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  1. Tommy Tutone

    Anyone revisiting old friends?

    Funny, I've been going back to the future lately with the recently acquired Gamechanger .84 and Mamba .70 'special'. They are both super efficient, but may try a Gillette Slim or Goodwill tonight thanks to this thread...
  2. Tommy Tutone

    fresh pipe tobacco shave soap

    Anyone else think Blackship Grooming Co. 'Captain's Pipe' soap may be a contender? I also liked RR/TFS 'Tobacco Verde' and their 'Tobacco #1,2 and 3 series' although I believe they are no longer available..
  3. Tommy Tutone

    The plan: A Semogue 1305 with a proper handle!

    I have one of these. Pics soon. RV rules!
  4. Tommy Tutone

    Confused about lathering process

    Generally we apply lather to the medium we are about to shave. If shaving your bowl is your thing then have at it. I kid. Did some bowl lathering getting started, but now find face lathering to be more beneficial/enjoyable. Also agree with D-T-R and atlantic59 above..
  5. Tommy Tutone


    When do we get to smell what the 'Kent' is cooking?
  6. Tommy Tutone

    What Brown leaf 'good stuff' are you waiting on to be delivered?

    Got tired of waiting around for a decently priced Castello 55 so I commissioned a '55'-esque leadwood/mopane pot shaped pipe with straight vulcanite stem, military mount, and burl insert from carver Jan Pietenpauw. He asked if I would prefer a smooth or rough finish pipe. I replied "surprise me"...
  7. Tommy Tutone

    Ambassador to The Brown Leaf

    Congrats! I wore out the 90125 album when it came out my sophomore year in HS. Was a gateway album into their earlier stuff for me.
  8. Tommy Tutone

    Nording Freehands

    Have a ginormous Ben Wade (big Elmore Leonard and 3:10 to Yuma fan) freehand with the normal sized black acrylic stem. No idea where it is right now but will look for it. Probably would be a decent shape for a Churchwarden stem..
  9. Tommy Tutone

    Watch Ya Wearing

    I think 1968 pre-moon speedmaster. Keeps better time than some of my quartz watches...
  10. Tommy Tutone

    Pipe Of The Day (POTD)

    Revisit brother. You won’t regret it.What Riff Raff said above. Hard to dislike any GLP products, but Haddo’s is amazing 😉
  11. Tommy Tutone

    Pipe Of The Day (POTD)

    GBD pot/sitter with fresh Haddo’s
  12. Tommy Tutone

    Pipe Of The Day (POTD)

    Pete 999 and C&D Bow Legged Bear
  13. Tommy Tutone

    Pipe Of The Day (POTD)

    Santa knows how to mod his cobs. That almost looks like an Eltang...
  14. Tommy Tutone

    Time to face reality. I'm not a soap guy.

    Love my creams. However, when using TOBS for example I tend to use way too much product even when trying to gently skim my brush over the top of the tub. Also, creams never feel quite as slick as soaps for me..
  15. Tommy Tutone

    New Muhle synthetic

    Have the Muhle STF 25 mm knot in a Rudy Vey cobalt blue beehive handle. It is a soap killer and definitely in my top 10. Can't imagine why anyone would want anything larger. Hate to muddy the waters, but a recently acquired Simpsons Chubby 2 synth is IMHO a bit better (different splay, softer...
  16. Tommy Tutone

    9th day of PIFmas

    Random.org picked 3.. Way to go @1Speedster .. PM me your info and I'll try to get it out tomorrow!!
  17. Tommy Tutone

    9th day of PIFmas

    On the 9th day of PIFmas TommyTutone gave to me a lightly smoked, meerschaum prince.. Maybe a few added goodies.. No shipping restrictions.. Just say I'm in and will pick by random # on New Year's Day...
  18. Tommy Tutone

    Simpson Duke 3 Synthetic Review

    Trying to stay on track here, but the Chubby 2 synth has become my favorite synthetic brush. It's 'footprint' is smaller than its CH2 best badger brother/cousin which is a good thing for me. 2nd and 3rd favorite synths are now my Muhle STF and Fine Stout brushes. May look into the Duke 3 synth...
  19. Tommy Tutone

    What Brown leaf 'good stuff' are you waiting on to be delivered?

    Nice. Hadn't seen that shape from Moretti before..