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  1. PGHChris

    .357 SIG Ammo (for my new iron)

    I just picked this sweet lil' thing up: I've had the chance to put about 75 rounds of 180gr FMJ's throught it (.40S&W) this past weekend, and I really like this gun. However, the main purpose I bought this was so that I could swap the barrel out with this: A Lone Wolf .357 SIG barrel...
  2. PGHChris

    DRT Ammo: Good or Bad?

    Until this past February I have never heard of, or maybe just never noticed, the maroon boxes labeled "DRT" (Dynamic Research Technologies) on the shelves of my sporting goods supplier. I was there to simply buy some target ammo as I was already set on carry JHP's for my 9mm and .380ACP...
  3. PGHChris

    West Third Brand?

    I've recently seen a few people mention enjoying some fragrances from West Third Brand, but it seems that the usual sources (Fragrantica, Basenotes, etc.) don't have a ton of reviews for the fragrances I'm interested in. Has anyone tried the following? If so, would you please post your...
  4. PGHChris

    Eau Sauvage - Parfum vs. EdT

    I was recommended Dior Eau Sauvage, but particularly the EdT and not the parfum. I grabbed a couple samples, but it ended being the parfum. Regardless, I enjoy it and I'm considering a full bottle purchase. But what I wanted to know is: how different are they? I have a feeling I'm just going to...
  5. PGHChris

    Serge Lutens

    In my ongoing search for fragrances that I really enjoy, the next designer on my list is Serge Lutens. I've narrowed it down to two that I want to try: Santal Majuscule or Chergui. I've read the reviews on basenotes and fragrantica, so I'd really like to hear from any of the B&B folks who have...
  6. PGHChris

    Maggard Aftershaves

    Has anyone tried the new Maggard aftershaves? I'm normally an alcohol splash guy, however I do occasionally use some other things in the colder months. I really like the Nivea sensitive balm, WSO's "Blash", and Tiki's Oakmoss & Sage balm. Because of this I've decided to order Maggard's London...
  7. PGHChris

    Yatagan or Encre Noire

    I'm currently in the process of trying to figure out which of these two I would like to acquire...first (haha). It is inevitable that I will end up with both at some point, but not right now. I know that these fragrances don't have a ton in common, but they both have caught my eye recently and...
  8. PGHChris

    Fragrance Similar to Stirling Ozark Mountain?

    I really enjoy Stirling's Ozark Mountain shave soap, as well as the bath soap with the same fragrance. I enjoy it enough that I bought the aftershave splash too. I'm wondering if anyone who has tried Ozark Mountain can recommend an EdT or EdC that smells somewhat similar.
  9. PGHChris

    Drydown Transformation - In General

    I've been a casual fan of fragrances for a while, but until I really spent some time on B&B, I never really understood a lot of what most people were talking about. When I would hear people throwing around words like "deep", "nose", "heart", "drydown", I would really have no idea what any of...
  10. PGHChris

    Bond No. 9 Fragrances

    While cruising through the Creed fragrances at Nordstrom yesterday, a very friendly saleswoman turned my attention to a fragrance designer that I've never encountered before: Bond No. 9. During my indoctrination, I learned that they have over 50 different fragrances - all considered unisex...
  11. PGHChris

    TGN 30mm Silvertip - Shedding Problem!

    Ok, so I have several TGN knots: 20mm Silvertip 20mm Two-Band Finest 24mm Super 26mm Finest F2 In addition to the knots above, I also have two 30mm Silvertips - and they both shed like crazy! I initially bought a 30mm silvertip and mounted it in a Whipped Dog handle a few months ago (when...
  12. PGHChris

    New Forest Brushes

    So after looking through a bunch of threads, I haven't been able to find a ton of information on New Forest brushes. I found a thread from a few months back, but the main content was about their silvertip knot, and I'd like to hear information pertaining to the high mountain two-band, if anyone...
  13. PGHChris

    PannaCrema - Scents

    With all the RazoRock products dropping lately, I took the opportunity to grab a tub of PannaCrema with my last order as it is a soap that I've wanted to try for a while now. I've only test lathered it once, and from that test lather I've become confident that this is a very good performer. It...
  14. PGHChris

    New Barrister & Mann

    Released, I believe, just this morning, B&M has graced us with two new Fougères and a new Tre Citta. They sound amazing - might want to check them out.
  15. PGHChris

    Yardley's Bath Soap

    I live in Pittsburgh, and at my local Rite-Aid they have tallow-based Yardley bath soaps for $1.59 each. I'm not sure if this a local thing or not, but I got SWMBO a bar each of English Lavender and Oatmeal & Almond scents for about $3.00 total. Great deal on a great tallow based bath bar.
  16. PGHChris

    Summer Scents: Shaving Yeti vs Tiki

    Let me start by saying I signed up for the "Restraint for May", so I have 12 hours to make my decision. I'm looking for one more good summer scent to add to my soap line up, and I've been considering going with the following orders: Shaving Yeti Dreamsicle AND Shore Leave Tiki Bar Surf's Up I...
  17. PGHChris

    Better Travel Brush?

    I'm currently looking for a good travel brush. I've looked at a bunch, narrowed the pool down to two, and I'm having a rough time deciding which one I would like better: Simpson Case C1 in Best Omega 599 Silvertip Basically, I'd like to hear from anyone who has either one of these, or...
  18. PGHChris

    R41: Are we Going Crazy?

    First, I apologize if this has been brought up recently, but I feel the need to explore this issue a little more. To make a long story short, based on some product descriptions from West Coast Shaving, I was inclined to contact them regarding which head was on their white handled R41...
  19. PGHChris

    Parker 26C

    BullGoose recently had a contest where the prize was a Parker 26C. I was the lucky winner of that prize, so I wanted to start a thread to share my thoughts on this razor for anyone who is interested. I'll link this thread in the original contest thread as well. I received the razor on...
  20. PGHChris

    Tcheon fung sing zagara & gelsomino

    I just purchased this (hard) soap today, and expect its arrival early next week. I couldn't find any recent threads on any TFS soaps, at least in the first 15 pages of the "Shaving Soaps" section. Has anyone tried this soap? If anyone can give me some details I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!