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  1. Robbyboxers

    Seeking opinions of Mondial Luxury Italian Shaving Cream

    I'm considering purchasing Mondial Shaving Cream (Green Tobacco scented). It comes in a nice looking wooden bowl. The advertising and packaging seem to be of high quality but I haven't seen much on B&B about it. Anyone here use it that can give an opinion and/or experience using it? Much...
  2. Robbyboxers

    WTB Wanted: Yellow 5 pack Gillette Lame's Francaise blades

    This pack would be the same as found in the Gillette Monobloc original packaging (yellow with King C. Gillette portrait). Please contact me if you have one that you may be interested in selling. Thank you, -Robby
  3. Robbyboxers

    WTB Saponificio Varesino - Opuntia Shaving Soap

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a tin of Saponificio Varesino Opuntia shave soap below retail. I'd prefer it to be unused, but used only a few times would also be acceptable if priced accordingly. Please PM me if you happen to have one to sell. Thank you, -Robby
  4. Robbyboxers

    Moving/warehouse 30% off clearance at WCS

    There are some nice deals @ 30% off and free ship at $25 at WCS currently. -Robby
  5. Robbyboxers

    WTB Big Fellow w/Wood Box (or just the box)

    Looking for a nice Big Fellow/Wooden Box set. I would prefer one without stress crack(s) in the barrel. I am also interested in just the box if you have that. Private me if you have one of these sets or a box that you are interested in selling. Thank you, -Robby
  6. Robbyboxers

    WTB Wanted: Box only for Gillette Big Fellow. No razor, just the box.

    Hi, I am looking to acquire a box, just the box, for a Gillette Big Fellow razor. Please PM me if you have one you would like to sell or possibly trade. Thank you, -Robby
  7. Robbyboxers

    WTB (or trade) New Standard Complete Set in Silver

    Hi, I am looking to buy or trade for a New Standard complete set in Silver. Send me a PM if you have one that you are interested in selling or what you may be looking for in a possible trade. Thank you kindly, -Robby
  8. Robbyboxers

    WTB Case only for Gillette Ranger Tech

    PM me if you have a case for a Gillette Ranger Tech that you are willing to sell. It's a 2-tone brown/cream case with a Gillette graphic with 4 horizontal lines. Thank you for reading my post. -Robby
  9. Robbyboxers

    WTB Big Fellow/Richwood/Bostonian set or Barber Pole Aristocrat

    Hi, I'm interested in buying either a Big Fellow, Richwood or Bostonian complete set in decent condition. Or an Aristocrat Deluxe Barber Pole in very good to excellent condition. Please contact me by replying here or though private message if you have one that you are interested in selling...
  10. Robbyboxers

    FREE Shipping no minimum at WCS today!

    Just received an email from WCS noting free shipping with no minimum purchase today. Woo hoo!
  11. Robbyboxers

    FT Trade BNIB EJ Chrome DE razor for vintage DE razor

    Greetings shave brothers (and sisters), I'm looking to trade a never used Edwin Jagger DE razor with regular smooth chromed handle (model #DE89BLAMZ) for a vintage DE razor in good condition. The EJ has not been used nor had a blade inserted in it. If this appeals to you let me know what you...
  12. Robbyboxers

    WTB Case for Gillette British Set #59 (should be light blue)

    Hi brothers, I am seeking a case for a 1956 Gillette British Set #59. The case would be a light blue or blue-greyish color to be the correct one. Please PM me if you have one that you would consider selling. Thank you, -Rob
  13. Robbyboxers

    FT Trade a Burberry BU9905 Swiss Chrono for high-end razor(s)

    I am looking to trade a very nice Burberry chrono watch from my personal collection. The watch has only been worn a few times and has all the original packaging and documentation. The packaging itself is pretty impressive. There is no problem with the watch I have just shifted my attention to...
  14. Robbyboxers

    WTB (reasonably) 1 puck Old Spice mug soap

    Hi, I'm looking to buy from a B&B buddy one puck of vintage Old Spice mug soap at a reasonable price. PM me if you can help me out. Thank you kindly, -Robby
  15. Robbyboxers

    Weghan (Made in Germany) Travel Razor

    I came across a 3-piece brass DE open tooth travel razor. It is stamped 'WEGHAN Made in Germany'. I was wondering if any guru's here know of this razor and anything about it that may be good to know if so. Thank you, -Rob
  16. Robbyboxers

    WTB Fat Boy in VG-Mint range

    PM me if you are looking to sell a decent fat boy in very good to mint condition. I'm not picky about dates of manufacture but I am about condition. Thank you, -Robby
  17. Robbyboxers

    Dovo Bismarck ebony handle as newbie's 1st straight?

    I was considering the purchase of a Dovo Bismarck with an ebony handle as my first foray into the world of straight blade shaving. I see one for $148 and I also see the same model much higher. Seems like a good deal but is it, and would this be good for a newbie? Your input is appreciated...
  18. Robbyboxers

    Newbie from Delaware checking in.

    Hi all, I'm Robby. I've been enjoying poking around in the forums. Lots of good stuff and folks here. Right up my alley. I don't own any DE or straight razors so far but my interest is piqued. Nothing like a super smooth and cool shave to start the day off right!
  19. Robbyboxers

    Robbyboxers's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    What is your real name? Rob What are your nicknames/aliases? Robby Where do you live? Newark, Delaware What is your age (or) generation? age of enlightenment What are you in the real world? Senior Software Engineer What is your favorite shave setup? I'm seeking a...