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  1. castlecraver

    2013 Boston Marathon

    If you're anything like me during times like this, after the stunned silence wears off there's often a feeling of helplessness and desperation. While we all may have different ideas on how to address the broader issues contributing to violence, one thing that seems to unite us is a deep...
  2. castlecraver

    Straight Razor starter kit Lot# 61

    I bid $75.
  3. castlecraver

    Whisky rocks

    I'm actually surprised I didn't score any whisky stones for xmas. Never tried one, but kinda wanted to. Now that I've read the replies here though, I'm not so sure they're for me. I usually do like my neat blended scotch and bourbon slightly chilled, with one or two ice cubes or poured into a...
  4. castlecraver

    Speakeasy Aquisitions - 2012

    Anyone score anything sweet this holiday, or pick something up special for the new year?
  5. castlecraver

    Penn State Scandal

    I'm sure Paterno could have done more, but when one is an eyewitness to such an act, you go to the cops and you don't shut up until the perpetrator is in jail. Period. I blame the grad student. Anything Paterno could have testified to would be hearsay anyway.
  6. castlecraver

    Indulgence of the Night - November 2011

    I've been really coming back to the sidecar a lot recently.. a half-bourbon half-brandy mix is particularly nice I've found.
  7. castlecraver

    Speakeasy Aquisitions - November 2011

    Excellent choices! Love the dogfish head too.
  8. castlecraver

    Indulgence of the Night - November 2011

    Interesting. Sounds like a cousin of the Papa Doble.
  9. castlecraver

    Indulgence of the Night - November 2011

    Erm, sorry about forgetting to put up one of these for October, gents.. but it looks like all was handled. Had a delightful Chilean Cab Sauv last night, and I'm definitely not a wine person. What's on tap?
  10. castlecraver

    Speakeasy Aquisitions - November 2011

    Another November, another batch of Great Lakes Christmas Ale released without me. Perhaps I'll find something to dull the pain yet this month... :bored: What's keeping you warm this late Autumn?
  11. castlecraver

    Tonight (Oct. 2) on PBS: Ken Burns "Prohibition" documentary Part 1

    Just a heads' up for imbibing badgers in the US: PBS is premiering the first part of Ken Burns' new documentary, "Prohibition" tonight (times may vary slightly, check your local listings). You may be familiar with Mr. Burns' work from "The Civil War" and "Baseball" and his other very...
  12. castlecraver

    Indulgence of the Night - August/ September 2011

    Tonight, an absolutely first-rate sidecar. I used E&J VSOP, Cointreau, and fresh-squeezed lemon.
  13. castlecraver

    How do you decompress after a tough weekend?

    Pandora, beer, and a good book on the balcony.
  14. castlecraver

    Speakeasy Aquisitions - August / September 2011

    Any August purchases or gifts for the libation-inclined?
  15. castlecraver

    Indulgence of the Night - August/ September 2011

    Evening (or daytime) indulgences anyone?
  16. castlecraver

    I want a new gin...

    Broker's or Boodles, preferably in non-fizzy cocktails FMM. If it's fizzy, I don't mind using bottom-shelf (usually Gordon's).
  17. castlecraver

    Summer Drinks

    Great thread! I'm going to throw out my "secret weapon" summer drink. Something few would ever think to order, but uniformly a huge crowd-pleaser. Plus, it's easy to pre-mix if you're bringing it to a BBQ. Planters' Punch: (for 3-4 servings) 12oz Meyers' Dark Jamaican Rum 6oz fresh lemon...
  18. castlecraver

    Help me, which bourbon for Mint Julep!

    I usually use Woodford Reserve for juleps, but choosing between the two you listed, I'd go with Four Roses.
  19. castlecraver


    Late to the party I'm afraid, but wanted to put in my two cents about Mr. Gold: a superb wordsmith, a connoisseur of fine spirits, a first-rate dad, generous beyond superlatives, and one hell of an asset to our community for many years. It's nothing short of a privilege to call this gentleman of...
  20. castlecraver

    Indulgence of the Night - June / July 2011

    Love seeing more indulgences lately.. tonight I'm hitting up a new burger joint, perhaps some beer will be had as well. :001_rolle