    Your favourite Bay Rum Aftershave

    Hello gents, I am using the Barberry Coast Bay Rum splash which I thought it has the smell of LOVE! I liked it so much more than any other Bay Rum aftershave I tried (that was only LPL.. lol) Half of the bottle is now gone and the smell is not at all the same. The beautiful fragrance it...
  13. Black-Tie

    TB OC - a true work of art

    Arrived today. Wow, that’s the most gorgeous safety razor I’ve seen so far! Looking so forward to trying it out tonight! I truly and honestly hope it’ll perform as beautifully as its looks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  14. Black-Tie

    Disappointing evening

    Hello gents, As per usual, a pint of Guinness has been poured while I lined up the setup for the night. I love this moment. Tonight we had: - MWF rebranded; - Chubby 2 best; - L&W sandalwood balm; - Barberry Coast Bay Rum splash; - Feather Artist Club SS; - ProGuard blade. Fantastic soap...
  15. Black-Tie

    Looking for a boar brush..

    Hello gents, I own an Omega Pro 10049 which performs brilliantly, however I believe it's a wee bit big for face lathering. And the handle looks a bit cheap as well... I'd like to upgrade to a tad bit smaller boar brush, with a nice backbone, not too stiff though (or scratchy). I've been...
  16. Black-Tie

    Barberry Coast Bay Rum aftershave splash

    Some would say it smells exotic. Others fresh, manly, Caribbean, fruity, sun, beach, rainbow, cigars, rum, etc. The first thing that came to my mind was « it smells like Christmas! » This is the kind of smell I always believed to be too sweet for my taste. I thought I hate it, then I thought...
  17. Black-Tie

    Shaving shop in Belfast

    I’m heading to Belfast in a couple of weeks time and I was wondering if you have maybe some addresses that I could check while there. I don’t need anything in particular, just for the craic of discovering new products/tools that I haven’t tried before. Cheers! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  18. Black-Tie

    Suribachi scuttle

    Happy Days! I’ve ordered a Suribachi scuttle from Steve Woodhead’s pottery shop. I know it’s not a fundamental shaving item but hey, we only have one life! :001_smile I’ve been reading that the Suribachi texture may damage the brush as it seems to be a bit abrasive. Have you experienced any...
  19. Black-Tie

    What am I doing wrong?

    Hey guys, I’ve started wet shaving about 8 months ago. Bought myself quality gear, great shaving products, took my time to gather knowledge, carefully practiced my skills... to cut a long story short, the transition went great. As great as after a couple of months, the shaving necessity became...