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  1. castlecraver

    Speakeasy Aquisitions - 2012

    Anyone score anything sweet this holiday, or pick something up special for the new year?
  2. castlecraver

    Indulgence of the Night - November 2011

    Erm, sorry about forgetting to put up one of these for October, gents.. but it looks like all was handled. Had a delightful Chilean Cab Sauv last night, and I'm definitely not a wine person. What's on tap?
  3. castlecraver

    Speakeasy Aquisitions - November 2011

    Another November, another batch of Great Lakes Christmas Ale released without me. Perhaps I'll find something to dull the pain yet this month... :bored: What's keeping you warm this late Autumn?
  4. castlecraver

    Tonight (Oct. 2) on PBS: Ken Burns "Prohibition" documentary Part 1

    Just a heads' up for imbibing badgers in the US: PBS is premiering the first part of Ken Burns' new documentary, "Prohibition" tonight (times may vary slightly, check your local listings). You may be familiar with Mr. Burns' work from "The Civil War" and "Baseball" and his other very...
  5. castlecraver

    Speakeasy Aquisitions - August / September 2011

    Any August purchases or gifts for the libation-inclined?
  6. castlecraver

    Indulgence of the Night - August/ September 2011

    Evening (or daytime) indulgences anyone?
  7. castlecraver

    Indulgence of the Night - June / July 2011

    Love seeing more indulgences lately.. tonight I'm hitting up a new burger joint, perhaps some beer will be had as well. :001_rolle
  8. castlecraver

    Speakeasy Acquisitions - June / July 2011

    Not many acquisitions lately? Let's do something about that...
  9. castlecraver

    Bourbon and Branch, San Francisco: In which Pat visits a 'real' speakeasy

    This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting a real speakeasy during a business trip to San Francisco. (well, as close as one can get in 2011 USA). You can find the address on google, but even still you could unknowingly walk past the unassuming doorway. And to find yourself denied access...
  10. castlecraver

    Speakeasy Aquisitions - May 2011

    Buying anything indulgent with your tax refund? Or just buying the first case of wheat ale for the year? Let's see those sweet scores! :thumbup:
  11. castlecraver

    Indulgence of the Night - May 2011

    Tonight it's trivia at my local and many pints will be had... what's on tap for you gents this fine month of May? :thumbup:
  12. castlecraver

    Speakeasy Aquisitions - April 2011

    C'monnnnn.... let's see some bottles begging to be cracked! :001_tt1:
  13. castlecraver

    Indulgence of the Night -- April 2011

    More daylight, more warmth, more economic momentum hopefully equals more indulgences? :001_tongu What's your daily pleasure?
  14. castlecraver

    Indulgence of the Night - March 2011

    Tonight's gonna be an absurd quantity of sushi for me, may have some sake for the first time in forever too... :drool: Whats your indulgence tonight?
  15. castlecraver

    Speakeasy Aquisitions -- February / March 2011

    Did your sweetie get you something special for valentine's day? Or just spoiling yourself? Show off those scores!! :thumbup:
  16. castlecraver

    Indulgence of the Night -- February 2011

    Show off those gentlemanly indulgences! :thumbup1:
  17. castlecraver

    Speakeasy Aquisitions (& holiday gifts!) - December 2010

    December's obviously a big month for indulgent aquisitions... so what are you giving/getting this year?! :biggrin1:
  18. castlecraver

    Indulgence of the Night - December 2010

    Happy Holidays to everyone on B&B! How are you indulging to celebrate the end of 2010? :001_smile
  19. castlecraver

    Speakeasy Aquisitions - November 2010

    They say Christmas comes earlier every year... so why don't we go out and buy ourselves something nice in November? :thumbup1:
  20. castlecraver

    Indulgence of the Night - November 2010

    So pleased this is getting to be a popular place again... Now that the days are getting colder, what's warming you up? :thumbup1: