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  1. Price

    Tobacquisitions - September 2019

    Technically arrived yesterday, but I'm starting off September with two enormous logs of Heinrichs Curly Block (shorta morta for scale)...
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    invite test

    Never mind. It worked.
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    Tobacquisitions - July 2019

    What kind of crazy, mixed up, responsible world are we living in when today is the 12th of the month, and nobody has even started a tobacquisitions thread? What kind of slackers are we here? Shameful, gentlemen. Shameful.
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    Pipe PIF!

    As I was going through the racks (and drawers, and boxes) to put together a roster for the latest round of clearance sales, I came across this monster, made by Mario Grandi. It's been kicking around my collection for several years, through at least two moves, and I just dont smoke it. This...
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    FS A few more nice pipes...

    It's time again for another round of herd thinning, selling off a few more pipes that don't get the love and attention they deserve. All these pipes come from my personal collection. I will gladly post additional photos or specs upon request. I make every effort to describe the condition as...
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    Big dog / Little dog (PIF)

    So, I've packed up the majority of my pipes, but there are a few that I simply haven't smoked in a long time, for whatever reason. No sense dragging them across the ocean only to continue being neglected, so I figured I'd offer them to someone trying to build up a rotation. These are the first...
  7. Price

    The end is near...

    The end of my time in San Diego, anyway. I have no small amount of concern about the well-being of my stash during the upcoming move, so I've started packing up a bit: There's the whole collection. About a dozen pipes still on the racks - those are the ones that will travel with me...
  8. Price

    Squadron Leader Special Edition

    It's like Squadron Leader...only better. :001_cool: Back in stock at SP, limit 6.
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    Tobacquisitions - June 2018

    Let's see 'em, boys...
  10. Price

    Tobacquisitions - April 2018

    Historically, being sandwiched between Meerschaum March Madness and Morta May has meant that April has been a down month for tobacquisitions, as guys try to patch up the bleeding from one and save up for the other. Yes, I'm teeing this up for Owen to show off more pics of his awesome Larrysson...
  11. Price

    15% Off Estates at SP

    You're welcome.
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    Pipe clubs?

    Just curious how many of you guys are in a regular pipe club. What are your thoughts on them? San Diego allegedly has one, but it is essentially dormant. I just saw a facebook announcement about the Los Angeles Pipe Club meeting next week, and I'm trying to figure out if it's worth two hours...
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    Is a Brown Leafer bringing this back home?

    Just hoping that one of you was the high bidder on this item.
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    Several more nice pipes...

    In a somewhat foolhardy effort to make a run at a unicorn pipe, I'm offering for sale today several nicer pipes from my collection, none of which I ever expected to part with: The obligatory group shot, with Mini-Dude for verification, although most of you Brown Leafers have seen these in my...
  15. Price

    Tobacquisitions - January 2018

    All right, fellas... looking back, 2017 was a banner year for tobacquisitions. You guys loaded up on some truly incredible pipes, awesome cigars, and pounds upon pounds of pipe tobacco...not to mention all the cool toys and accoutrements you scored as well. But 2017 is in the rearview mirror...
  16. Price

    WTS: Several nice pipes seeking good home

    As some of you may already know, recent acquisitions have pushed my pipe inventory beyond the (somewhat) reasonable limit I have set for myself. Time to thin the herd. This is the first cut: pipes I just simply don't smoke often enough to justify keeping around. There may or may not be a second...
  17. Price

    The Herf 11/4/17 - Remembering Allan

    Gentlemen, Please join me on Saturday, November 4, in putting fire to some fine tobacco, celebrating our Brown Leaf brother Allan (@bryant ), who tragically passed away a little more than a week ago. If you've got the 2017 L.E., load it up with something special (nudge, nudge) on Saturday...
  18. Price

    Regents Flake or Temple Bar

    These two GL Pease offerings were released at the same time, and appear to be in the same vein, which happens to be one that is not terribly well represented in my cellar - the VA/Oriental, no Lat. I've found that I do enjoy this genre of tobacco, and want to expand my holdings. Should the FDA...
  19. Price

    INFO! It. Is. Coming.

    Just giving you Brown Leafers a heads up that preparations for the annual Sue Moore Day auction are already underway! I have it on good authority that there are some pretty tasty Brown Leaf goodies already donated for this year's auction, but we need your help. If you've got something you would...
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    Well, crap...

    Pretty sure that's not supposed to happen...