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  1. Robbyboxers

    Seeking opinions of Mondial Luxury Italian Shaving Cream

    Not sure if it's the same but this is the ingredient list for the GreenTobacco: Ingredients: Potassium Hydroxide, Parfum, Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Carbonate, Tricyclodecandimethanol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Coumarin, Cendrenyl Acetate, Benzyl Benzoate Bois Cedre Texas Rect°, Alpha-Iso-Methylionone...
  2. Robbyboxers

    Seeking opinions of Mondial Luxury Italian Shaving Cream

    I'm considering purchasing Mondial Shaving Cream (Green Tobacco scented). It comes in a nice looking wooden bowl. The advertising and packaging seem to be of high quality but I haven't seen much on B&B about it. Anyone here use it that can give an opinion and/or experience using it? Much...
  3. Robbyboxers

    Buying vintage Gillette razors

    Use Barbicide if you are that freaked out by the though of someone elses use. It's made for disinfecting razors and other barbering tools/implements.
  4. Robbyboxers

    Name a song or Album That Rocked your World

    Right on JWC... you gotta love the zep tunes!!!
  5. Robbyboxers

    Greetings from Italy.

    Welcome aboard! Have you used Mondial shaving cream, if so what is your opinion? -Robby
  6. Robbyboxers

    1st Golden Shave - CONTEST - DIRECT GIVEAWAY! 3 Safety Razors!!!

    I'm in. I'm at home doing projects I could not get to before I was laid-off because of the pandemic. Thank's for the opportunity... very generous of you. Stay safe.
  7. Robbyboxers

    CONTEST - (The Captain has a favor to ask)

    Hi Scott, I subscribed and glad to do so. No need to enter me as I've been the happy recipient of several PIF's.
  8. Robbyboxers

    A nugget to carry around with you...

    Another quandary solved... thank you!
  9. Robbyboxers

    British Hybrid Tech and Rosebud

    I wish I had the funds for the tech. GLWTS Dan :thumbup:
  10. Robbyboxers

    Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

    A very nice surprise :thumbup:
  11. Robbyboxers

    P&G closing most Art of Shaving stores

    This is already happening. I have been taking advantage of it. I could not afford AofS product otherwise.
  12. Robbyboxers

    WTB Wanted: Yellow 5 pack Gillette Lame's Francaise blades

    Thank you for the correction Andon!
  13. Robbyboxers

    WTB Wanted: Yellow 5 pack Gillette Lame's Francaise blades

    This pack would be the same as found in the Gillette Monobloc original packaging (yellow with King C. Gillette portrait). Please contact me if you have one that you may be interested in selling. Thank you, -Robby
  14. Robbyboxers

    Giving up coffee...

    If you do quit, get ready for some nasty headaches and grumpiness.
  15. Robbyboxers

    Neil Peart has died

    I missed this news somehow. So sad. As a drummer myself I admired his precision, technicality and musicality. He also used some of the biggest kits I've ever seen (besides maybe The Dead).
  16. Robbyboxers

    Ron54's Entry to the Hall of Fame

  17. Robbyboxers

    McBuzzBang's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Welcome Al, I live in Newark... small state, small world.
  18. Robbyboxers

    Just got all these for $99

    Now that's a haul!