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  1. Zácek

    Polsilver Super Iridium no more?

    just read that Polsilver Super Iridium is no longer been produced...
  2. Zácek

    It’s been an odd week...

    It started last Monday, I was lathering a puck of MWF for my daily night shaving and SWMBO got into the bathroom to wash her face; she ran out of her soap so after eyeing my lather bowl, she asked me if she could use some of it...”help yourself”. She was so happy with the soap that for the last...
  3. Zácek

    Only for 3017’s...

    My mum always told me that I was the devil’s advocate...so, keeping that in mind I have a question to all 3017’s: which soap or cream are you missing the most, while finishing your current soap/cream?
  4. Zácek


    I was surfing Amazon and saw this...what do you think? Really a deal?
  5. Zácek

    Please help with my next purchase

    I stared shaving with the Popular Feather razor, and loved it; then i got a EJ DE89...now I need to try an open comb razor (at least that’s my story with SWMBO). I’m thinking about gettin a Merkur 25C, any suggestions?