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  1. Blondie

    I can't seem to stop myself!!

    And a few more pickups, in addition to the Blue Won't Shed in this thread: This cool Albright Rubberset: I like the way the bottom of the handle is a different color green: Then this bundle: Something tells me I'm gonna have to put the EverReadys on the BST... Not going to be easy to...
  2. Blondie

    Won't Shed Blue with MOP accent

    Man, every once in a while eBay is the ghost town I love. Only bidder on this little gem: This should make for a GREAT restore!
  3. Blondie

    The NCAA and Penn State

    The death penalty has only been dealt five times in history: The death penalty is the popular term for the National Collegiate Athletic Association's power to ban a school from competing in a sport for at least one year. It is the harshest penalty that an NCAA member school can receive. It...
  4. Blondie

    Expensive Rooney Brush

    Am I missing something here, or would only a sucker buy this Rooney: http://www.ebay.com/itm/32mm-Rooney-Finest-Badger-Shaving-Brush-England-Hand-Made-Rare-/120951941520?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c294c2990 It's a BIN, so ok to link to.
  5. Blondie

    Omega 11047 Tiny

    Just got this from WCS today. Should prove to be interesting, my first mixed brush. I'm off to go and test lather it!
  6. Blondie

    Model Blade Co, New York, NY

    Anybody ever hear of these blades? i wonder if they shave any good. Photo shop bars added to make it safe for work:
  7. Blondie

    Do I overload the brush?

    This is how I always go about making lather, but do y'all think I may overload the brush? This is about a 50 second load of MWF: Been doing it that way for years now, always get what I consider to be a good shave.
  8. Blondie

    Brush Soaking

    Just curious, how many of you soak your brushes? I just leave it in the sink full of hot water while I shower. Then when I get out, I give it a squeeze and it's on to the puck for a lather load, and then face lathering. Been doing it this way for about four years, never had a shedding...
  9. Blondie

    Italian Flloid Blue, and why I love B&B

    So I picked up some of the discontinued Floid Blue aftershave a couple of weeks ago and used it for the first time yesterday. Wow, what a nice finish. This stuff has a generous amount of glycerin, and it the only alcohol splash type aftershave that I can use and not follow with a balm. It's...
  10. Blondie

    Simpson Commodore X3

    So I ended up pulling the trigger on one of these this week. Was considering the Keyhole, but read somewhere that these knots are not as dense as the typical Simpson's brush. Anyone have any experience with this one? Not too much chatter regarding it out there.
  11. Blondie

    Simpson Keyhole One in Best Badger

    Thinking about picking this one up. Anyone have any information on the Simpson Keyhole 1 In Best Badger?
  12. Blondie

    VDH Boar

    Any one know by chance what size knot the VDH Boar can take for a re-knot?
  13. Blondie

    Depth of the Obsession

    Just for fun, I thought we could compile a list of questions to assist in the measurement of members obsession with the hobby. Sort of like what I assume they ask at NA or some such other support group, or 12 step program. Here are a couple to start out with: Do you ever hide shaving...
  14. Blondie

    Bakelite Handles

    Those of you that saw that C-Mon restore I did, here. As I was buffing the handle, I noticed a very distinct chemical odor, one that I have not gotten from other brushes I have restored. This handle also "felt" different as I was taking the knot out. It had more give than typical handles such...
  15. Blondie

    Badger is better than boar

    There seems to be much hype about boar brushes being better than badger as of late around here. I say, it's called "Badger and Blade" for a reason. I have a two fold purpose for this thread. First, I think new DE shavers are done a dis-service when this trend occurs. Money spent on boars is...
  16. Blondie

    No case 120 dollars.

    Gotta love the newbies. Make our investments in razors worth something... http://www.ebay.com/itm/140763628895?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649#ht_500wt_948
  17. Blondie

    Truth in advertising

    This has to be one of the most accurate BIN listings I have seen on the bay: "Condition: used, the blade have chippy damages - jagged." http://www.ebay.com/itm/WWII-WW2-GERMAN-NAVY-MARINE-CARL-RADER-STRAIGHT-RAZOR-/360229003358?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item53df52605e Ummm, really, ya don't...
  18. Blondie

    Murray & Lanman Florida Water

    Just in case you were unaware of the many uses for Florida Water: For more than a century MURRAY & LANMAN'S FLORIDA WATER has been famous throughout the world - not for one purpose alone, but for a score of everyday needs. Moderately priced itself, MURRAY & LANMAN'S FLORIDA WATER saves you the...
  19. Blondie

    Pinaud Lime Sec

    Okay, so I know some people think this is a little sweet and cloying, but in the summer, I kinda dig it! Anybody else have a thing for the Pinaud Lime sec? To me it has a definite lime scent on top of a clean, almost soaplike base, so not really all that sweet, but fresh on a hot Texas day.
  20. Blondie

    Merkur Bakelite razors

    I was over at a clipper and barber store in Fort Worth about two weeks ago, and they had several of the Merkur Bakelite razors for $25.00. Good price? Anyone interested in me grabbing what they have left and shipping them around? I think they had about 6 in stock.