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  1. Mark1966

    Pasteurs Pharmacy in Chicago and Colorado Springs!

    OK, well maybe it is a little too optimistic to think that there would be anything even close to the famous Pasteurs in NYC, which I've visited on a couple of occasions, in either Chicago or Colorado Springs - but there must be some shaving mecca that the locals can point me in the direction of...
  2. Mark1966

    Is this really an Aristocrat No 2 set?

    The pictures below are from a completed eBay listing. The seller indicated that he was 'selling the item for my father who was born on the 40’s. It was his uncles who got it in the 30’s.' To my initial view it looks like a mismatched set - it should have a a 1st generation open comb...
  3. Mark1966

    Where do I find shaving supplies or antique stores in San Antonio?

    I'm heading out tomorrow for a conference in San Antonio TX next week, staying at the Grand Hyatt. Where, in anywhere, in a reasonable walking distance can I find all those US staples like Pinaud Clubman (or even artisan stuff) and/or that secret stash of cased bottom-dials and chrome toggles...
  4. Mark1966

    Elta - Made in England

    I know that Waits Safety Razor Compendium has an entry for an Elta No. 90 but I've never seen one like this mentioned anywhere. From the early 1920s I believe from Australian advertising and made in England. Anybody know anything else about them?
  5. Mark1966

    Anybody interested in a Canberra meet up?

    It has been a while, but back in the day we had a couple of Canberra meet ups, swapped and traded, made some purchases, sniffed some products and generally had a relaxed afternoon. I'm not sure how many of the old crew is still around but if there is any interest in a meet up lets give it a try...
  6. Mark1966

    WTB: Vintage Butterscotch Chubby 1

    I have a reasonable collection of vintage butterscotch Simpsons, mostly in my seven day rotation. I've not managed to nab a Chubby though - although I know another Aussie who has one!!! If anybody has a 'spare' for sale or trade let me know I have lots of shaving goodies to trade, including...
  7. Mark1966

    Dorco Pace 7 v Gillette 1903/04 Double Ring

    I received my Dorco Pace 7 today, the world's FIRST seven blade razor, the (current) pinnacle of modern technology. I've never used more than a twin blade before and was curious, wanting to give this beast a try. Of course I'm not the first to try the Pace 7 so I wondered how I could make a...
  8. Mark1966

    Coming to a supermarket near you!

    I was in Woolies, walked past, heard the noise and just HAD to watch .... So THIS is why DE shaving is so outdated - we NEED a flexball - https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/shares/D3E13G (click on the link - it is safe and I can't work out how to preview here) This was in Woolies at...
  9. Mark1966

    Gillette taking on shaving brush market - we could have a new favourite brush!

    I've been reading elsewhere and it seems that Gillette are making a major push into the shaving brush market! We are all used to the banter back and forth in other thread about the pros and cons of different badger grades and in particular between the so called two band and three band grades -...
  10. Mark1966

    A favourite local shaving product bites the dust :

    [insert expletive of choice] It seems that Johnny Goodsir has closed down :( Not sure if anybody is close to Mullumbimby and can pick some up, if there is any left, as this was great stuff! Anybody got some in their cupboard or drawer they want to share????
  11. Mark1966

    Do I have to grate my Penhaligon's English Fern (Tallow version)

    I've recently acquired a puck of the old formula English Fern. What I want to do is split some off for a mate and then put the rest into a wooden bowl I have. Can somebody who has some suggest the best method? I know I can grate and press it in but that seems very harsh on such a lovely soap...
  12. Mark1966

    B&M Shoe store in London - help from UK members

    OK dear members in the UK. I'm coming to visit next week and would not mind picking up a good pair of shoes, Loakes or similar. Where is a good place to try some on for sizing and to determine the best last? Cheers
  13. Mark1966

    Looking for straights in the wild?

    I've been visiting the Aviation Museum at Temora for a flying day yesterday. Great to see a Lockheed 12C, Boomerang, Kittyhawk and Spitfire in the air and certainly well worth the trip. The local antique/collectibles 'store' is harder to find - 3 Hakea St, Temora NSW 2666. No safety...
  14. Mark1966

    Best Cartridge Razor?

    I know that there have been some threads on this previously but am looking for an update. When I travel I take a Sensor Excel as I only have carry on luggage. After some years I'm now getting to the end of the supply of carts I got before starting DE and the handle is looking a little tired...
  15. Mark1966

    Updated collection pics - pic heavy thread

    Well I presume that you have seen the pics I posted last year with my collection (see this thread). It has grown a little then so I figured some updated pics are in order. The full set of pics is in three parts. Click on the links below to browse them directly: Part One Part Two Part...
  16. Mark1966

    Gotta love a Simpson re-knot!

    OK, I'll grant you that Mark @ Simpsons is an interesting character, but I'll tell you what, they do some great work. My latest re-knot arrived from them today. These are the before pics from the eBay listing I don't have any of my own as I got it sent straight to Simpsons on the...
  17. Mark1966

    So what are these like? Wilkinson Sword razors .

    Well I managed to acquire these ... Only six of the original ten but all NOS. Now, what shall I do with them! Are they any good? Can somebody wiser than me ID them without me having to open them up?
  18. Mark1966

    HELP NEEDED - what is the best soap in a wooden bowl

    I don't like C&E soap. I currently have the dregs of some Nomad on my vanity and a new unused Sandalwood puck to refill the wooden bowl. I do like having a wooden bowl on the vanity - I rest my razor on it - but the C&E soap is rubbish. So clearly I NEED some new soap in a great bowl. It...
  19. Mark1966

    PSSST - Have you seen this? Great PIF for the unemployed

    Hi newcomers and former lurkers. Have you seen this thread in the General Shaving Discussion Forum? If you are unemployed and in need of a pickup maybe you should check it out?
  20. Mark1966

    Christmas PIF for the unemployed - 2013

    Some of you may remember the PIF from the last couple of years (see threads here and here) where, inspired by Operation Christmas Child I started a PIF for those unemployed at Christmas. The principle being that while times may be tough at least you can look sharp. A couple of other members...