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  1. soapbox

    15K for the RichGem

    Congratulations to my friend Rich G., for 15000 posts. That's a lot of humor, shaving advice, fun, stories, and great conversation. You're a good man, Little Period.
  2. soapbox

    luvmysuper (Phil) hits 3000 posts!

    Congratulations to Phil / luvmysuper for reaching the 3000 post milestone (er, a little while ago, small oversight). Phil, you're a solid B&B contributor and you make this place better by your efforts and presence.
  3. soapbox

    Great Aptenodytes! 8000 posts for RichGem

    Everyone's favorite Czar (though Art is still king) returned from Las Vegas and broke 8000 posts in short order. :w00t: Congrats Rich; your posts are a great mix of fun and shaving. I particularly applaud you for seeking out your friends on B&B in "meatspace" and look forward to the same...
  4. soapbox

    The Verbose Penguin (Turtle) tops 7000 posts!

    RichGem has made over 7,000 posts and we should congratulate him on his contributions. Here's to the Vice-Acting-Czar behind the Cheddar Curtain, the Turtle for the next month for an unknown number of months, RabidPotatoChip's best partner in "Barbershop posting tennis" , and a very good guy...
  5. soapbox

    Our Favorite Wildcat Psychologist hits 3K posts

    It's no mean achievement to type out 3,000 posts. Congratulations to Gruder on his contributions. 3,000 is a nice mile marker and I'm glad he's a consistent generator of great content on B&B. Thanks, Chad.
  6. soapbox

    5k Posts for Everyone's favorite Penguin!

    Congrats to Rich on his 5,000th post (a reply to one of my posts, I might add). Thanks for being such a prolific and genteel contributor to the board, Rich!
  7. soapbox

    Godrej De Luxe

    I've used this and like it. The scent is very strong, woodsy/cedar, but it lathers well and I can get it cheaply at a local South Asian market. RichGem really likes it, especially the Lime scent. I tried the Cool Menthol and it's okay too -- the scent is milder. I still give Proraso the edge...
  8. soapbox

    3000 posts for the flying penguin!

    Well, everyone's favorite Linux superhero (RichGem) just blew past 3000 posts and he deserves some recognition for the contributions to the board. Congrats Rich! We'll all throw herring at you as a reward. And limes -- he loves lime-scented shaving products. Throw limes too!
  9. soapbox

    Moving to DC; ideas on neighborhoods or apartments?

    Greetings folks, As noted in my profile, the Wife and our soon-to-be-born little girl will be moving to DC fairly soon. SWMBO has gotten a prestigious pre-doctoral fellowship to work on Capitol Hill and gather data for her dissertation. So, in addition to me finding a new job, we need to find...
  10. soapbox

    Does anybody use a Gillette Adjustable above 6 or 7?

    Hi folks, After getting moderately ravaged (one nick, and some moderate to serious razor burn on my neck) this morning using a Fat Boy (set on 3) and a new Treet Blue Special blade, and not getting a very good shave either, I was struck with a few questions. 1. I know the Treet Blue...