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  1. Somnos

    WTB Supply V2 Injector - 3 dot plate - polished finish

    Looking to get the 3 dot or most aggressive plate for the V2 in polished finish. Hopefully from a Canadian member. Will pick up the 1 dot plate also to complete the set.
  2. Somnos

    The joy of shaving...

    My Dad has been in hospital for the past three weeks recouperating from an illness that almost took him from us but he is on the mend. I go see him most days and today is no exception. We sit around and jabber about what’s on the news and the hockey games. He asked me if I wouldn’t mind bringing...
  3. Somnos

    Outlaw Refinery - Santa’s Pipe

    So I spotted this soap and it sounds pretty interesting to me - This soap is made from all natural ingredients. Outlaw Refinery Santa's Pipe Scented shaving soap has the distinct smell of a pipe after Christmas dinner. Canadian artisan makes them in small batches. I was just wondering if anyone...
  4. Somnos

    Summer Cleaning...anyone else cleaning?

    Hope you are doing well! It is what we affectionately call May 24 or Victoria Day weekend...yeah I know...it is the beginning of Summer in Canada...which ends with Labour Day, Sept 3... Today was Gillette clean and polish day...only missing the Old Types and the 53 Fat Handle Tech (which is NOS...
  5. Somnos

    Tri-Coastal Design BlackPepper Shave Soap

    Just picked up three pucks for $4 on sale at the local Winner’s. They smell nice with bit of a spicy scent. On the smallish size but for the price I figured I would give them a go. I see no reviews here on B&B...anyone here have any knowledge?
  6. Somnos

    Pinaud Clubman Shave Soap

    Interested in picking this soap up for the holidays but was wondering if anyone here has used this soap. Also available in a cream...
  7. Somnos

    Greetings from Eastern Ontario

    Hello All, Just a quick note to say hello. I have trolled around the forums long enough and decided to jump in and join. Just finished a lovely shave with my Muhle R41 fitted with an Astra SP blade, Proraso Sensitive Skin pre-shave lotion, shave cream and Nivea post-shave balm. Carved through 7...