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  1. Nando723

    Replating Service in or around New York City

    Just bought my third vintage DE razor and would like to have them all replated. Does anyone know of a good and reliable service in or around the New York City area that would replate these razors. Any information would be greatly appreciated. :thumbup:
  2. Nando723

    Edwin Jagger Chrome Chatsworth Safety Razor VS. EJ DE89L Safety Razor

    Looking to buy another safety razor and can't decide between the Edwin Jackson Chatsworth or the DE89L. I like razors a bit on the heavy side. Anyone have any experience with either of these or both? I would really appreciate any information or advice to help me choose. Thanks! :thumbup:
  3. Nando723

    Pinaud Lilac Vegetal

    Just a random question, have you ever used the Lilac Vegetal after shave? If so what color was it? I just picked up a bottle and the color looks to be different from what I have seen online. Also the scent is very mild and the little scent I do get isn't all that great. I've read so many...
  4. Nando723

    Semogue 1460 Break In!

    So I have been using my Semogue 1460 exclusively to break it in. I've used about 10 times now and I'm just not sure if its broken in yet. The bristles look to be split and it does feel soft but does that mean its over its break in period or should I keep using it more. How do you know when a...
  5. Nando723

    Aftershave Decanter?

    I'm just not sure what exactly an aftershave decanter is and what is its purpose? From what i've seen online it just a bottle to hold your aftershave. Does it server any other purpose? Any benefits of using one? Thanks! :001_cool:
  6. Nando723

    Ready for my next Brush!

    So, I have been wet shaving for about 2 months now and I have quickly filled my shave den with many products. I only have two brushes currently, which are the Tweezerman and a Semogue 1460. Both brushes have worked well but I think I am ready to purchase a new brush of higher quality. I was...
  7. Nando723

    Trouble with the Semogue 1460

    So I tried my new Semogue 1460 today for the first time but had some trouble whipping up a good lather using Musgo Real shaving cream. In the past when I used my badger tweezerman brush I was able to lather the Musgo Real to a thick rich lather. Just wondering is there something I am missing...
  8. Nando723

    Closest Shave to Perfection!

    Tried a Feather blade today for the first time and it was by far the smoothest, irritation free shave I've gotten yet. Had the Feather in a Merkur 34c HD and it glided across my face and neck on slick layer of Musgo Real lather that I whipped up with my Semogue 1460 brush. Then my post...
  9. Nando723

    Vintage Gillette Slim adjustable

    I just purchased a Slim adjustable from another B&B member. It is currently in good working condition but I'm debating if I want to just keep it as a collectable or actually use it to shave. If I were to use it to shave I would like to have it restored to new condition. For those who have used...
  10. Nando723

    Semogue Storage!?

    I've been looking for a stand of some sort for the Semogue 1460 brush I just bought at Pasteur's. All the stands they had would not hold the Semogue. Do I even need a stand or could I store it right side up ?? Any advice?
  11. Nando723

    Tried Something New today!!!

    Still pretty new to wet shaving and I've been working on my technique and process. I found that I had a really hard time going XTG on my neck. So today I tried something different, instead of going XTG (East to West and vice versa) I went more of a diagonal from NE to SW and then SE to NW on my...
  12. Nando723

    Dirty Bird Pottery, Finally pulled the trigger

    So I finally pulled the trigger on not one but two amazing pieces from Dirty Bird Pottery. Just ordered a Brush Scuttle and a soap bowl. I'm holding off on the Original Scuttle since I really have been enjoying face lathering. Thought the soap bowl would hold me over until I'm ready for the...
  13. Nando723

    Looking for a Butterfly DE Razor!!!

    I just purchased my second DE razor. My first was the Merkur 23c (long handle). The second a Merkur 43c and only shaved with it once so far but love it already. It's probably too soon to be thinking about buying another razor but I can't help it, I'm hooked. I want my next razor to be a...
  14. Nando723

    Going To Pasteur Pharmacy Tomorrow

    Going to Pasteur's tomorrow for the first time. I want to pick up one of each of the following: 1. DE Safety Razor 2. Shaving Cream 3. Shaving Soap 4. After Shave Splash/Balm 5. Brush If it were you going what would you pick up? I appreciate any feedback! OH, and I want to keep it to $150.00...
  15. Nando723

    Blue Bird Razor Blades!

    About to try the Blue Bird blade on my next shave. Just wondering if anyone out there had any feedback on these blades? Pros/Cons Thanks! :001_cool:
  16. Nando723

    One Col. Conk for Another

    I just Tried Col. Conk Bay Rum soap and although I found the soap to be good I didn't like the sent. Only used it once. Anyone out there in the Westchester County, NY want to trade another Col. Conk scent for the Bay Rum ? PM me if your interested :001_cool:
  17. Nando723

    Face vs. Bowl Lathering

    I've only been wet shaving for about a month now and I have been face lathering with a tweezerman brush. So far I've had good results using Proraso, MWF and Col Conk soaps. Today I tried bowl lathering with the Proraso soap and found that the lather was much thicker and held up longer then when...
  18. Nando723

    EJ DE89L vs. Merkur 34C

    I am currently using a Merkur 23c but want something with some more weight. I saw a review on another site on both of these razors but still can't decide which I rather have. Only been wet shaving for a couple of weeks now, which would you suggest. :001_cool:
  19. Nando723

    First Shave with Mitchelle's Wool Fat Soap!

    I'm pretty new to wet shaving, about 2 weeks in and I am already hooked. I ordered a puck of MWF about 2 days ago and received it today. Been using Proraso since I've started and liked it but wanted to try something new. I couldn't wait to try the MWF, so soon as I got home I got to it. Must...